Once Upon a Time Episode Promo: Major Spoiler Warning!

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On last night's terrific Once Upon a Time episode, viewers met a new nemesis for Rumplestiltskin.

On next Sunday's "The Doctor," meanwhile, we'll spend time with an old favorite and finally learn the answer to one of the show's more pressing questions: Who is Dr. Whale?

Unfortunately, the official ABC teaser for this installment appears to reveal his identity. Consider yourself very much spoiler warned and watch now, as Whale works with Regina on a most unexpected patient...

For more sneak peeks from "The Doctor," browse through our collection of Once Upon a Time photos from the episode.

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Maybe Dr. Whale is an alchemist a magical being that has power over the dead surely he's not the mad scientist from frankinstein that story isnt a fairytale but disney did release nightmare before christmas and that movie had portals to other lands


I would understand that Jefferson would stumble upon him and might have brought Regina there when she was seeking her wish that Daniel be resurrected and this was pre whatever happened to Jefferson (presuming meeting whoever Grace's mother is) to quit portal jumping and move to the forest...but..and here my literary knowledge if failing me, but Frankenstein take place in like a real place? My inclination is Germany.


The preview was awesome! Finally a Regina episode that could rival "The Thing You Love Most"!


I love this show, but that preview was ridiculous. And not in a good way...


Okkkkkk... Still not sure about this. I hope they're able to explain the connection between Frankenstein and the Enchanted Forest. Which "land" is Frankenstein, then, supposed to be from? And with Hatter as a "jumper", sure, but hmm. We'll see! Can't wait, regardless.

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Stopping magic is a lot harder than starting.


Regina: It's just that magic is the way I've always gotten everything.
Archie: It sounds like it's also the way you've lost everything.