CSI Review: The Seattle Connection

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The first mystery we got upon meeting Julie Finlay was this: What happened in Seattle that made her stop working for DB? 

This week, "CSI on Fire" answered that question, while providing a wealth of information about the newest team member. 

While the biggest part of me is happy to finally know why Fin left Seattle and what the case was that resulted in her leaving, a small part feels cheated that the show resolved the entire case in one episode. 

Don’t get me wrong, I glad that they didn't pull a “Nate Haskell” and drag the story out way longer than it needed to be, but at the same time, Cooley (Dylan Walsh) was so much fun to watch facing off against Fin, I wouldn't have minded a two-episode arc. 

Finlay's Bad News

Of course, I can’t be to disappointed because as a bonus we got to meet Fin’s ex-husband Captain Robinson (Brian Van Holt), which completely explains her attraction to Detective Moreno. Apparently Fin has a soft spot for a man with a badge and a sexy smile. 

Meeting Robinson does make me wonder how bad things got two years ago before she resigned. As she pointed out, it cost her, her job, her marriage and her life there. She actually moved from one of the wettest areas of the U.S. to one of the driest. 

Then again, maybe this isn't the end of her background; hopefully we will learn a bit more about what she was like before she crashed and burned in Seattle. It would allow us to see her interacting with Cooley again. 

Even if we don't get anymore flash backs on her past, I’m very interested in the future. I can't wait to see how Elisabeth Shue grows Fin now that the boat anchor that was the Janet Warren case is no longer around her neck.

In the end, I'm giving it 4.5 trips to Seattle for a well-developed back story and effective telling. What do you think? Did we learn too much about Fin in one episode or were you thrilled with the amount we learned? 


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I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and learning more about Finn's character. That said, I think Finn is completely unprofessional. Sara has also had her moments where she was frustrated with a suspect. But, to actually confront that person in their hotel room ALONE, taunt them - can she spell MISTRIAL? A new recruit would know how damaging to their case such actions would be. Having an experienced CSI do that was just plain STUPID. Also agree with Missa about Elisabeth Shue's acting. It's hard to reconcile that she was nominated for an Academy Award for LEAVING LAS VEGAS, and held her own with Nicholas Cage.


@William - I'm pretty sure all the acting scenes were shot in mountain areas right outside of L.A. I visit the Seattle area every year. The terrain & local vegetation is very different. In the scene where Finn & her ex drive up to look at the housing development, the winding road is definitely southern California with that dry desert brush in the background. The marina scenes could have been done in northern California, Lake Arrowhead or Mammoth Lake where pine trees are plentiful.


I'm interested in the shooting aspect of the show. Was the Seattle standin for the shooting the same marina used for CSI Miami? Was it somewhere in LA? Or was it in Canada? I'm expecting that the only actual Seattle shots were the stock flyover shots with the space needle flying the 12th man Seahawks flag.


I agree with you Dreamrose. Not to mention that it was one worse cases of overacting I've seen on CSI. I don't like her character, she's a lit fuse and I thought for a moment that she would be fired again. I love Danson but I wish they would replace her. I had all I could do to watch this episode.


@Dreamrose Grissom use to do that all the time in the early year of CSI same as Sara


I was so annoyed with this episode that I went to bed halfway through. What drove me nuts specifically was Fin's unprofessional, even childish behavior in regards to the case. I know this is a white whale for her, but wouldn't you'd think that would make her want to cover all the bases in order to nail the guy, instead of making assumptions and running off and petulantly throwing coffee mugs around? What was almost as bad was that everyone was also operating under the assumption that Cooley was guilty, and investigating accordingly. Grissom would be so disappointed.

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