Revenge Round Table: "Confidence"

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Sunday's Revenge episode marked the return of Victoria Grayson to her throne as Queen of the Hamptons, while setting the stage for the next chapters of the guilty pleasure with new twists.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Confidence" and look ahead to the coming weeks in our Round Table Q&A discussion.

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1. What was your favorite scene from "Confidence"?

Christine: Emily telling Nolan that one day she will find a way to thank him for all he's done. When Nolan told her to find her mom and that would be thanks enough I could have hugged him. I only wish Emily would have.

Chandel: Probably the scene between Emily and Nolan when she was telling him she was going to find her mom. Sometimes you get so caught up in seeing them as partners in this that you forget they really are friends.

Leigh: My favorite scene was Daniel flipping out and calling the family meeting. It was hot seeing him take charge for once. I also like how he keeps confiding and going back to Emily. I hope he takes her advice on how to play Victoria's game.

Steve: I love the flashbacks. Anything that sheds more light on the Revenge universe is eye-opening fun. Especially if it involves Emily and Aiden being chased by wild dogs in Japan.

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2. What twist were you the most surprised by?

Christine: That press conference. My head is still spinning. Victoria's ability to twist a situation to her advantage never fails to amaze me.

Chandel: Victoria Grayson "welcoming Amanda Clarke into the fold." That was some crazy mess she pulled at the press conference.

Leigh: That the WMH was in some sort of relationship, possibly in love with, Kara Clarke.

Steve: Dec getting caught. Who saw that coming!? Kidding. I have to go with Kara's voicemail to WHM, played by Emily. The combination of pure shock and the fact that he's dead and she's now going dark? Awesome.

3. Madeleine Stowe's awesomeness: Discuss.

Christine: I've been a fan of hers for decades but I've never enjoyed her as much as I do here. No matter how devilish Victoria is, I can't stop wanting to see more of her. She's such fun. Victoria simply never gives up and somehow Stowe's performance makes me root for her and want to see her taken down all at once.

Chandel: She's just consistently BA as Victoria. And it just.doesn't.stop. It's kind of incredible and a joy to watch.

Leigh: Who else could possibly have pulled off that turnaround and the press conference? Then inviting Fauxmanda on stage and presenting that united front? I'm in awe of her craziness.

Steve: She's the best. Whether under extreme duress or firmly in command as Southampton's HBIC, her facial expressions are priceless.

4. Is Emily off her game in Season 2?

Christine: She's a little more emotional. Now she's not only avenging her murdered father, she's searching for the mother she thought was dead. If she followed Takeda's rules and shut off all emotion she'd be far less entertaining to watch and much harder to root for.

Chandel: I think she's just regrouping. I don't think she's sure what her objective is this time around except finding her mother, and it's preventing her from fully comprehending the developments with the Grayson family.

Leigh: I don't think so, I think she's just refocusing. She's been thrown a wrench or two and needs to shuffle stuff around but she still knows what she wants.

Steve: If she is, she may not have much of a choice. The game has changed, and Emily's battling conflicting emotions regarding a number of key players as well as countless external factors beyond her control. As long as she brings Nolan back into the fold, the Revengers will regain their focus soon enough.

5. What secret(s) did WHM take to his grave?

Christine: That he was in love with Emily's mother for one. There's no other explanation for keeping her safe for that many years. Besides that I'm sure there's an entire treasure trove of secrets to be found.

Chandel: I'm not sure, but apparently it involves being intimately familiar with Emily's mother. Only time will tell how that relationship developed.

Leigh: Probably enough on the Graysons to write an encyclopedia on sociopathic tendencies. The amount of information that man has knows now boundaries.

Steve: The whereabouts of Kara Clarke. The inner workings of the Initiative. The secret to being a raging psychopath and effectively blending in with the rest of society. The list goes on. I'm not sure he's related to the Clarkes, has some have theorized, but man, the knowledge inside this guy's brain ...

6. Who has the best romantic chemistry with Emily: Daniel, Jack or Aiden?

Christine: You know what? Emily and Nolan's platonic friendship is far more interesting than her scenes with any of these guys but if you're looking for romantic chemistry I'd have to go with Daniel.

Chandel: Definitely Jack.

Leigh: Aiden. I want to know more. They have similar agenda and mentalities. There's a type of compatibility that she can't find with other people. That being said, I agree with Christine (per usual) that Emily and Nolan's friendship is the best chemistry of all!

Steve: Nolan is the man, and his relationship with Emily is my favorite thing about the show. I think it's destined to remain platonic, however, and that's for the best (hence his exclusion from this question). There's definitely a spark between Emily and Daniel, but the other two both have strong connections to very different parts of her past. This is shaping up to be one complicated, Revengey love quadrangle.

7. Victoria and Conrad are getting re-married. Who will the season's rumored second wedding involve?

Christine: I'm still hoping for Daniel and Emily to tie the not so that they can work together towards driving Victoria insane.

Chandel: Wouldn't it be great if Emily's mom suddenly appeared?!

Leigh: I thought Amanda and Jack, but I really don't know. This show manages to surprise me every week. 

Steve: Maybe something less obvious, like Daniel and Ashley. She's got to have a big storyline coming up. As for Victoria's wedding dress, she puts the GRAY in Grayson apparently (shout out to reader cjoylicious for that one)!

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Hmmm... yeah I also think HBIC might know Emily is really Amanda. 1. Favorite scene: definitely Victoria at that press conference calling on FauxManda.
2. WHM hearts Kara.
3. Her awesomeness is infinity times infinity. Gotta give props to Conrad, too. They are a couple of badass cray crays.
4. Not really, just merely transitioning from her old course to this new one concerning her mother.
5. Hmmm... whatever they are, I bet Victoria knows most of them, as for those she does not, Kara might be of service (but she's taking psycho drugs so...maybe not so helpful after all)
6. Yes, I like the friendship Emily/Nolan share. Aiden storyline interests me but chemistry award goes to Daniel. Jack and Emily have negative chemistry if that's possible. Oh yeah, that's possible. Zero chemistry = daniel and ashley, jack and emily are somewhere on the negative since I really can't take both of them in the screen together.
7. Daniel and Ashley? or Jack and Amanda.


You guys do understand that this episode pretty much established that Victoria Grayson knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke, yes? I mean, they didn't come out and say it, but that would be telling. The key scene is when Fake Amanda gets pulled into the fold at the press conference with VG deadeyeing 'Emily' as she did it. The 'Revenge' at play for this season is more than likely going to be VG against Amanda. Kind of an 'Empire Strikes Back' theme.


-Emily thanking Nolan. She's finally appreciating him more than she did and acknowledging him as a friend.
-Emily 's mother and the WHM.
-It needn't be discussed. She's awesome. Simple as that.
-I think she's starting to get her footing back. She was getting to emotional last season and now she's trying to reel it back in.
-Can't even attempt to guess.
-It doesn't matter. The core and most interesting, undeniable, pivotal bond of the series will always be Emily and Nolan. Nothing else, no one else really matters. But I like aidan and Emily more than her and jack or Daniel. More chemistry and more interesting, finally someone on her level.
- Charlotte and declan.


I think Emily is really annoying, she does not care who she hurts and destroys in her quest for revenge. She is so like victoria but at least victoria cares about her children and is ever a mother hen. I can't wait for fuaxamanda to give birth and kick emily ass.I kind of feel sorry for her. Emily def has more chemistry with daniel but it would be nice to see him marry ashley or someone else to see Emily reaction.And Jack... Yuck,can he be given another storyline aside from pining after Emily, its really annoying, it will be stupid if they ever become an item


Has everyone lost their minds? This season is getting waaay off track. Go back to the Revenge when every week someone new was a target. There were plenty of people in that photo to cross off! I don't care if Emily finds her mom, there is NO way that after keeping it a secret for almost 20 years that Victoria would suddenly admit to an affair with David Clarke (and why wasn't everyone aghast that she was close to a terrorist?) The writers need to get back to the title of the show - stories of REVENGE!


Fav Scene: Vicky banishing Emily fromt he Graysons...I couldn't stop laughing at its sheer awesomeness
Biggest twist: Vicky and her press conference...jeez where did THAT come from! and getting everyone to present a united front! And then Connie's we're getting remarried nugget completed it all
Mad Stowe: Is awesome. That is all. There would be no Revenge without her complex utterly devilish character hell bent on manipulating her way out of any corner! It is a guilty pleasure to watch her
Chemistry: Daniel and Ems have it all(doomed as they are as a couple to ship). She ain't got Jack with um..Jack heheheehe, there's a hint with Aiden


Fav Scene: Vicky banishing Emily fromt he Graysons...I couldn't stop laughing at its sheer awesomeness
Biggest twist: Vicky and her press conference...jeez where did THAT come from! and getting everyone to present a united front! And then Connie's we're getting remarried nugget completed it all
Mad Stowe: Is awesome. That is all. There would be no Revenge without her complex utterly devlish character hell bent on manipulating her way out of any corner! It is a guilty pleasure to watch her
Chemistry: Daniel and Ems have it all(doomed as they are as a couple to ship). She ain't got Jack with um..Jack heheheehe, there's a hint with Aiden


cont 6) Sorry, but I don't see anything in the Jack and Emily sl, its so ugh..She had way more chemistry with the dog than with him. 7. What if Emily and Aiden get married? I know it sounds ridiculous but what if they start working together and then in order to cover up something they get away with saying we got engaged and voila! Plus, I would give anything to see Daniel and Jack's jaws drop when they hear the news! Especially Jack.

Drea xoxo

6) only nolan has a connection, and that's because their friendship has been so beautifully shot and casted kudos to writers on that, and i don't know why writers keep forcing complicated love triangles/squares onto their viewers WE DON'T CARE! it distracts the focus from the main story and makes me loose interest and want to skip these scenes.
7) OMG to the re-uniting of the grayson's empire of evil! did not see that coming still to now! and i couldn't care less for a second wedding tbh i just want to know about the corporation behind the crash and emily/amanda connection with ashley and her parents.
if i was forced to answer i'd say emily/amanda and daniel, only one that seems suitable to current context of the series so far or even opportunist ashley and daniel and then her affair with grayson Snr will be revealed....


1. The scene with Emily and Nolan, it was just so nice to know how much Emily appreciates his help. 2. Nothing really, even the press confenrence twist was ok-ish. 3. She just is, you don't mess with her, plus with those scars she looks even more dangerous! 4. No, she isn't off her game, its just that right now the situation has changed so much she can't be as cold-hearted as when she had her revenge on Lydia, the senator and uncle Bob, because now that Victoria is her sole focus, revenge is becoming more difficult taking into account her feelings (yes,I believe she still has them) for Daniel, the fact that Charlotte trusts her and she still has a pregnant psychopath on her hands along with a pining childhood sweetheart. 5. No idea, but I know the show will surprise me! 6. Well Daniel is in the lead at the moment, but I sense there is still something unresolved with her and Aiden. So I am interested in that possible love triangle than anything regarding Jack. Sorry, I feel nothing there, excpet old childhood sweetheart memories. 7. How about Emily and Aiden? I know it sounds like out of nowhere, but what if they rekindle their romance or just pretend to be a couple as a plan B in case Victoria suspects something. Like, Emily where were you on the night of blah,blah,blah and Emily is like I was getting engaged. Also isn't Aiden one of the people on the board of Grayson Global (since he was at that meeting).

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

WHM: After the ding of the seat belt sign, the next thing you hear will be 14 ounces of plastic explosives detonating. My proposition: Conrad's demise is mutually beneficial. All it requires is splitting Charlotte's inheritance. Decline and your daughter will be joining you in the Grayson family plot.
Victoria: I'm listening.

Victoria: News hounds won't stop until they get my story.
Daniel: What exactly is your story?