Rick Worthy Cast in Key Vampire Diaries Role

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He played a vampire on Supernatural.

And now he'll be playing the father of a witch on The Vampire Diaries.

The veteran actor (CSI, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica) has landed one of the most anticipated roles of Season 4, coming on board later this year as the mysterious father of Kat Graham's Bonnie.

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Fans know very little about Rudy Hopkins, who has been estranged from his daughter for years and scarcely even mentioned during the show's run.

But we do know Bonnie's dad is not a fan of his child's spell-casting side, and we also know that side has already led to some serious problems for Bonnie early on the Vampire Diaries Season 4.

Look for Hopkins to swoop in to Mystic Falls and try to protect his daughter from the dark forces assembling there. He will debut on Episode 10.

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I loved his acting in Supernatural. Especially when he was so dangerous and calm at the same time. I really hope he gets a good storyline in the Vampire Diaries, he deserves one.

David and sabrina 2014

Who knows how Bonnie's father will be like but I can't wait to see what else happens throughout season 4. =)


this guys voice is beautiful


Why do I have a feeling that Wintchsters are Heading Vampire Diaresi if so they better move Supernatural back to Thursday it put on Wed Damonmay pop in the show.


Gonna be great for Paul to have a fellow "Fallen" Alum on his show.


Awesome choice!! I love Rick Worthy, he's a great actor and was awesome on Supernatural as well!! Can't wait to see :)


Good choice!! I'm glad they decided to go with a slightly older actor, rather than the late 30s/early 40s on the initial casting call. He is very good on Supernatural.

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