Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Review: Everything Changes

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After months of waiting to see how our favorite dysfunctional doctors would handle the tragedy of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 finale, the drama returned with "Going Going Gone." It was filled with a whole lot of emotion and a handful of laughs. It was reminiscent of previous seasons. It was... great.

Shonda Rhimes, how do you do it? How do you manage to keep the fans so invested after so many seasons? And more importantly, how do you manage to throw a curve ball like you did at the end of this hour? Let’s get to it.

Shades of Meredith Grey

RIP McSteamy. The majority of the episode was centered around saying goodbye to Sloan. His wish was that after thirty days of no changes, he would be removed from the machines keeping him alive. What an emotional send out. Derek and Callie stayed by his side while the others waited outside of his room. 

In no way was I ready to say goodbye to this character. He brought a spark to this show that it badly needed. Not to mention, he was freakin’ gorgeous! Eric Dane, I will absolutely miss you on my television every week. At least we have the infamous “McSteamy” picture to look back on.

Although it was sad to see him go, the writers made a smart choice in killing off the character versus having him just depart. There is no way that Sloan would have left Callie and Arizona with his daughter by choice. He was a good father and wouldn’t have left that baby. 

You have to love the video footage shown throughout the hour of Sloan. He really did change the lives of Derek, Callie and Avery. Now admit it: how many of you cried? I knew I wasn’t alone!

Meet Medusa. There is a new crop of interns at Seattle Grace and Meredith is the attending to fear. Nicknamed “Medusa,” Grey is showing them the same way she learned from Bailey. She even did the intern appendectomy with one of the new recurring cast members, Camilla Luddington

Who else is thrilled about Gaius Charles becoming part of this already awesome cast? Charles is an amazing actor and anyone who has seen Friday Night Lights knows exactly what I am talking about. 

Mere-Der Love

Trouble Taking Off. Cristina is off in Minnesota dealing with Mr. Feeny Dr. Thomas and his endless stories. Girlfriend is told she needs to become a team player because she is not fitting in. Good! Send her back ASAP! Yang makes plans to fly to Seattle, Grey makes plans to fly to Minnesota. Neither make it. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to get on a plane after what they went through. Alex doesn’t make his plane either, following a sudden decision to stay at SGH after meeting Dr. Barnett, Arizona’s replacement. 

The gang is almost all back together... even April. I have to admit, I didn’t even realize she wasn’t in the episode until Owen showed up at her farm. Did anyone else miss her?

Shocker! After keeping Arizona’s arc out of the spoilers all summer, we learned that Robbins lost her leg due to the plane crash. Who saw that coming? Like I said, Shonda did it again. This will definitely make for an interesting dynamic with the other characters. 

Still On the Hunt

Side Notes:

  • Although cleared for surgery, Derek said his hand went numb. Did it really or was it nerves over operating and losing his best friend?
  • Love, love, love Meredith and Cristina’s facetime sessions. Especially when Cristina was watching the “trainwreck” of a surgery.
  • Bailey’s no longer the Nazi! Say hello to Booty Call Bailey.
  • Just one quick mention of the late Lexie. Did anyone miss her? How about Teddy?
Overall, a solid episode back. Grey’s Anatomy always knows how to bring the drama and they did not fail in the Season 9 premiere. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was it a good follow up to “Flight?” 
Sound off below and let us know.
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Until next time, Grey’s fans! And more importantly, welcome back!


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I miss lexie!


Amazing!!!I cried when Mark died😢😭😭😭
Great premier but I thought Medusa was a bit much.
One of my fave parts would be Face Time between Meredith and Cristina :)
These new interns are mostly fillers right now but maybe they might become a bigger part.Remember when Lexie ,April,& Avery were like that?!


I hope christina will be brought back to SG.


I love this show i cry so much i dont like to see people died not even on tv . Iam a big fan iam from puerto rico i hope they never stop showing it here


Wonderful episode laughed and cried...... Avery needs to get a hair cut
Disappointed in the interns not one of them seems cute, sexciting ( this is grey's anatomy right) or interesting


Facetime, what a tool loool.
Callie and Derek both are going through hell... Wonder if he'll be able to operate again, and for her, divorce is imminent... But the way people were acting with her, I thought Arizona was dead even though I still thought she may have survived.
Hope the next episodes won't make cry loool.


I watched it and cried... I loved it and hate that I love this show. Mark;s tribute was nice and sooo painful. Avery's talks were heartbreaking...
I like Mer's new name, Medusa. Great to see them as attendings. why in hell is Cristina in Minnesota ? She doesn't belong there ! These peops sound crazy !
Karev is still a loser, good to know. lol. He did stay though.
For Arizona I knew, but never thought Callie would be the one to do it. Though she did help a husband cut his wife's leg in s8 premiere.
Really thought Owen was going to see Cris. So April might be back...
BCB, loooool. Bailey ain't the Nazi no more. I expected Karev to tell her, as he's always been the A-hole, telling people what others wouldn't. Poor Doctor B... oh well at least she's happy ! But he;s not working there anymore? I thought he came back.
Where the hell was Teddy. Didn't miss her though. Missed Lexie instead. Coz that new intern who became the new 007, reminded me of her...she looks like her a bit...
Facetime, what a tool loool.
Callie and Derek both are going through hell... Wonder if he'll be able to operate again, and for her, divorce is imminent... But the way people were acting with her, I thought Arizona was dead even though I still thought she may have survived.
Hope the next episodes won't make cry loool.




@Andre- The editor has it right. Callie is the Latina ortho doc. Her last name is Torres. Arizona is the white ped's doc who now has her left leg amputated.
I agree with SR. Mark had to die. There was no other option. He could have lived, but that would mean seeing him eventually move on to be with someone else and personally I couldn't have lived with that. Just like they said- Meant To Be. And it would have been completely off character for them to just have written Eric out of the show since Mark would NEVER have left Sophia.I was somewhat shocked though that Addie and Amelia weren't there nor was Der's mom when she practically raised Mark. There's no mention of them even being notified.That seemed wrong to me. :(


Did not miss Teddy one bit...actually forgot that she & April weren't there. Too bad April had to show up at the end...What a waste. We need more Mer/Der time. Really liked Der & Callie...more of them please. I'm also liking Dr. Palmer & Cristina...Lots! They have great chemisty IMO & I hope he moves to SG. Really like Camilla Ludington. Gaius Charles, meh. It was great the way they introduced the 2 female interns w/Portions for Foxes. Think SR made a big mistake letting Sloan go & keeping April.

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