Private Practice Round Table: "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone"

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Gather around, TV Fanatics! We're back with a new edition of the Private Practice Round Table.

This week, staff members Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica are joined by readers Caitlyn, Beina and Jarrod as they analyze the challenging evening that faced the doctors on "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone."

What was your favorite quote or scene from this week's episode?
Caitlyn: "We are badass. We are a badass family unit." I loved how Cooper reassured Mason that he and Charlotte are staying together forever. We all know it as an audience and Mason should know it, too!

Jarrod: Amelia's “And if I let myself drink, I would never stop. You ask me out and you look at me like we're the same age and we could have fun. And I might have made the same mistake if I were you, but we're not the same age; I'm about 100 years older than I look.” Her character has come so far and always remains strong no matter what. Season five was truly a journey for her and this season just seems to once again allow her character to continue on developing. Well done to the writers!

Beina: My favorite quote was "I'm not opposed to angry sex." Jake and Addison are a cute couple even when they just talk about the rain.

Carissa: Amelia talking frankly about her baby and why she couldn't have drinks. She is a lot like me. There is no beating around the bush, just the facts. It happened. It was horrible, and it's why she will never take another drink or do another drug. Wonderful scene.

Christina: Charlotte: “Damn, Sheldon. You look like James Bond.” Sheldon: “Which one? I was always partial to Sean Connery.”

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There's a new doc in town. What did you think of James Peterson?
Caitlyn: I actually really liked him! He might've disagreed with a few of our beloved doctors but not to an extreme point. Seems like a good guy and doctor. I'm looking forward to seeing him with Amelia in the future.

Jarrod: At first I found him really arrogant, but as the night went on, I got to see a compassionate doctor and interesting guy underneath that ego. What I think for Dr. James Peterson in future? A relationship with Dr. Amelia Shepherd. That's what I think!

Beina: I still don't know what to say about him, he seems a smart doctor but I didn't understand why he had to give credit to Amelia for the diagnosis during his first day at work. Was it just an attempt to hit on her? I didn't like it.

Carissa: He's hot, and full of himself. He found out just a bit from Amelia in terms of how much he has to learn from his new employer, but he will be surprised at how little he knows in the whole scheme of things. Overall, he's a good addition and livens things up a little when they really needed the new blood.

Christina: I liked him; however, with only nine episodes left, I don’t think we need him. There are enough stories to tell.

More interesting couple of the week: Jaddison with their disagreement or Stephanie's "damn" speech to Sam?
Caitlyn: Jaddison, for sure. I always like seeing more of their dynamic than with another, and I always get more convinced that they're right for each other. But Stephanie's "damn" speech to Sam was still great. Got to give credit to her for that!

Jarrod: I'd say both. It was good to see Jake and Addison finally come to a disagreement about something; however, Stephanie's "damn" speech to Sam was basically music to my ears. I like her and Sam, and I'd ship them in future, but for now he needs to sort himself out.

Beina: Jake and Addison's disagreement was tender and more interesting to watch!
Carissa: Jake and Addison will always be the more interesting of a couple no matter what they do. Since the moment Jake hit town he was the end game for

Addison, and even Charlotte and Cooper can't touch them. Sam and Stephanie didn't stand a chance in terms of being interesting.

Christina: Jaddison all the way! Here’s a thought: What if Naomi returns and reconnects with Sam?!

The missing child storyline was...
Caitlyn: Really, really intense. I felt like the rest of the episode got faster once they realized she was missing. My only hope was that we could've seen how the characters reacted as parents to the situation. Most of them have kids and I thought we'd get to see sweet moments between them towards the end.

Jarrod: I don't think I can offer any insight. I'm not a parent, nor have I known anyone to experience such a heartbreaking experience. It'd be different if their child died - you know the outcome and would eventually come to terms, but to know your child is gone and out there? You're stuck holding onto hope they'd come back to you. I'd honestly rather not think about it seeing as it's possibly the saddest story out there in PP history.

Beina: Very sad, I can't imagine how it might be to lose a child so suddenly. Sometimes these situations can end well; sometimes they have a horrible outcome. I don't know how this situation will evolve, but I hope to find out in the next episode.

Carissa: Sad. When we've just had another kidnapping and murder here in Colorado that resulted in a freak of a teenage boy turning himself in as the doer, any of these storylines just depress me. I'd rather they just stay off of my entertainment programs for the time being.

Christina: Pick any synonym for “heartbreaking.” Private Practice has always had a knack for telling the harder stories.

St. Ambrose and Seaside Wellness are shutting their doors after this final season. Who would you most like to see return?
Caitlyn: Naomi! I think it'd be great to see her again happy and well. And this time, she'll get to be really happy for Addison since she's with Jake now. I also know who I want to meet - Charlotte and Cooper's triplets!

Jarrod: A tossup between Amelia and Sheldon. I enjoy both of their characters beyond words and it's shame that they originate with the show from the beginning. I'd love to see Amelia journey off to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, but the tone of the shows are much different and I'd feel as though the character would get horribly underused. Nevertheless, with 9 more episodes to go, it's one hell of a journey to venture out on.

Beina: Naomi, but I'd like to see Addison's father and brother, too.

Carissa: Seaside Wellness. There are enough hospitals on television, but not nearly enough small clinics that deal closely with patients like Seaside Wellness. I'll miss it.

Christina: I love the way everyone answered this question. I actually would like to see Naomi so that I could see Betsy. After all the heartache she’s been throughout the years with her parents dying, I’d love to see how she’s doing.


It's nice to finally see Addison in a healthy and loving relationship with Jake.


I'm sorry but in my opinion @ no time was Derek McStepford in Grey's. He was very dreamy,naughty and sexy in a relatable way. He broke rules to be with Meredith and didn't take no for an answer. Finally Naomi has moved on..4he even moved on with Addison's bother @ a point in time! Sam should be happy with whom makes him happy. As long as all parties sit down and discuss and agree on dating an ex, it's ok to date an ex.




I agree with Jarrod. I prefer to see Addison with Jake that has no background in her story as with Sam. I always found too much that she slept with her husband’s best friend and then with her best friend’s husband! I wouldn’t be the friend of such a person… Jake is too perfect. It’s true, but it in the logical of Addison and her quest of the perfect man. Derek was seen as Mc Dreamy and seemed too perfect too at the beginning of GA. Addison was certainly attracted by this as she met him. (Now, we know that Derek is far from perfect, but we saw his fails quite late in the show. We saw also that Amelia suffered because of this.)


@Alynn I agree with you. To each his own! I personally think Addisam were amazing and I really wish they would be endgame but it seems it's Jaddison. We just have to stomach watching stepford Jake being stiff and unbelievably perfect with Addison #sigh The good thing is Amelia and Charcoop keep me distracted from the soggy mess that has become PP.


@Alynn: Saddison never worked. Their relationship was doomed to fail from the very beginning. Shonda pulling the whole 'Oh, I asked Addison out first, but got rejected and moved on to Naomi' was a stupid move and it completely ruined the aspect of their friendship. It ruined Addison's character further seeing as she had slept with Mark while married Derek and then got with Sam a few years later after he had recently divorced Naomi. Her character spiraled backwards after she was finally starting to do things right. The writers have finally done it right be introducing a character with no backstory or ties to any of the characters and have allowed Addison to go down a path with a character like Jake. He might be a "dream come true" kind of guy, but it's the right guy that Addison deserves to be with if she wants to continue going on the right journey of being a happy woman being able to balance out things like a career, baby and relationship.


Why continue to push the stiff and fake relationship of Addison and fake Jake? If you need to bring back past AddiMen then it proves it was a waste of storyline to start.
Addison and Sam worked. Shonda needs to write S6 to the end with AddiSam!!

Spindae 2o

1. James Patterson
he really changed the dynamic of the show. It's boring that everything happens like the gang wants!
2. What I want to happen!?
Naomi! She must show up. She not showing up for Pete's "funeral" is just silly!
And I want either Wyatt or Noah Barns back just to upset JAddison a bit, and Addison prooves strong and in Love in Jake! #lOvE

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Charlotte: Damn, Sheldon. You look like James Bond.
Sheldon: Which one? I was always partial to Sean Connery.

We are badass. We are a badass family unit. You, me, the triplets and Charlotte. Nothing's going to change that.