Once Upon a Time Picture Preview: Attacked!

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Once Upon a Time will answer a pressing question on October 28: Who the heck is Doctor Whale?

The only prominent Storybrooke resident whose fairy tale identity is unknown, the truth will finally be told on the aptly-titled episode "The Doctor."

However, David Anders' mysterious physician is not featured in any of the already-released photos from that installment, most of which instead focus on an ogre attack in the Enchanted Forest and the sole survivor remaining from it.

Can Emma trust him? And who is it? Click around the following photos for the answer and check out the official ABC trailer for this Sunday's Once Upon a Time episode...

Enchanted Forest Massacre
Ogre Attack Scene
Captain, Hooked
Armed and Gorgeous
Mulan Photo
Attacked by Ogres

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Hmmm. Did anyone watch The Little Mermaid III? It was mentioned in that movie that Ariel's mother was killed by pirates. If Whale is Triton (I've been thinking that too) then it would make sense for him to be in an episode with Captain Hook if they took the III's storyline and Hook was the pirate that killed Triton's wife. Just a thought.


Whoever Dr. Whale is he seems to be a womanizer. I have no clue who he is.

Spindae 2o

The thing with Dr. Whale is he has a huge grudge on Regina!!!! So she messed him up a lot! Maybe not directly him, maybe his wife, childe or what ever!? There are many fairy tales. They said they have been giving some clues during S1!

Spindae 2o

one of my first guesses was Peter Pan!
I really don't kno why!? But doubtfull. Maybe his constant smileing and being so unserious at moments!
Wouldn't be surprised if he is connected to Lancelot and the Round table!


I think he's Triton.

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