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Supernatural Season 8


On the eighth season finale of Supernatural, Sam and Dean go up against to Demon King to stop him from undoing all of the good they have accomplished as hunters.

"Clip Show"

When Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel, they find something that could lead to a third trial on Supernatural.

"The Great Escapist"

Sam and Dean receive a distressing message from Kevin on this episode of Supernatural. They go from there to a casino in Colorado.

"Pac-Man Fever"

Felicia Day is back as Charlie on this episode of Supernatural. She gets taught a few lessons by the boys.

"Taxi Driver"

With the second trial from the Tablet looming, Sam and Dean team up with the reaper on Supernatural.

"Freaks and Geeks"

Sam and Dean stumble across some orphans being trained to hunt vampires by a mystery man on Supernatural.

"Goodbye Stranger"

Castiel and Meg team up on Supernatural this week. Their target? Crawley.

"Remember the Titans"

Sam and Dean are stumped when the man their investigating in a zombie case ends up being attacked by Artemis.

"Man's Best Friend With Benefits"

Sam and Dean investigate when a cop who practices witchcraft dreams of murdering innocents who later turn up dead on Supernatural.

"Trial and Error"

On Supernatural, Kevin interprets the tablet and learns that their are three tests designed by God to close the gates of Hell.

"Everybody Hates Hitler"

Sam and Dean do battle with a Golem this week, after learning a Rabbi was researching Nazi Necromancers.

"As Time Goes By"

A man who claims to be Sam and Dean's grandfather says he's time traveled in order to stop a demon on Supernatural.

"LARP and the Real Girl"

Felicia Day guest stars on this episode of Supernatural, as Dean and Sam look into trouble during Live Action Role Play.

"Torn and Frayed"

Sam meets with Amelia this week on Supernatural and she asks him to make a decision: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.

"Citizen Fang"

Sam asks a hunter to keep an eye on Benny this week. But things get VERY messy from there.

"Hunteri Heroici"

Castiel has some big news on this episode of Supernatural. He wants to be a hunter.

"A Little Slice of Kevin"

Castiel escapes Purgatory on this episode of Supernatural. He appears with no memory.

"Southern Comfort"

Garth is back! The character returns this week to help Dean and Sam on a case.

"Blood Brother"

Benny calls Dean for help on this episode of Supernatural, as viewers witness a few flashbacks to Purgatory.


Sam and Dean look into a murder in a college town this week on Supernatural... and end up as part of a student film.


Sam and Dean look into a string of unusual murders this week. All the victims are recipients of organs from the same donor

"What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"

We meet Kevin's mom on this episode of Supernatural. Lauren Tom guest stars.

"We Need To Talk About Kevin "

Supernatural is back for an eighth season! What will the opener have in store for Dean and Sam?

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