The Mentalist Review: A Cold Blooded Schemer

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The Mentalist featured its share of schemers, as a bank robbery went bad in "Not One Red Cent."

But before we go there, let's talk about shoes. At first I was surprised that Jane was going to wait for his shoes, but then again the sign did say "While U Wait" shoe repair and I could see Jane being the type to take them up on it.

I thought Patrick trying out the foot powder was funny, but those loaner shoes were so un-Jane-like I laughed every time I saw them. The very thought of loaner shoes skeeves me out a bit but I suppose Jane didn't have much of a choice. And as much as he surprisingly made the best of it, he did consider stealing a dead man's footwear when he looked through Ernie's bedroom.

In the Vault

Back to the murderer. I assumed there was a personal reason that Ernie ended up dead. There seemed to be no other reason to kill him in an otherwise calm, precise bank robbery. 

Nancy was cold, vengeful and stupid. She killed Ernie because he was going to leave her. Was her pride really worth the risk of going to prison for the rest of her life? She had the proof that he was involved in the bank robbery. As Cho said, why not just turn him in? She had the evidence. Heck, there may have even been a reward. Personally, I would have rather seen him suffer in prison if I were in her shoes.

And speaking of Cho, we haven't seen nearly enough of him this season. I really miss those special moments only Agent Cho can provide. I'm hoping we get more of him soon.

Jane certainly did his own bit of scheming when he played Grace. Of course, his was only for lunch, not murder. I've actually seen that pen reading scam once at a convention. I couldn't believe Grace let Jane con her. After all of these years, you'd think she'd learn.

Although I'm certainly no expert, I had to disagree with Lisbon on who had jurisdiction on the case. I've always believed that the FBI handled all bank robberies.

That said, I wasn't surprised that they're keeping the FBI / CBI feud going. As Lisbon said in this The Mentalist quote...

 You lost the most important witness we've ever had in the Red John case and now you wonder why we won't make nice. | permalink

Will we ever see Lorelei again? I'm assuming so. It's just a matter of how long we'll have to wait and how much damage has been done to her when they finally find her.

That FBI agent was definitely flirting with Lisbon and although she wasn't outwardly flirting back, she did accept his invitation to poker. 

Teresa certainly held her own in the confidence department, even as she was about to go up against the DA, a state senator, and her boss.

Bertram: I didn't take you for a gambler.
Lisbon: It's not gambling if you know you're going to win. | permalink

I'd love to know how she did in the end. Too bad they didn't ask Jane to play. Now that would have been interesting.


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continuation of my previous post.
cbs has proven its loss of faith by yanking the mentalist out of the coveted thursday slot and sending it to sunday night purgatory. every episode needs a dark edge. as red john said, without darkness, there is no light. without the dark and light sides of patrick jane every week, there will soon be no mentalist. if they stray too far from the red john story line, no amount of funny loaner sneakers will keep it alive. i love the show but when i see episodes like this, i'm kind of embarrassed for simon. he knows what good material is and he deserves it. so do we.


i thought this was a barely ok episode. the show hinges on patrick jane's charm and bravado in the shadow of terrible tragedy. it's these two components that made it a success and will keep it on the air. any episode that doesn't either hinge on the red john story or give us interesting jane backstory is (and has proved to be) a recipe for ratings to plunge and for cbs to make the show disappear. the producers did a lot of these adorable-crime-of-the-week episodes last year (16 of them by my count) and gradually eroded ratings. with the new time period, they have to consistently hit the mark of the first two episodes in terms of depth and quality. even those two didn't pull expected ratings because of the NFL and the move to sunday. and now next week, they put in a rigsby episode? this is not a time for second or third banana story lines. cbs has their tight-lipped beady eyes on the mentalist. they've proven that by yanking it out of the coveted thursday slot and sending it to sunday purgatory. very self-destructive behavior on the part of the producers. as red john says: without darkness there is no light. without the two sides of jane in every episode, there is no mentalist. cbs will make it go bye-bye.


Does the lovely FBI agent? Where's the charm? Physically unattractive, has the face of a bad person, is arrogant, cocky, angry and over does not seem very smart. Where is the appeal? Although it seems rather to lie with him. She is a woman one night


And I am sooooo tired of the Red John story. If it doesn't end this season, I'm not watching next season. I am at the point where I don't even care who he is. I watch for the interactions between the regular cast. Everything else is just filler in my view.


I like the Lisbon / Mancini story line. I can totally understand why she would go for him. He is very attractive and charming, and she deserves a little fun. Really don't believe he is the mole...way too obvious and they already did that story with Van Pelt. I agree, Jane is acting strangely. He was actually sitting at a desk late at night, clearly very tired, doing detective work. When has he ever done that? My theory is that he is feeling guilty because he is the one who helped Lorelei escape. He knew she wasn't safe with the FBI or the CBI so he has her stashed somewhere. We already know Lorelei is supposed to be on 4 more episodes, so it explains how she will pop up again. And it lets Jane handle her however he wants with no interference. Also, if Jane is running off at odd hours to see her, it would explain him being so tired.


Is it just me or was there something really weird about this episode? Jane seemed so different, almost withdrawn from reality at times. I kept wondering if this was another hallucination. He even looked different. Not so haggard, more fresh. And being flirtatious with Van Pelt? Not his usual behavior. I wondered if he is rethinking his revenge agenda after that hallucination about his daughter. The shoe thing also seemed strange. It had nothing to do with the plot and the shoemaker seemed strange too. Seemed more symbolic than anything else, like Jane beginning to move on. How long did he have to wait for his shoes? "As long as it takes." To move on with his life? And the business with Lisbon and the poker game: I thought I was seeing the beginning of a new direction, but to what end? It was like playing a game of 52-pickup.


I read that Lorelei is signed for four more episodes.
I wonder how much we will see of Grace (her face at least) since she is pregnant.
I also wonder if there is not some type of tracking device or microphone in those shoes. The shoe owner did seem strange.
Lisbon knows there is a mole in the FBI. Figure that is why she joined the game.


So nice to see an episode where Red John was not the main obsession.


@Michelle: F*ck you. Probably... The last word was "you" and Jane said it wasn't a nice word. Does anyone else want to take a guess?


does anyone know what van pelt wrote on the paper at the end of the episode? i loved this scene!

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