The Mentalist Review: A Cold Blooded Schemer

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The Mentalist featured its share of schemers, as a bank robbery went bad in "Not One Red Cent."

But before we go there, let's talk about shoes. At first I was surprised that Jane was going to wait for his shoes, but then again the sign did say "While U Wait" shoe repair and I could see Jane being the type to take them up on it.

I thought Patrick trying out the foot powder was funny, but those loaner shoes were so un-Jane-like I laughed every time I saw them. The very thought of loaner shoes skeeves me out a bit but I suppose Jane didn't have much of a choice. And as much as he surprisingly made the best of it, he did consider stealing a dead man's footwear when he looked through Ernie's bedroom.

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Back to the murderer. I assumed there was a personal reason that Ernie ended up dead. There seemed to be no other reason to kill him in an otherwise calm, precise bank robbery. 

Nancy was cold, vengeful and stupid. She killed Ernie because he was going to leave her. Was her pride really worth the risk of going to prison for the rest of her life? She had the proof that he was involved in the bank robbery. As Cho said, why not just turn him in? She had the evidence. Heck, there may have even been a reward. Personally, I would have rather seen him suffer in prison if I were in her shoes.

And speaking of Cho, we haven't seen nearly enough of him this season. I really miss those special moments only Agent Cho can provide. I'm hoping we get more of him soon.

Jane certainly did his own bit of scheming when he played Grace. Of course, his was only for lunch, not murder. I've actually seen that pen reading scam once at a convention. I couldn't believe Grace let Jane con her. After all of these years, you'd think she'd learn.

Although I'm certainly no expert, I had to disagree with Lisbon on who had jurisdiction on the case. I've always believed that the FBI handled all bank robberies.

That said, I wasn't surprised that they're keeping the FBI / CBI feud going. As Lisbon said in this The Mentalist quote...

 You lost the most important witness we've ever had in the Red John case and now you wonder why we won't make nice. | permalink

Will we ever see Lorelei again? I'm assuming so. It's just a matter of how long we'll have to wait and how much damage has been done to her when they finally find her.

That FBI agent was definitely flirting with Lisbon and although she wasn't outwardly flirting back, she did accept his invitation to poker. 

Teresa certainly held her own in the confidence department, even as she was about to go up against the DA, a state senator, and her boss.

Bertram: I didn't take you for a gambler.
Lisbon: It's not gambling if you know you're going to win. | permalink

I'd love to know how she did in the end. Too bad they didn't ask Jane to play. Now that would have been interesting.


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To add on, about the episode, it was a fun episode, saw a different side of Jane and Jane-Lisbon but the Jane-Van Pelt thing was forced(you couldnt have come up with more than him trickking her and rubbing it in her face?) and the whole shoe thing was clearly a filler because there wasnt much to show. I wish we could have seen more of the Lisbon-poker dynamic; now that would have been unique and interseting. As for Red John, I dont think the 3 FBI agents they showed in ep 1 are moles, but I think the idea they could be will be a key part of the season. I think when we find out more about the mole identity, it wont be just about one person as its been in the past. Its going to be alot more complicated. Its not going to be "oh the identity of the mole was simply Mancini" or the "identity of Red John the whole time was LaRoche". Therell be alot more to it and involve more people. As a side, this wont happen but I'd find it really interesting if we find dead characters like Wainwright had some connection to Red John we didnt know about at the time.


This wasn't one of there more original episodes.Kept waiting for a twist that never came. Not bad but overall this is the type of episode that really makes you worry this is the shows last season. Bruno Heller has purposely leaked about big clues in the Red John case this year b/c he knows this could be the last season and has also kept things very vague which further shows this. Also, he's said in the past that red john won't be revealed until the series finale and I really start to wonder if they can fill a whole another season without solving Red John. On the positive; this season has changed overall for the better, the ratings arent bad and Bruno said back in May he had "2 seasons or so to tie things up". He wouldnt have said 2 if he felt this would be the last season. But we shall see.


I like the idea that Jane has stashed Lorelei somewhere. Otherwise he would be extremely upset at losing his latest and best connection to Red John. Lorelei's disappearance doesn't seem to bother him at all. I do think the Red John thing will wind up this season. The writers will need a few episodes to gather up the loose plot ends before the final denouement. I hope the episode with Riggsby's father introduces some of that wind-up story line. It's the only thing that will save that episode from being a yawner. Whether they can push this series to another season depends on framing a new story arc that grabs an audience. Entirely possible and I'd love to see that happen.


I definitely think Lisbon was asked to play in the poker game because of Red John. All of the players are his followers!


How can people be tired of the RedJohn story? It's amazing! And, for those of you who said that if RedJohn wasn't revealed this series, they wouldn't watch it any more, he is going to be revealed in series 7. And, Lisbon is amazing! I love Robin Tunney! DON'T DIS HER!


I actually really liked this episode. I guessed it was the girlfriend easily, but the interaction between Jane and Grace made up for it. Also really loved Jane and Lisbon's fluffy scenes, expecially Jane's "Oh, I like it when you get all authoritarian with me." It's good to see Jane back from his angsty, tortured personality last week. People are gonna hate me for saying this, but I think season five is off to a great start.


Lazy, transparent episode. The only good parts was Jane/Grace and the shoes. Someone at the poker game works for RJ.


I'm trying to remember but could have this wrong -- that last week (Oct 7), the start time for CBS shows was pushed back to an unknown time due to the football game ... and the 10 PM show ratings were all down, especially Mentalist which only scored 8,7 million viewers, less than The Good Wife's 9 million viewers and The Amazing Race's 9.7 million. This week (Oct 14), with no 4 PM game to mess up the start times, The Mentalist got 10.6 million viewers to The Good Wife's 9 million and The Amazing Race's 9.4 million viewers. I don't like the Sunday irregularity, but I believe Mentalist is doing fine ratings-wise, like it's generally the top rated non-football show on Sundays! (Ratings info from TV Fanatic articles)


Wow - I thought I was the only person that is tired of the Red John story arc. And, for that reason, I enjoyed last night's episode - no Red John. Unlike, other series for example, Monk, the main character's nemesis did not become the total focus of the series. Red John has become bigger than life - I say be done with it and move on to another plot.


I was just happy to see an episode that didn't revolve around Red John. That subplot is so over.

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