Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Lady in the Lake"

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"Lady in the Lake" featured Emma out of her element and Snow White kicking some serious ogre butt.

In response to these developments, our Once Upon a Time Round Table team of staffers Nick McHatton, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando choose their favorite new characters and debate who is the scariest villain in the land. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Nick: David/Charming - Darming? - deciding to let Henry feel included by sword fighting with him.

Jim: Hands down it was watching Emma and Snow discussing Emma's realization that Snow had given up everything for her.

Christine: Snow going after the ogre. Sometimes I forget just how bad ass Snow White can be. You certainly don't want to mess with her daughter. Imagine what she'll do to Cora if she goes after Henry.

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Who was scarier: Cora, King George or the ogre?
Nick: Cora.

Jim: Cora, she got a plan nobody knows about.

Christine: In theory, Cora. In reality, getting eaten by a giant ogre was pretty damned scary.

Do you want to see Cora make it to Storybrooke?
Nick: I think she is since she collected the ash from the wardrobe, and it would be awesome to see her face off with her daughter under different circumstances.

Jim: I want to see Cora and Regina square off in either world.

Christine: Absolutely! Cora vs. Regina vs. Charming, all vying for Henry. That's going to be awesome. Not to mention seeing Cora react to modern life in Storybrooke. She's not under the original curse so it will be a completely strange new world to her.

Who has been your favorite new character so far this season?
Nick: Mulan, but that might change soon!

Jim: Aurora, she has some anger management issues, but seems to be finding new outlets.

Christine: So far, I like Lancelot. Handsome, strong, and honorable with just a hint of danger and mystery. Here's to hoping that Cora is lying and he's not really dead.

Where would you like to see the core family (Snow, Charming, Emma, and Henry) reunited? In the fairy tale world or Storybrooke?
Nick: Now that a part of fairy tale land and Storybrooke exist in what seems like the same time I'm going to guess they might be able to hop back and forth, but with all chances of going back from fairy tale side gone at the moment it looks like it's up to Henry and Darming to find a way back to them.

Jim: For the sake of the show, I would say Storybrooke, otherwise we might not have a series.

Christine: Wouldn't it be fun to see Emma and Henry try to figure things out in the Fairy Tale World together? I don't necessarily want them to live there forever but watching the entire family survive there for a while could be really entertaining.


Leviathan, Turducken, I was waiting to see Sam and Dean from Supernatural since Once Upon a Time seems to be stealing ideas from Supernatural. Much as I love Once Upon a Time, they need to be original and not copy from Supernatural. Although, imagine seeing Sam and Dean transported to kill ogres, lol.


i hate aurora


-all those family moments between snow and charming 's mom, snow and Emma, charming and Henry, and Jefferson and grace.
- Cora, definitely.
- Hands down Sir Lancelot. Sinqua Walls did an incredible job. I really hope he isn't dead because I loved him instantly! A very distant second would be Mulan. Aurora sucks.


I love the show but the role of Emma is terribly miscast. I don't believe for a minute that she is a sheriff or that she is the daughter of Snow. I hope she at least cuts the Farah Fawcitt hair. It's rediculous. Other then that it's a great show.


Darming and henry were great. Snow is soooo bad ass. Cora will end up making me liike regina (gasp). And I seriously don't like aurora


Favorite scene is definitely EVERY scene, the impromptu wedding, the dying mother, the sword-fighting, even the bratty princess is awesome!
It's like a flawless episode.
Cora is evil, but I sense a Cora vs Regina-Snow-everyoneelse face-off this season.
New character, I can't stand Mulan and Aurora at first but the way Mulan wants Snow to lead them, I love her and Aurora, we need a whiny princess at hand lol.
I'd want them to live happy ever after in Fairytale Land. There, I said it.


One of the best OUAT episodes ever. I totally loved it.
Charming family are being the best part of the new season

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