New Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Trailer: Dramatic, Powerful!

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On the heels of an emotional Grey's Anatomy season premiere and three sneak preview clips from this week's episode, ABC has released an extended trailer for this Thursday's episode (and potentially beyond).

Featuring glimpses of the post-crash flashback episode, as well as future installments, the trailer clocks in at over a minute long and is highly dramatic and emotional stuff - even by Grey's Anatomy standards.

It also contains some fairly revealing teases, so beware. Spoiler (and Kleenex) alert!

Some of the things we can look forward to (or dread):

  • Words of wisdom from Mark and Richard.
  • Derek's hand giving him problems.
  • Arizona losing it in the shower.
  • Jackson proposing to April?!

Sound off on this powerful new Grey's Anatomy trailer below, and tell us, what do you predict will happen Thursday and as Season 9 progresses? What do you hope happens for the plane crash survivors?

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Who sings the song in the trailer, i am so love with it already.
As long as Christina grows up, this season is going to be the best.


I miss Mark and Lexie. :( I so miss them. And I am not getting over them even if I want to. :( And I miss old team. Mer, Alex, Yang, Izzie, Der...:( Please I wanna see more and more Alex now. And sadly, no matter what I do. I still hate April. I still mute my volume when she comes on screen. Its not hatred. Its irritation. She annoys me. :))))


I love MerDer but I love Calzona 2. I knew Jessica Capshaw could act...but this brings it to a whole new level. I like Yang don't care for Owen. April and Avery could both go back to the farm. I just hope Shonda realize what the fans wanta nd who they want to see. With MerDer and Calzona....she has a chance to bring some outstanding storylines to the show. Derek and Arizona injuries can teach and bring some things to light.


judging by the clip to me it seemed more like maybe April said something about marriage like "I was supposed to loose my virginity to a guy who I'd get married with" and then Jackson asks "do you WANT to get married?" not that he exactly proposed to her


DG I agree send April back to the farm !!!


Am I the only one having a stomach ache watching Grey ? lol. It gets really intense...I kinda like the storylines that are announced for future episodes. Jessica Capshaw really blows my mind, that woman can act perfecly ! Regarding April, for all I care she could marry Jackson and they coul both leave to live happily ever after, they are useless to the show.


I had stopped watching GA until I saw Arizona & Callie on You Tube. Thank you YT! They are my favorite couple in all the shows I watch! This is a big one for Callie. Hang in there Callie, Arizona hung in for you many times! Give it time! Put a new prostatic on her and show the strength she has. The one person was right saying there relationship always has some kind of drama to it, but my feelings are that that's why they are so popular. There lives are like so many others in the real world. And besides, TV needs a good lesbian couple to show that there lives are no different than anyone else's.. Thank you Shonda for getting me back into GA! I'm hoping you will keep me there by keeping Arizona & Callie together.


Why Why Why... must you make me hate you so much because i love you soo much.??
this is not right.
A minute clip can make me cry what about the full episodes??
My life is nothing without grey's anatomy and thursdays make my day


Ok, haters need to stop hating on April. By revealing that she was not only choosing to be an adult, but was also celibate and religious was an itneresting twist. She became empowered and stronger before she eventually crashed and fell. Plus, her mentor Owen was barely a mentor (which he admitted last week to her) So this is their second chance to be rockstars.
Mark and Lexie are gone now,process that and proceed.
April is not a Lexie replacement, if anybody is it`s that new annoying intern who got the solo surgery.
As for Callie and Arizona, they are the most incredible couple on television. I need to keep my own life as calm as possible in order to hande what is about to happen for both of them haha


@Jarrod, Dear god, I hope not. They don't even come close to the epicness that was Mexie, before Shonda screwed them over. April is such a whiny, boring character. There is nothing interesting about her. At least Lexie had personality and the fact that she was a walking, talking dictionary/info highway made her even more endearing to me.

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