Once Upon a Time Review: Dangers New and Old

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Evil comes in all shapes and sizes - and some of them are damn scary.

Indeed, Once Upon a Time Season 2 has upped the ante in this regard, as it tells its story on three different fronts.

Henry and Jefferson

In the fairy tale world of the past, the "Lady of the Lake" was gone, but that didn't mean the universe was without its dangers. King George was still chasing Charming with a vengeance. Unfortunately, the King didn't seem to care much for honor because he was more than willing to hurt Snow to get to Charming. 

Curses seemed to be the coward's way to get revenge in this place and breaking them the domain of the brave.

Charming's mother was definitely brave. I knew she hadn't drunk the magical water but too bad she didn't listen when her son told her to stay indoors. Maybe she could have avoided the poison arrow in the chest.

It was bittersweet that Snow and Charming's real wedding was also his mother's funeral.

In the present day Enchanted Forest there were even more dangers. One of which was that Emma was really off her game. 

Don't get me wrong. If I was thrown into a world with ogres I don't think I could think straight either, but Emma has limited ammunition. Why would she waste a bullet by firing into the air?

Of course even when she's off balance, Emma still gets all of the best lines, as in this Once Upon a Time quote

Mulan: Have you ever seen an ogre?
Emma: I'm pretty sure I've dated a few. | permalink

Snow White proved herself to be as bad ass as ever. I think she even scared the ogre. Hopefully the rest of the ogres hear that their friend was killed with one shot and steer clear of this group from here on out.

Snow's memories of the nursery were heartbreaking as was Emma's realization of all that her mother had gone through to keep her safe. It was something she hadn't understood until now. Emma's been angry and hurting most of her life. She needed this type of understanding to be able to move forward.

Even more dangerous than ogres was Cora. I loved that Snow was smart enough not to trust Cora from the moment she saw her in the pit and didn't even want to voice her plan if there was any chance Cora could overhear.

Unfortunately Cora's still damn powerful, she just can't get herself out of this world. I didn't blame Emma for burning the wardrobe. Better to destroy it than risk having both Cora and Regina in Storybrooke trying to claim her son. Charming may be able to fight off Regina but I doubt he could hold off both her and Cora.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry proved himself to be quite the little sneak. It was great fun watching him trick Regina and take off with her keys even though I knew his adventure wouldn't last long. 

The kid definitely inherited the bravery of his grandparents and a bit of the impulsiveness of his mother. How many kids his age would have kept going when they found a creepy vault with beating hearts underneath a coffin?

Thankfully, Charming realized that he has to let Henry feel a part of this rescue operation or he will find all sorts of trouble trying to help out on his own. The toy swords were simply adorable.

This week's episode left me with several thoughts:

  • I love that Snow is always up for a fight... no matter what universe she ends up in.
  • Cora obviously has access to magic. Will it be enough to rebuild the wardrobe from the ashes?
  • Is Lancelot really dead? I hope not. I already like him.
  • Aurora seems a bit of a brat but she may be redeeming herself.
  • I'm very happy that Jefferson finally manned up and found his daughter. Hopefully he'll now be willing to help Charming and Henry.

Now that daddy dearest has returned to Storybrooke, does he pose a danger to Charming and Henry? And would you prefer to see our favorite family reunited in Storybrooke or rebuilding the fairy tale world? Which would you choose?


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@KANSASGUEST. I definitely agree with you however he appeared for two seasons on BREAKING BAD and seemed to be also on OUAT.Just wondering.


I enjoyed this episode, and was thrilled to see more backstory on some of the characters. Snow White is just awesome, as is Emma, and I am even starting to like Charming again, though I have to say that I don't understand why he and Henry did not set free all the hearts that Regina had collected/stolen when they had the chance! Also, why not kill those horrible viper snakes while you can, so Regina can't use them to hurt someone? I mean, if you have access to the evil witch's lair, it doesn't make sense to not use it or destroy some of her power.Also, to the reviewer, those were not "toy" swords, those were bamboo/wooden katanas, which are practice swords used by those learning Japanese swordsmanship, or really any kind of swordsmanship. Charming said he would teach his grandson, the grandson of a prince, how to use a sword, and so he will.


@Sean - Giancarlo Esposito (Sidney Glass) plays a main character on NBC's REVOLUTION. OUAT is on ABC, a rival network. So, it's doubtful. I can't recall a show allowing one of its contracted actors to appear on a different network. Guest stars can do it because they are usually contracted for just one episode. But, he could get killed off for the shock value at the end of the season. Then, he'd be free to return!


Did anyone notice the Asian knight (warrior?) at the beginning in the tent? Could he be Shang? :P


Given the lost connection i would not be surprised if most of the cast return home (enchanted forrest) at the end of the season and spend next season trying to get back to storybrook like they did in lost season 5 i believe. Although which would be jumping the shark always seperating snow & charming or bringing them together?
I liked how charming is taking over for emma as hanrys guardian. Showing them swordfight was touching considering that he always wanted a son to teach swordplay.


This is a truly moving episode. One of my favorites because it didn't have too many moments trying to redeem Regina. I understand that she has to be a complex villain, but I like the fact that this episode focused on the complexity of the main heroes. Emma needed this brutally honest truth to slap her in the face, for a lack of better terms. She might be hurting, but she's not the only one. Also, how epic was that showdown between Snow and Aurora?? Aurora is fantastic as a spoiled princess. Not every princess can be badass like Snow, they're raised in a sheltered environment. So, seeing Aurora's growth should be exciting. Is Lancelot going to stay in past StoryBrooke? I'd like to see them explore his past. And Mulan's. I feel like they're the first non-white characters to enter OUAT world and it'd be interesting to see them develop.


good show. can they please stop killing off the good guys we do need more the prince chramming as the only hero


Man snow is BAD ASS!! I really like snow better than mary maragret. Regina breaks my heart. She really loves henry. N the scene at the end between henry n david got me teary.


Two thoughts about this weeks show. One is that I think Lancelot will appear again because he briefly mentioned the Round Table was broken. I think they must show how this happened.Also I missed seeing Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror. I wonder if he will show again or he is in that other show only.


@OldLeftie - It's really not that hard to understand. From the very first episode of the series, it was stated that those who were "cursed" had boundaries placed on them (memory, etc.). Those who weren't (like Emma, Henry, & other normal human beings) could come and go as they pleased. That's how Henry was able to leave town on a bus, find Emma in Boston, and bring her back. It's probably how normal produce trucks deliver food. It's how August/Pinocchio became a real boy, aged normally & was able to travel the world on a motorcycle. Same thing applies to this season. Those affected by the magic (again not Emma, Henry, or humans) will lose their memories if they pass the town boundary. The Storybrooke docks were shown in Season 1. They aren't new. Grumpy has a boat and was going to leave at one point. It's Maine.

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