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Will you escort the ladies to the conservatory for petit fours and refreshments?


Only luddites use snail mail.


Nice touch, bringing your girls from The Beaver Dam.

Emily [to Amanda]

I made a petition to make it a demonstration sport at the '92 Olympics. We lost.

Nolan [on competitive Tetris]

Shower guest: And what kind of club is that?
Victoria: Not bridge, I can tell you that.

Everyone at the club wanted to come, but Murray wouldn't let us take off at the same time.

Amanda's stripper friend

Victoria: Emily, I had no idea you were invited.
Emily: Well, I am the baby's godmother, so...
Victoria: Isn't being a godparent a religious tradition? Amanda never struck me as a God-fearing woman.
Emily: She doesn't fear much.

Padma: What can you tell me about a lawsuit brought against you in 2001?"
Nolan: Ever hear of them?
Padma: No.
Nolan: That's because they lost. End of story.

Charlotte: So, does anyone know any shower games?
Amanda's friend: Girl, do I.

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