Supernatural Review: Let's Make A Movie

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Found footage movies seem to be everywhere these days.

Sure, The Blair Witch Project followed up by the Paranormal Activity series really struck a chord in the scare department, but the genre branched out beyond just the horror and spread into party movies like Project X, sci-fi flicks like Cloverfield, and the more recent superhero movie, Chronicle.

So it's really no surprise that Supernatural jumped on board to try it out for "Bitten." In fact, it's a wonder the show never really attempted it before.

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Okay, you could say that the Ghostfacers was probably the closest thing, but that was more of a spoof on all of the ghost hunter and paranormal investigator programs. And maybe the characters were a bit more goofy themselves, but it felt like even with the scary aspects, the comedy rang through.

This episode, although it did catch a few good Dean lines about "Clear eyes. Clogged Arteries. Can't Lose," was primarily set in a serious tone. The stuff that we and essentially Sam and Dean saw weren't meant to be laughed at.

And I admire the series' ability to really go out on a limb and try something new. There's such a tendency to stick to what we already know, that giving the shaky cam and new perspective a shot was a bold and daring move. I applaud the efforts.

But I wonder if I would have liked this episode more had it been placed at a later date.

Truly, the whole concept of getting to see the other side was informatively unique and captured the emotional and personal side of the so called monsters. It gave everyone a chance to see beyond just the title of werewolf and recognize the humanity in the characters, the youthful drama between them and the sad consequences without any real say in the matter.

Seeing the trio of friends go from happy-go-lucky to loving the new "superpowers" to falling into something of a bloody tragedy because of that human nature for greed, love, power, pity and hope was a great visual for Sam and Dean. It really illustrated the depth behind just "monsters."

At times the story felt like it dragged on in an effort to establish Brian, Mike and Kate as characters, but for me, I just kept waiting for Sam and Dean. Of course, other times, the turning of events felt rapid fire as if trying to get an entire life's story into one hour, especially near the end with Brian killing Mike, declaring his love for Kate and then suffering death at the hands of her.

It all had a very home video feeling to it and it was easy to get caught up in the camera work. And wasn't it a little odd seeing Sam and Dean show up, but basically nowhere near front and center? Watching them from a far was a brand new experience.

I'm so used to seeing them in the middle of the action that it almost felt like we weren't entirely on an episode of Supernatural, but slowly experiencing and understanding the other side of that hunter world. It was as if Sam and Dean were merely cameos.

Really, that type of outside look felt like something that could have easily been done in the early seasons, as viewers were also trying to learn and experience what the monsters and hunters were like. Similarly, the whole concept of killing a monster because it's a monster resurfaced, but elicited a new response from Dean. Clearly, Purgatory gave him that brand new outlook, but definitely witnessing the tragedy of transforming human into creature had its own emotional impacts.

And maybe it was just me, but for a show that really felt like it was trying to put the focus and attention back primarily on the brothers, this seemed like a real departure from that goal. I missed seeing Sam and Dean in action and getting to the heart of their new-found issues.

I guess after coming off the heals of last week's one-off episode, I'm not sure I was ready to see less of the Winchester bros.

This type of an episode probably could be one to divide the masses into a love it or hate it separation.

It was fine for what it was and I appreciate that in Supernatural Season 8, the writers are still trying new things. And while it was a good ending with a nicely paired song (but a bit of surprise that it wasn't the classic rock we're so used to hearing), I wanted more Sam and Dean time. I almost wish the found footage stopped at the halfway mark to return to the normal viewing experience.

Which is why I wonder if this episode would have been better suited a bit further down the season line, allowing for the main story arc to progress a bit more before the experimental episode kicked into gear. Ultimately, it wasn't a bad hour, but it's also not one I'll be constantly saying "awesome" about.

What did you think? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!


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I'm gonna be honest - I didn't like this episode. I don't need Dean and Sam to be in every frame, but I also didn't really care about these kids. Within the first five minutes, I contemplated turning the channel. I stuck it out in hopes it would get better. It didn't. I'm all for trying new things and it could've been interesting to see the other side of Dean and Sam working a case, but this just fell flat to me. Perhaps it would have been better had it been 50/50 so we could have seen both sides, and their decision to not chase her would of been more impactful. And I do agree this episode would have played better later in the season too. It seemed out of place to me. This is definitely a love or hate episode and I'm bummed to fall on the hate side


Hey nick,tell alice and sarah DISH sucks.


Thought I tuned in to watch SPN and instead I got the Blair Witch Project. At first I seriously thought the CW was airing something else in SPN's place. This is easily the worst ep in SPN's 7+ years. I hope they never do it again, because this is the type of stuff that will turn fans away from the show.


Last season, Dean killed Sam's Childhood friend because she was a monster. Now Dean is friends with a monster ( vampire) that Sam knows nothing about. This episode served as a bridge to show us that Dean was changed by his Purgatory experience. My problem with this episode, this season, in fact is Dean is allowed to come to these conclusions and decisions without being challenged. Every time poor Sam tried to tell him that not all Monsters were in fact monster-y Dean got on his high horse and stomped his ideas down. It's like ever since the Apocolyptic episodes Sam has that shucks- I - nearly- destroyed- the- world- so I cannot- really stand- up for this.


last weeks episode heartache was ok, but this weeks bitten was not up to the standards of the series. it could have been written by a senior in high school. I hope the show runner jeremy carver wakes up soon or he will be writing the end story.


I didn't mind this episode actually. I think people need to chill out a bit. Don't have a cow when Sam and Dean aren't in every frame.
And if you think this season is the worst ever, here's a thought, Stop watching! But don't come on here and bitch just cause you're bored and want attention.
I was suprised they let her go too. I was expecting them to say 'Okay...that was interesting, now let's find her and kill her'. Sam of course would be more prone to let her go then Dean. I think his time in purgatory, and befriending Benny is the reason behind this.


I love supernatural, but when I watch it, I expect to see Sam and Dean, NOT some random people making a movie. I think the paranormal activity concept was good, but they should have come up with a better idea on how to go about this. This was the worst episode I've ever seen. I hope next week makes up for it!! Don't worry boys, I know it was just a hiccup. I won't give up on you. Supernatural still rocks in my book! :)


This is the kind of episode that can get Supernatural canceled. This season has been a total disappointment.


Really disliked this episode - for the first time ever was waiting for the adverts to play. I also was so bored and disappointed after counting down the hours to be able to get my fix of SN. Hope the next episode with be back to its best so the rating so not drop too much. Roll on next week!!


i love supernatural with all my heart bt this was the worst ep ever
and my god i felt so sick watching this ep with all the switching back and the way the cam was held.

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