NCIS Promo & Photo Gallery: Back in the Saddle

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After a strong and at times emotional episode last night (see our NCIS review of "Recovery"), the team is right back at it next Tuesday, with Ducky taking a lead role in the week's case despite being on medical leave.

In "Phoenix," Dr. Mallard orders the exhumation of a Navy commander’s body from a case closed 12 years ago, while the rest of the NCIS team members investigate the recent death of a U.S. Marine.

As both cases unfold, the team begins to question whether the two are somehow connected. Rocker Michael Des Barres guest stars as an ... aging rocker. Take a look at CBS' promo right now ...

We've posted photos from the episode below as well, including one in particular that should prompt speculation. After claiming in the premiere that he needs a bigger basement, here we see Gibbs building ... something!

Gibbs' Basement
Abbs and Gibbs
Ducky Takes the Lead
NCIS Ready to Rock!
Miss Sciuto
Dr. D. Mallard Photo
Gibbs, Man of Few Words

Finally, if you haven't heard, Mark Harmon was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this week, and the entire cast was on hand for the big unveiling. Congratulations, Mark!

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Yeah I'll guess; I'm sticking with he is building a pavilion or Arch or whatever you call those things for an outdoor wedding. The final episode of the year they'll have Palmer & Breanna have a "real wedding" cuz everyone missed it because of the explosion. Have they ever said for sure that they did elope? Maybe Ducky had his heart attack before they could?


Was that johnny rotten who played the punk rocker

Aja bird

I think Gibbs is going to build a log cabin. Anyone else care to venture a guess?


I agree with Tonyfan. Considering Tony's background, his behavior is a plea for acceptance. Sometimes this is useful for him when trailing a suspect. I'm a Tony fan also.


Will Tony ever get any scenes this season without Ziva being there to be superior? Just wondering.


Good show and really enjoyed the guest star who played the counselor. I remember him from Crossing Jordan. These characters all have depth to their backgrounds and trying to delve into their lives and do it well takes time. I like that Tony acts juvenile. It's a cover-up for him given his past and especially his relationship with his father. He's looking for acceptance. Hopefully there will be someone special for him this season.
The ending scene with Abby and Kyle and Gibbs was so good. Looking forward to how things work out for Ducky.

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