Pretty Little Liars Halloween Clips: All Choked Up

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Pretty Little Liars is prepared to celebrate Halloween early.

The ABC Family drama - which recently got renewed for Season 4 - airs "This is a Dark Ride" on October 23, its annual holiday standalone installment that serves as a nice appetizer before the main course of returning episodes in January.

This time around, the girls find themselves at a train-based party. One with poison on the menu? Watch this sneak peek and see why we ask:

Adam Lambert will also guest star/perform. Check out the American Idol runner-up in fang-based action now

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Leon alexis

Adam Lambert? I like his song "Better than I know myself".The performance could be much better if Adam and Ezra were singing this song together and naked. Why? Because Toby's text made them do this!
Adam: I will never come back in this town!
Ezra: Don't leave me,boy! You are my favorit singer now!


Can not wait for this to come back on !!!! So excited :D


One of my favorite shows cant wait cant wait for the toby reveal i think the reason will be devastated is tobys betrayal and learning of alis twin and since the show got a s4 im hoping their incorporating that storyline

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You make it so hard to be a modern post-feminist when you get so alpha male.


Playing dress up for your man on Halloween is one thing. You do it any other night, you end up on an afternoon talk show.