Once Upon a Time Episode Teaser: Ogres?!?

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Don't worry, Once Upon a Time fans: this ABC smash will make up for its lack of Emma and Snow on next Sunday's "Lady of the Lake."

Indeed, while "We Are Both" focused on the heroic quest of Charming in Storybrooke, the follow-up installment will take us deep into the Enchanted Forest, following the adventures of mother and daughter there, while introducing viewers to Sir Lancelot and... ogres?!?

That's the focus of the following teaser, which also depicts Henry learning a bit of swordplay. Watch now and let's all hope Jefferson gets reunited with his daughter in the near future:

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Here in the Netherlands,this show is on cable.But its a big hit.Love the stories.And here the first episode starts at 10-21-12.Hope it will be as good as the first seasson.


What is with all the dish network spam? It seems to be on every tv related site I read.


Love this show missed last nights episode

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