Revenge Promo: One Life Will Change Forever

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Next week on Revenge, one life will change in an instant, and forever.

The promo for "Intuition" promises as much in what looks like the most intense episode of Season 2 so far. According to ABC's synopsis, "playing with the Graysons is definitely playing with fire, and Amanda learns that the hard way."


Meanwhile, Emily and Aiden each get blindsided, and the wheels start turning as Daniel takes matters into his own hands. How far will he go to get back at his mom? And will Emily learn the truth about her mother?

The photo gallery for the episode certainly hints at a heartbreaking development.

Read TV Fanatic's Revenge review from Sunday for an analysis of "Confidence," which set many of the events that will unfold next week in motion, then watch the promo for next week below and see what you think:

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please don't put Emily and Jack back together.
Emily and Daniel have the real chemistry!


She will lose the baby to enable the Jack, Emily, Amanda, Daniel, and now Aiden pentagon to live. I HATE the idea of Jack and Emily bec there is absolutely NOOOOOO Chemistry there.


I think she looses the baby because in some episode descriptions beyond this one they talk about Amanda being there.


With the baby issue put a side why would you want Jack to stay with Amanda. When it's clear as day that he don't want to be with her. Let face it he loves Emily he have that connetion with her. As if he knew her a life time. It's like his heart no that Emily is his true soulmate. He with Amanda because he think that she is the same girl from his youth. But, if you look at the way he looks at Emily you know his heart is with her. Even his brother knows that he don't love her. I don't think that Amanda and Jack should be together just because of a baby that can cause so much resenment who would want to bring a child in to that life. P.S. He don't look at Amanda the way he looks at Emily. If you see Amanda always trying to blackmail Emily in away tell her that if the truth come they no about her too. But if the truth comes out Jack going to hate them both maybe... But I do hope that Emily and Jack end up together.


that baby better live because they are just trying to put emily and jack together ugh!


Amanda is going to lose the baby! I so hope I'm wrong.. that way, Jack is stuck with her..

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Victoria [to Amanda]
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Is that worry I detect in your voice?

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