Revenge Round Table: "Confidence"

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Sunday's Revenge episode marked the return of Victoria Grayson to her throne as Queen of the Hamptons, while setting the stage for the next chapters of the guilty pleasure with new twists.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Confidence" and look ahead to the coming weeks in our Round Table Q&A discussion.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite scene from "Confidence"?

Christine: Emily telling Nolan that one day she will find a way to thank him for all he's done. When Nolan told her to find her mom and that would be thanks enough I could have hugged him. I only wish Emily would have.

Chandel: Probably the scene between Emily and Nolan when she was telling him she was going to find her mom. Sometimes you get so caught up in seeing them as partners in this that you forget they really are friends.

Leigh: My favorite scene was Daniel flipping out and calling the family meeting. It was hot seeing him take charge for once. I also like how he keeps confiding and going back to Emily. I hope he takes her advice on how to play Victoria's game.

Steve: I love the flashbacks. Anything that sheds more light on the Revenge universe is eye-opening fun. Especially if it involves Emily and Aiden being chased by wild dogs in Japan.

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2. What twist were you the most surprised by?

Christine: That press conference. My head is still spinning. Victoria's ability to twist a situation to her advantage never fails to amaze me.

Chandel: Victoria Grayson "welcoming Amanda Clarke into the fold." That was some crazy mess she pulled at the press conference.

Leigh: That the WMH was in some sort of relationship, possibly in love with, Kara Clarke.

Steve: Dec getting caught. Who saw that coming!? Kidding. I have to go with Kara's voicemail to WHM, played by Emily. The combination of pure shock and the fact that he's dead and she's now going dark? Awesome.

3. Madeleine Stowe's awesomeness: Discuss.

Christine: I've been a fan of hers for decades but I've never enjoyed her as much as I do here. No matter how devilish Victoria is, I can't stop wanting to see more of her. She's such fun. Victoria simply never gives up and somehow Stowe's performance makes me root for her and want to see her taken down all at once.

Chandel: She's just consistently BA as Victoria. And it just.doesn't.stop. It's kind of incredible and a joy to watch.

Leigh: Who else could possibly have pulled off that turnaround and the press conference? Then inviting Fauxmanda on stage and presenting that united front? I'm in awe of her craziness.

Steve: She's the best. Whether under extreme duress or firmly in command as Southampton's HBIC, her facial expressions are priceless.

4. Is Emily off her game in Season 2?

Christine: She's a little more emotional. Now she's not only avenging her murdered father, she's searching for the mother she thought was dead. If she followed Takeda's rules and shut off all emotion she'd be far less entertaining to watch and much harder to root for.

Chandel: I think she's just regrouping. I don't think she's sure what her objective is this time around except finding her mother, and it's preventing her from fully comprehending the developments with the Grayson family.

Leigh: I don't think so, I think she's just refocusing. She's been thrown a wrench or two and needs to shuffle stuff around but she still knows what she wants.

Steve: If she is, she may not have much of a choice. The game has changed, and Emily's battling conflicting emotions regarding a number of key players as well as countless external factors beyond her control. As long as she brings Nolan back into the fold, the Revengers will regain their focus soon enough.

5. What secret(s) did WHM take to his grave?

Christine: That he was in love with Emily's mother for one. There's no other explanation for keeping her safe for that many years. Besides that I'm sure there's an entire treasure trove of secrets to be found.

Chandel: I'm not sure, but apparently it involves being intimately familiar with Emily's mother. Only time will tell how that relationship developed.

Leigh: Probably enough on the Graysons to write an encyclopedia on sociopathic tendencies. The amount of information that man has knows now boundaries.

Steve: The whereabouts of Kara Clarke. The inner workings of the Initiative. The secret to being a raging psychopath and effectively blending in with the rest of society. The list goes on. I'm not sure he's related to the Clarkes, has some have theorized, but man, the knowledge inside this guy's brain ...

6. Who has the best romantic chemistry with Emily: Daniel, Jack or Aiden?

Christine: You know what? Emily and Nolan's platonic friendship is far more interesting than her scenes with any of these guys but if you're looking for romantic chemistry I'd have to go with Daniel.

Chandel: Definitely Jack.

Leigh: Aiden. I want to know more. They have similar agenda and mentalities. There's a type of compatibility that she can't find with other people. That being said, I agree with Christine (per usual) that Emily and Nolan's friendship is the best chemistry of all!

Steve: Nolan is the man, and his relationship with Emily is my favorite thing about the show. I think it's destined to remain platonic, however, and that's for the best (hence his exclusion from this question). There's definitely a spark between Emily and Daniel, but the other two both have strong connections to very different parts of her past. This is shaping up to be one complicated, Revengey love quadrangle.

7. Victoria and Conrad are getting re-married. Who will the season's rumored second wedding involve?

Christine: I'm still hoping for Daniel and Emily to tie the not so that they can work together towards driving Victoria insane.

Chandel: Wouldn't it be great if Emily's mom suddenly appeared?!

Leigh: I thought Amanda and Jack, but I really don't know. This show manages to surprise me every week. 

Steve: Maybe something less obvious, like Daniel and Ashley. She's got to have a big storyline coming up. As for Victoria's wedding dress, she puts the GRAY in Grayson apparently (shout out to reader cjoylicious for that one)!

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Drea xoxo

4) yes she's annoying me more than usual, i feel the writers want us to see her vulnerable side and even feel sympathy for her. tbh i couldn't really care less. she's selfish, manipulative and more like victoria than she thinks, only difference is victoria would do anything for her children and their future, emily/amanda isn't willing to help anyone out or sacrifice anything. Nolan has been with her from the beginning and still she won't humble herself to him and show emotion, its boring and tedious. Just make her find her mum and finally carry out this act of revenge.
5) this is what i am asking myself too, why did he want to kill emily/amanda so badly, why is he living with her mum, what is his real connection amongst this mess?

Drea xoxo

1) Victoria's press conference, it was from this point on that the show started for me personally. her ability to control her lies and make everyone her puppets EPIC but then Conrad's blindside straight after, they both deserve awards n kudos for keeping show alive.
2) Daniel, at last the writers have given Grayson jnr balls and a brain along with intuition, this new daniel i am fond of and wish he was here last season. i am glad that they are progressing his character. does this mean he will eventually see through emily/amanda and ashley?
3) she deserves a doctorate for her evilness and the writers for their creative script writing like WOW just when i think she can't get any better they surprise me every week with her character's growth and the acting oooo fan from day 1 here too. her ability to lure and capture the scene and make you want to feel sympathy and detest at the same time. remarkable


it was an amazing episode. that's that
they continue to amaze


1. I liked the scene voice mail scene because I called it! I had a nagging suspicion after WHM tried to kill Emily that he and Kara were lovers of a sort. Psychopaths of feather flock together. 2. Victoria at the press conference. And also Jack not being mad at Amanda about being with the Graysons. I thought he would blow a gasket. 3. Amazing actress. She deserve a golden globe and possibly an Emmy nomination. Seriously. 4. This is a new game for her and I think she will need time to adjust to everything before she gets started on wreaking havoc. 5. Everything about the initiative, who is in there, their goals and how to take them down. 6. All three. Its different type of chemisrty though. 7. Nolan and Padma? Maybe she needs a green card to stay in US? Lol I kid. It has to be Daniel getting married to someone either Ashley or Emily. Don't think its Jack and Fauxmanda.


5. Secrets WHM took to his grave: Ditto everything Steve mentioned. Couldn't have said it better myself!
6. Best romantic history: Hmmm can I only choose one? All three guys have romantic chemistry with Emily in their own way, but I'm biased towards Jack. I believe that once Emily reveals her true identity to him, their chemistry will spark brighter than the 4th of July fireworks from last season--when he originally shared his true feelings her her. :) :) :)
7. Second wedding of the season: Mike Kelley teased that it WILL be Emily's wedding, we just don't know to who yet. Out of all the possibilities, I of course am rooting for Jack. But unless the writers allow his "eyes to be opened" in the near future on what's really going on around him, I doubt that will happen. PS: Steve, I'm glad you like my GRAYson dress comment--thanks for the shootout! ;)


1. Favorite scene: Although I treasure all Jack/Emily scenes, my fav moment this episode goes to Emily and Nolan. I love that, no matter how hurt or angry Nolan feels, he can't resist his favorite revenger. She explains the situation, opens her heart up slightly, and magically has him back on her side once again. I appreciated Emily's heart-felt emotions, as evidenced by the tears in her eyes.
2. Biggest surprise twist: (Besides the ones already mentioned) My favorite quote this week came from Aiden, not Nolan. "Disappointed to see me? Death by dumpster had such flair..."
3. Madeline Stowe's awesomeness: Her tenacity is striking--she never lets anything or anyone phase her. Despite countless attempts to brings her down, Victoria continues to bounce back on top. I doubt I'd survive half of what she's gone through!
4. In comparison to last season, it may seem like Emily is off her A game. However, I just think her focus is less on destroying people one-by-one and more on trying to find her mother AND protect those she cares about from the repercussions of "revengenda." (After all, she's not heartless-much to Takada's disappointment.)


1. "This Emily. She's my...Emily"
2. "Welcome Amanda Clarke"
6. Daniel
4. Yes

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