CSI Review: Six Degrees of Surprises

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Let’s all warmly welcome the Mobile Crime Unit to CSI. It served as the backbone for all the twist and turns that "Strip Maul" took along the way this week.

Does anyone else wonder if CBS is testing an idea for a spin-off from with the MCU? Between Nick’s in-depth discussions with Crawford and Greg’s teaming up with Weiss, it certainly felt that way.

Brass' Reality

If they are, count me in as a fan. The twists, turns and surprises we enjoyed this episode made it for one of the best I've seen. Take Joslyn/Josh, for example. If you needed a reason not to be a drug mule, he provided it. But then he turned out to be Bobby Reed's cousin, who was actually at the center of the case and the person the hit man was actually trying to kill. Never saw that coming. 

Speaking of Bobby, it was a refreshing change that a bad guy not only turned himself in, but came clean with the cops knowing he was going to jail. It gets really old when every suspect runs and the cops have to chase them down every time. Yes, I'm looking at you Hawaii Five-0

What put this episode over the top was Brass trying to help Chastity/Heather because he saw someone like his daughter who needed some help. Followed by Ecklie and Morgan at the end of the episode. Ecklie had my favorite CSI quote this week with:

I'm confused about a lot of things right now. But you and me, our relationship that is the only thing in my life that makes sense. | permalink

I’ve said it before, but it's worth a rehash: I really enjoy Ecklie and Morgan’s renewed relationship. It has softened Ecklie. He feels like a more rounded character than he did early on. It also makes Morgan feel like she’s been with the team much longer than she has. Besides, in a show about murder and death, it’s good to get some “touchy feely” moments. 

Overall, an outstanding episode; there was nothing not to like about it. I’m giving it a very rare 5 loving fathers out of 5 for figuring out how to still surprise fans after 13 years, throwing in some heart along the way.


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Oh Brass and Ellie and that ol' mess. He has always tried to be such a good dad, and so caring.


I always love these episodes of CSI - where the CSI teams investigate 2-3 separate crimes only to find they are all tied together. I guess what put this over the top was the sheer number of separate incidents that were connected, and how they were tied together. A hit man allergic to his plastic gun?!?! That was waaaay out of left field, yet somehow plausible. One correction: Bobby Reed came clean with the police because he knew he *wasn't* going to jail. He cut a deal to provide what evidence he could against the drug dealer and the associate that was arrested. What Bobby doesn't know though is that the case is still shaky against the dealer, who could be found innocent and order a hit on him again.


This was one of the best CSI episodes in a year--maybe longer! Everyone from Al to Sara had screen time--even Greg who seems to disappear for most episodes. Didn't really see the need for the drug-carrying Josh-lyn. But the star of this one was Jim Brass who makes the perfect detective. Wish he would find a good woman!
As for Ecklie, he makes such a good by-the-book supervisor; I hate this guy who has taken his place--all teary eyed and compassion--what happened to Ecklie of early seasons? I don't like that he hired his daughter--on how many levels is that SO WRONG--anywhere except Hollywood where all the powers that be on CSI have made sure their kids are working there too.
And less Finn--why-oh-why does Shue keep that silly grin on her face all the time? She's not a hooker, she's not a model--so wipe that smirk off her face and make her a team player--or give her the boot outta town!
Loved seeing Nick, Sara and Greg!!

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Ecklie: The Mayan's were right; the world's coming to an end next month.
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