30 Rock Review: A Jenna-ral Disappointment

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It's safe to say that 30 Rock would not have aired "There's No I in America" if this were not the sitcom's final season.

A clearly partisan half hour, the installment could have been written by former Aaron Sorkin, served mostly as a platform for Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey to go off on both Republicans ("She's aging, mean, and rich. That sounds Republican to me.") and the ignorant voting public in general ("You want to be an American. You fill out that ballot because you don't know what you're doing.").

Fighting Over Jenna

Sure, the episode had its funny moments, but I generally (Jenna-rally?) try to avoid political discussions on this site. My favorite scene, for example, involved Jack's closing remarks as a mockery of Republican candidates just spouting meaningless cliches about America and values and American values.

But that may have pissed off just as many viewers as it made laugh.

So in order to keep this a contention-free review, let's all agree that two people really can play most games; that Democrats likely do have more "cool" supporters; and that far too many factories employ young children.

And with all that in mind, simply sit back and take in the following 30 Rock quotes from the installment:

Liz: Deviousness? I guess two can play at that game. Just like most games. | permalink
Liz: Shut up, Pete. There's no hope. Not for you or for this country. If Joni Mitchell were here, she'd be like, 'The big man won't give peace a chance, the cobblestones, cobblestones. | permalink
Liz: How do you sleep at night, Jack?
Jack: I don't. I take thousands of micro-naps during the day. | permalink
Tracy: You want to be an American. You fill out that ballot because you don't know what you're doing. | permalink
Jenna: You two can talk about America all you want. But I'm not going to listen, because there's no i or me in America. | permalink
Liz: What America needs it four more years of the stuff Obama's been doing. Like, umm, the one with the guy. It was at night, and I feel like he was standing next to a fence. | permalink


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My favourite part has to be the end of Jack's heartfelt closing statements, when all of a sudden the "load-bearing balloons" fell from the ceiling. "EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"


You forgot the funniest line of the night by Jack. Jenna asked him if Mitt was his real name, and Jack says it stands for Mechanical Intergrated Technodrom Termin....oh Mitt is his human name. I screwed up the quote, but the shit was hilarious. Other than that, the episode seemed like a giant Obama endrosement, which comes off as annoying more than anything else. I can't stand either candidate.


I agree about the politics part. I love 30 Rock and the humour it has, but I shy away from political debates. Funny episode though and I enjoyed the republican remarks.


The Daily Show does political humor much better.