Pretty Little Liars Review: Masked Strangers on a Train

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After a loooong wait, Pretty Little Liars returned with an extra spooky Halloween episode.

There were so many frightening, action-filled moments that I felt like "This Is a Dark Ride" was even more exciting than this summer's finale. It definitely racheted up the anticipation for the new season. The premise, a Halloween party train, offered many opportunities for masked villains to easily make their way to our titular liars, with deadly consequences.

*Sigh* If only all the episodes could be like this. Oh, well. On to the show because there's lots to cover!

Halloween on Pretty Little Liars

The Halloween episode delivered a little bit of updating on current events in Rosewood. Caleb has recovered from his gunshot wound, though it's still unclear how he got shot. It did sound like maybe he accidentally did it to himself. Garrett is free, but hasn't yet told Spencer everything he knows. He definitely plans on it; Spencer just needs to be alone first. Garrett gets his chance on the Halloween Train, along with every other A-suspect.

So who do we think was responsible for all that mayhem?

Mona was definitely on the train, making us wonder just how easy it is to escape from that mental hospital or who exactly is helping her out. Her paper mache mask/face was extremely creepy, to say the least. Toby accompanied Spencer, but was conspicuously absent during most of the search for Aria. Lucas had an odd moment with a suddenly back in town Jason before both disappeared. Noel and Jenna were there to annoy the liars with their pranks and insults. Paige was also present as Emily's stylish date (good thing for Spencer!).

We know Toby and Mona are part of the A team, but what about the others? Actually of all the suspects, I was most convinced that the one person who wasn't on the train was the guiltiest. Ezra conveniently couldn't make it to the party because of job interview. But he gave a lot of meaningful looks towards Aria and her costume, and then he magically appeared at the end of the episode to comfort his almost-murdered girlfriend. I just don't trust Ezra.

And what do you make of Garrett's confession? He claims that he only let Jenna think that he killed Ali, and when he returned later, he saw Ali talking to Byron. Was he telling the truth? Did A just get him released so he could be killed? I tend to think that anyone who is murdered by A knows the real story behind Ali's death and the weird surveillance of random girls. Poor Garrett just didn't get out of town soon enough.

So, I think maybe Aria's father was somehow involved with Ali, but he was probably only being blackmailed by the little secret-hoarder.

The episode had plenty of scares - from Aria's private time with Garrett's body to Spencer's fight with a cross-dressing masked A - but the biggest creepy moment came at the end when the drink carrier was toppled over revealing that the ice was covering up Ali's body the whole time. GROSS!

The train wasn't the only place with scary events. Ashley encountered a very frightened and very cold little girl at her home; but every time she tried to show the girl to Pastor Ted, she disappeared. The girl said she wanted to call her mom, but her mom just got upset. She also talked about her sister who likes to lie and fight a lot. Was she a ghost? And who's her sister?

Could the show be referencing the twin story from last Halloween episode? Or is this another nod to the "Ali has a twin" theory?

Regardless, the show definitely left us scratching our heads when that hand emerged from the dirt. Was that flashback to the night Ali was murdered?

I guess we'll have to wait until the winter premiere.


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this episode was great but I saw you gave the last halloween special The First Secret a LOWER score than this which is just ridiculous in every way considering not only was that a better overall halloween episode than this year with its f'n pointless adam lambert crap but The First Secret is the best episode of the ENTIRE show get a clue


To all the nae-sayers about the little girl ghost not being able to be Ali's twin. It is absolutely possible a ghost is a manifestation of how the spirit feels. A ghost does not have to appear in just one form. A ghost also does not have to appear as they were when they were alive. Just some food for thought. Reference ghost whisperer and the guy who thought he was Santa. His manifestation was that of Kris Kringle himself until he remembered who he really was.


Where the hell did the people trying to push aria off disappear to? THERE'S ONLY ONE DOOR. The door that spencer, hannah and emily entered from. PLOT HOLE. Why the hell did hannah not pull the mask off the person that pretended to be caleb, or even try to run after the person? she had to know something was off. That was too unrealistic. The necklace aria put away just when ezra walked in was the same one the girls found at the door. But honestly I think exra's just a distraction, don't think he has anything to do with the a team.
Jason, Lucas both distractions too I reckon. Why would Ali tell Garrett to pretend she was dead in the first place? Why would she want Jenna to think she was dead? Really makes you wonder what Jenna and Garrett were up to with Melissa and Ian if it was totally normal for Garrett to kill someone.. To end, do these girls know they're wearing heels and how much heels can hurt?


I really hope Byron is responsible for Ali's death. I'd love nothing more than to see him go.


Ezra isn't family to Aria, so I don't see how he was allowed into an active crime scene, to see a minor. Even if he's not A, he needs to GO. That storyline is tedious, at this point. I'm with the others about Byron being blackmailed, but not being the murderer, and the little girl supposedly being a ghost. I am still thinking that this is all a case of the sins of the parents being visited upon the children....


So I just rewatched the episode and I have a couple of new ideas. First of all there was no way some one could of killed Garret and put him in the box in between the time we saw Spencer leave him and when we see Aria in the box which is like a min and half to two mins of screen time. That is not a enough time and they never showed someone opening the box which makes me wonder if that scene was real at all. Another the person in the Jewel costume is a man. The nail is big like a man's would be and the person was really strong. I'm thinking either Byron or Ezra. Lucas is too weak and Toby wouldn't attack his girlfriend.


I loved this episode. It was scary and had me wondering what was going to happen and in the end it had me asking questions. The masked A was creepy every time we saw it. I knew Aria wouldn't die but it was still scary when she saw she was in the same box with Garrets body and when the box was hanging off the edge of the train and almost went over. I'm glad Emily told Paige everything. Can't wait till season starts up again.


WHAT AN EPISODE! But, I'll be damned if this show got ghost.. I mean, it's PLL not TGW. So I'm hoping Ashley maybe was drugged or something that can be explained as a natural cause, but it does seem right that the girl is Alison's twin sister. Just have to say to @Kenneth .. Thank you for spoiling the details about Alison's twin sister killed Allison and have been impersonating her, GREAT. Can't wait till the next episode. I see that there's something fishy going in Ezra lane and why would he cancel a meeting or something for a Halloween party? I mean the train was moving, did he think that he could somehow jump on the train? Unless, he already was at the train, impersonating that cross- dressed woman. It would make some sense, cause he didn't put up that much of a fight.. And I don't think Jason is on the A-team, but I'm wondering what he and Lucas are doing. Was it just me or did it seem like Toby intended to push Noel on that table, because he knew. I'm not sure where to put Toby, because he seems all loving and protecting in front of Spencer, but he is on the A-team. FRUSTRATED.


Ezra is not part of the A Team because when the two people tried pushing Aria off the train she somehow stabbed the guy and at the end of the episode Ezra showed back up and he looked perfectly fine just like Toby and Noel which I don't think either of them are trying to hurt the girls. I believe Jason and Melissa are part of the A Team. And in the books Courtney (Alisons Twin Sister) kills Alison an poses as Alison.


Okay. Spoby is my favorite relationship on the show. I just see it and love it! But I really don't think Toby could be evil enough to do that to spencer. I really and truly believe he's doing it for a good reason. And I feel like Ezra really has no place since he got fired.. And that's why they had to bring in Maggie.

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