Modern Family Review: Here Comes Treble

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Try and remember a time when your parents really wanted you to do something but you weren't into it anymore and they told you that you couldn't quit...

Then think of a time when you felt semi-embarrassed and were teased about a hobby...

These two facts of life are what made Luke the most relatable character on the latest Modern Family.

Luke is usually there for comedic relief and side comments, but in "The Butler's Escape" he was front and center dealing with Phil's insistence that he not quit magic. Don't worry about it, buddy, I kicked the dog's gate down the stairs when my dad told me I had to continue to play cello in high school, but guess who won that argument? He claims I still owe him two years.

Phil Pushes for Magic

It's okay to outgrow a hobby or interest. But it's also okay to tell your friends to screw themselves if they are gonna poke fun at something important to you! Besides magic tricks are a great way to meet the ladies, according to Barney Stinson.

Life seems out of balance at the Dunphy house with Haley off at college. Maybe that's why Phil is placing more emphasis on Luke and why Claire was bothered by Alex's remarks more than usual. I will say that Claire was dead on with her realization that Alex was extra nasty because she missed her sparring partner. Sometimes siblings just need each other to say the things they can't say to anyone else. 

Claire was on fire in this episode! She was schooling Jay, fixing things for Mitchell and setting up her daughters for the mutual destruction that would ultimately restore balance in her household. Her obsession with Gloria's weight actually cracks me up. At least she realizes her stepmom is super hot. 

Dad, your hot wife who was learning to walk when you were 30 years-old, is pregnant with the baby you conceived while doing something most men would kill to do. | permanlink

Even better than Claire blowing up Mitchell's spot and calling him out on faking how well his day went was Cam's reaction to hug him. It's true that if Mitchell had to ask Claire for a favor he was truly desperate.

Random things I loved in this episode:

  • Lily sleeps with an eye mask. A girl after my own heart!
  • Cam's first day of school sweater with the music note.
  • Phil's magic outfit.

What did you all think of this episode? Can Cam and Mitchell work things out in their new roles? Were you expecting to see Gloria at the bottom of the elevator? Remember not to call it "'Frisco" and visit our Modern Family quotes section now!


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Drea xoxo

i found the episode nice to watch. 4/5
cam scenes were funny and the hugging of mitch during clare's self righteous rant, genius. that's what a real family would do too.
phil and luke scene sweet but lmao moment when clare asked phil could he give up magic and he was serious and abrupt in his straight no.
alex and haley so sweet do miss their bickering scenes at times.
clare did outshine in this episode and her obsession with gloria weight is realistic too and she did steal one liners crown tonight.
jay's escape to hotel and manny jumping to conclusion was a lmao moment too! didn't see gloria waiting at lifts to happen AT All!!


I liked the Dunphy household part of this episode. One part I wasn't as cool with was Lily's presence. The first episode of this season Luke had a great bit where he identified her as a parrot. That's what she was like in today's episode; she could say the words in the snappy comebacks but they didn't sound at all like comebacks. This isn't a slight on her as an actress, she can't be expected to understand what she's saying at ths age. If they want to force Lily to wisecrack this much, the writing staff has to coach her delivery more, or they should just stick to her having more basic emotions like love or anger because she's shown she can do those well.


I love Lily, she always makes me laugh! Great ep

Sarah silva

This was another great episode. Once again there was a great mix of funny and sweet moments. Jay no backing Manny when he told Gloria she was snoring and then Manny calling Gloria and telling her Jay was at the hotel, then Gloria taking the hotel key and saying she was staying the night by herself. Manny is the only kid I know that would want to study at hotel rather than at school where kids are loud and making out!
I like every Cam and Mitchell scene especially when they were at home at night and realized the adjustment was going to be harder than they thought.
The sweet moment came when Luke admitte he did not like magic anymore because kids were making fun of him. I hope the talk from Phil will have helped.

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