The Mentalist Review: A Cold Blooded Schemer

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The Mentalist featured its share of schemers, as a bank robbery went bad in "Not One Red Cent."

But before we go there, let's talk about shoes. At first I was surprised that Jane was going to wait for his shoes, but then again the sign did say "While U Wait" shoe repair and I could see Jane being the type to take them up on it.

I thought Patrick trying out the foot powder was funny, but those loaner shoes were so un-Jane-like I laughed every time I saw them. The very thought of loaner shoes skeeves me out a bit but I suppose Jane didn't have much of a choice. And as much as he surprisingly made the best of it, he did consider stealing a dead man's footwear when he looked through Ernie's bedroom.

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Back to the murderer. I assumed there was a personal reason that Ernie ended up dead. There seemed to be no other reason to kill him in an otherwise calm, precise bank robbery. 

Nancy was cold, vengeful and stupid. She killed Ernie because he was going to leave her. Was her pride really worth the risk of going to prison for the rest of her life? She had the proof that he was involved in the bank robbery. As Cho said, why not just turn him in? She had the evidence. Heck, there may have even been a reward. Personally, I would have rather seen him suffer in prison if I were in her shoes.

And speaking of Cho, we haven't seen nearly enough of him this season. I really miss those special moments only Agent Cho can provide. I'm hoping we get more of him soon.

Jane certainly did his own bit of scheming when he played Grace. Of course, his was only for lunch, not murder. I've actually seen that pen reading scam once at a convention. I couldn't believe Grace let Jane con her. After all of these years, you'd think she'd learn.

Although I'm certainly no expert, I had to disagree with Lisbon on who had jurisdiction on the case. I've always believed that the FBI handled all bank robberies.

That said, I wasn't surprised that they're keeping the FBI / CBI feud going. As Lisbon said in this The Mentalist quote...

 You lost the most important witness we've ever had in the Red John case and now you wonder why we won't make nice. | permalink

Will we ever see Lorelei again? I'm assuming so. It's just a matter of how long we'll have to wait and how much damage has been done to her when they finally find her.

That FBI agent was definitely flirting with Lisbon and although she wasn't outwardly flirting back, she did accept his invitation to poker. 

Teresa certainly held her own in the confidence department, even as she was about to go up against the DA, a state senator, and her boss.

Bertram: I didn't take you for a gambler.
Lisbon: It's not gambling if you know you're going to win. | permalink

I'd love to know how she did in the end. Too bad they didn't ask Jane to play. Now that would have been interesting.


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There is truth to what you both are saying, you have to look deep with this show. But I think for this week you're reaching a little bit. The shoes idea really wasn't that orignial or that deep. It just came across as a cute little thing that ended up taking a much bigger part of the show because there was nothing else. And the Jane-Van Pelt thing was also forced, not original, I don't think there's some real deep meaning behind it. I think it was just a filler. Overall, what your saying is true, there is alot of really good character development that is subtle, but I don't think that was the case this week. Ultimately, though the fact that we have to look so deep to see character meanings is why this show is going to struggle just to get another season. Most people just aren't that invested in the show or willing to follow it closely every week.


OK, another correction. I meant Jennifred.


Jennifer has it exactly right about the depth of meaning in this show. Some viewers don't watch closely or often enough to see this and so don't appreciate it. Why should they? All other shows are just gratuitous sex and violence and aggressive background "music." No character development, just mindless time wasters. It's a joy to watch The Mentalist for assuming we have some intelligence. Also, I watched the promo for next Sunday and, contrary to what I originally thought, it looks to be a highly dramatic episode that moves the whole story forward, probably in ways we haven't expected.


I agree with Jennifred. I think the reason this show has been so successful is because Heller manages to do a great job mixing the heavy RJ episodes with the lighter non-RJ ones. I think he strikes a nice balance between the two. At the end of last season I said that I hoped they wouldn’t make Jane’s character too dark, and so far I think Heller is on point with the series and character development. I appreciate the amazing acting, particularly Baker’s and Tunney’s. Some episodes I find are weak, but others blow me away. It is what it is :).


The shoes were a metaphor for the changes Jane is experiencing. In reference to something else, he said external changes can reflect changes on the inside, hinting at Jane evolving and wanting to be done with RJ. Refer also to the previous episode where he said, through his daughter, that he is so over RJ. I thought the storyline with Grace was sweet as he clearly was reaching out to his teammate. He is tired of being alone and, in typical Jane fashion, instead of just asking her to lunch, sets up this ploy. This is one of the many things I enjoy about this show, you have to look beyond the surface to see the deeper meaning of what is going on with the characters.


I ran out of characters on the last comment. The last word would be sitcom - a crime procedural sitcom.


If Jane has Lorelei concealed somewhere I suspect he is trying to beat Red John at one game at least - getting someone totally dedicated to him. He told Lisbon he has no feelings for Lorelei at all and would even ask her to marry him if it got him to Red John. So maybe he's busy seducing Lorelei to where she is addicted to him as she was to Red John and lets Jane know how to find him. Jane has always shown a total lack of concern for people he considers evil - even willing to bury them alive, get them murdered, etc., so why not lead Lorelei on? If she gets emotionally hurt in the process, so what? Jane will end up with Lisbon. Bruno as much as said so in the cast's video chat fest on the Paley Center video following Season 1. He muttered something about them getting together at the end of Season 5. It would be great to have a Season 6, with the RJ thing done, showing how Jane gets his life back together. Could be extremely cute, charming and fun. Maybe continuing as a crime procedural sitcom.


(cont'd) and Bruno Heller expects us to believe Jane develops feelings for her? If that is true, then Jane really ceases to be likable, at least to me, and I don't really care what happens to him. I'll give it some time to see how this season is trending, but I am not too optimistic that I'll still be watching at season end. I really hope I'm wrong about how I think things will play out.


Yeah, I think this season and one more if they're lucky. It's a shame, this was once a great show. I feel like the writers made a big mistake not ending the Red John arc at the end of season 3. Maybe they lost their nerve. That should have been Red John killed in the food court. They have gone back to that story too many times now, and it is no longer fresh. Revealing Red John only in the last episode would be another huge missed opportunity. It would be so much more interesting to reveal/kill him now, and spend a season or two showing us how Jane and the team adapt and change as a result. I really don't believe Jane would become a happy person with little baggage overnight. That part of his journey would at least be new. More of the Red John hunt is not. Adding the Lorelei angle doesn't really make the hunt more interesting to me, it is just CBS trying to "sex-up" a show which is growing stale. Honestly, the woman is a loyal associate of the man who killed his family, and Bruno Heller expects us to believe Jane develops feelings for her? If that is true, then Jane really ceases to be likable, at least to me, and I don't really care what happens to him. I'll give it some time to see how this season is trending, but I am not too optimistic that I'll still be watching at season end. I really hope I'm wrong about how I think things will play out.


^some connection to Red John we didnt know about at the time. But I think bottom line, youll be able to tell alot about how the show progresses in the REd John storyline and what we is revealed as to whether or not this show will be back next year(and its an issue of whether this year or next is the last nothing more unfortunately).

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