Burn Notice Review: Burning Down The House of Cards

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Keeping the action and the surprises going, we were treated to a second episode of Burn Notice this week, as "Means & Ends" that picked up with the team back in Miami working with Tyler to take down Card.

Of course it wouldn't be the show we all know and love if there weren't a few kinks along the way. Like Fiona taking a job to help her former prison-mate Ayn, who is now out of jail and needing assistance with a dirty cop. 

I knew we would see Ayn again; the character was too much fun for her not to turn up on the outside looking for Fiona. It also came as no surprise that she was having trouble dealing with a shady officer from her past while she attempted to stay on the straight and narrow.

Burn Notice Team

What did surprise me was Detective Garza’s decision to be the honorable man he once was pushed to the breaking point and take on the man who murdered his partner directly. Refreshing, but dumb. Thankfully, Mike and company were there to back him up and Garza did the right thing by not letting him get himself killed and releasing Ayn. 

Another surprise for me was when Madeline figured out that Michael was working with Tyler. I just said that she was not going to be happy, and she wasn't. The scene between her and Tyler on the dock was one of the most powerful I've seen with Sharon Gless. I could feel her pain and Tyler’s regret.

Was anyone surprised when she told Michael she was moving out of Miami? Yeah, I wasn’t either, though Michael’s apparent cluelessness at her reason was a bit strange. He fell into the “Yeah, that will sell the story better” mode awfully quick. Denial maybe? 

I hate seeing Madeline and Michael at odds. I’m sure it stems from how close I was to my own mother and how much I miss her. Regardless of why, I find myself wanting to shout at the TV: Make up dammit, you love each other! But, even in real life, that never works. I hope that when everything settles down things will go back to more normal.

Call me sentimental, but I was a bit teary-eyed watching Fiona and Michael torch the loft. The loft has been blown up at least one and all sorts of hell has happened around it, but to burn all their stuff just seemed so wrong. I’m not sure how you turn an arson scene into a touching romantic scene, but Matt Nix did a great job of it. 

Of course the biggest shocker of the night was the one-two punch of Card shooting Tyler after Michael walked into the office and Michael putting a bullet in Card’s head. First, I’m hoping that Tyler isn't actually dead and just wounded. He is an interesting character and could make for a great mirror for Michael in a “student has become the master” kind of way. Second, we are all left wondering “now what?” as I thought the chase for Card was going to take at least the rest of this season. 

I have faith in Nix that this isn't just a cheap way of resetting Michael back into the ‘burned’ category and he really has a plan for how this is going to pan out. Everyone repeat after me.

It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay, it’s going to... Who am I kidding? I’m freaking out!


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I love BN. Does anyone know who played Detective CarZa? He was good.


I like the character Ayn - was not crazy about the storyline - found it confusing. Glad the cop did not get himself killed. In the end - I found myself liking Gray also. He was only following orders when he unfortunately killed Mike's brother. I too hope that he is still alive. Very surprised that Card was killed so quickly after being discovered to be a slimeball. I can't imagine where this will lead Mike and company. I hope it is an exciting and intriguing end.


I wonder if he regrets doing what he did


I rewatched the episode today with my wife, did anyone else catch Tyler's tears as Madeline walked away? Makes me like the complexity of the character that much more.


Great for Mike killing Card. I'd rather BN end with the 6th season. Plot fatigue. Ayn at the safe house was funny. Sam's "It's always more fun with you Mike" was funny. I like the rare times when the scumbags turn a corner.


Wouldn't want to watch without Maddy.


With Season 7 possible being the LAST season I hope they put everything out there


I personally felt that the first episode was great... the second episode was a bit weaker to be honest. I was kind of hoping that grey would be as crazy as simon, his character was terribly written. i do appreciate them killing off card though, and i like the michael was the one to do it


I am so absurdly happy Burn Notice is back, it's amazing how hollow my tv viewing has been without it! Fantastic 2 episodes! Kenny Johnson's Tyler Gray is (was?)a character worth seeing again as he is well-portrayed as a version of Michael before he was burned...even Madeleine subtly acknowledged it in her questioning of Tyler at the dock. His answer that he was very good at what he did was on par with Michael's in the past. I would love to see Gray somehow survive as I think he would be a complex addition to the team, welcome back Burn Notice, you have been missed...


Kind of makes Micheal a hypocrite if he does blame gray, it's not like he's never killed anyone because he was ordered to. Anyway i didn't see the end coming. This being a USA show and they are all usually sunny days, i wanted it to happen but they so rarely go there i didn't think he'd actually put a bullet through his head.

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