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Now that we here in the States have come out of our turkey-and-stuffing comas, Glee is sending us right back to every glutton's favorite holiday with its Thanksgiving-themed episode. Not sure why this couldn't have been timed to occur last week on the actual holiday, but I'm sure it's baseball's fault.

"Thanksgiving" brought most of the old gang home to mentor the new kids before sectionals, while Rachel and Kurt stayed in New York reminiscing about sectionals.

A Thanksgiving Song

There was a whole bunch of good about tonight's episode, namely that opening number and the return of Puck and Santana to my screen for longer than .02 seconds. Those two have always been the best of the McKinley misfits. Puck especially.

I like seeing Puck mentor Jake and wouldn't be opposed to him being around more often. Jake is a natural reason for Puck to be included. He could have his old pool cleaning business back up and running in no time! (Writers: Please bring Puck back. It's my Christmas wish.)

Santana was sassy as always and quick to call Quinn on Kitty's nonsense, which I appreciated. But it seems college has quickly reverted Quinn to her Glee Season 1 self, so I was less than impressed with her. She was so starstruck by Kitty's adoration that she couldn't see that Kitty is a special brand of evil not even Sue can match. I feel like the more self-aware, Glee Season 3 Quinn would've been uncomfortable with the hero worship.

And this Santana-Quinn-Kitty thing is where I'm going go off on a little rant about the current Marley storyline, perhaps preemptively.

Glee developed the habit of becoming an after school special last season with its teen suicide and domestic violence "plots." And I'm saying "plots" in quotation marks instead of straight-up plots because those issues, real issues that viewers face, were treated rather dismissively. I can't tell how the bulimia storyline is going to go just yet, but I hope the writers don't just dismiss this. I hope that they've given careful thought and attention to where they're going and what message they're trying to send.

Should we look to television for our life lessons? No, probably not. But that doesn't mean that people, teenagers especially, don't. That they don't look at this show and other shows like it and search for reflections of themselves.

Marley has continued her purging in order to be her best for the glee club because Kitty is in her head. Santana saw it. Quinn refused to acknowledge it when she was confronted with facts and blamed it on Santana's supposed jealousy over Quinn sleeping with a 35-year old man.

Excuse me, what?

Get over yourself, girls. One of your own is struggling. Actually, two of your own if we count Kitty as one of those.

I sincerely hope that next week's episode addresses the very real situation Marley's facing and the fact that Kitty created this situation in the first place. Both of these girls need help.

Marley is not so deep into this that she cannot recover, though a recovery in one week from a disorder like bulimia would be unrealistic. Kitty is not so far gone that she cannot be redeemed. Even Sue has softened hearts from time to time, and the audience certainly came to love Santana. I want a very real, very honest conversation next Thursday and not for this to just be blown over and forgotten.

I also want more conversations between Jake and Ryder because those two were awesome together tonight. (You can read their conversation that cracked me up on the Glee quotes page.)

Also awesome? That Kurt and Blaine have finally spoken. Kurt, at Isabelle's insistence, called Blaine to wish him good luck, to acknowledge that even if they're not together romantically, Blaine is still his best friend. Kurt made the call under the hope that accepting Blaine's apology would give him closure, but it's clear to us that it didn't and gives us a reunion to anticipate.

But first, we have to finish Sectionals and find out what's happening with Marley. The show must go on, right? We'll see.

What did you think of "Thanksgiving?" What are your hopes for the Marley story moving forward?


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Drea xoxo

@ashlie i will check again to see if this occurred which i hope didn't wanted britanny and santana back together.
the whistle song will forever make me uncomfortable and don't know how glee of all shows got away with usin it tonight tbh.
glad blaine and kurt finally spoke it was become so childish. they shouldn't get back together on the basis they have grown apart and in different directions (no pun intended)
rachel and mr guy blah stop forcing it, platonic all they'll be.
quinn smh it was badly scripted and making her notice marley and then taking kitty's word, abysmal. only good was the bromance tbh. gangham style felt a bit non pc the whole arrangement or am i the only one...

Miranda wicker

Yes, @Tara! That was...absurd. Horrifying. And absurd. Gangnam Style itself was absurd. But that was ultra absurd.


Tina finally gets a solo . . . and it's Gangnam Style. Can we please address this???

Miranda wicker

@Tess--No! You most certainly weren't the only one who thought the Warblers were awesome. I got a little caught up in my Marley musings. But while Whistle makes me uncomfortable on regular radio, it felt like a completely different (albeit still dirty) song when performed A Capella.

Miranda wicker

You know, @lilAngel, no, there's no mention of Rachel. And it's not that I'm anti-Rachel. I think it's that I really just don't like Brody unless he's shirtless. Yes, the two of them had a conversation about him sleeping with Cassie, but beyond that, her existence in last night's episode felt tangential to the other, more important stories.


now i understand why some people doesn't like dianna agron back at glee.. because the writer will going to messed and ruined the story line of quinn. i hate the writers for this episode.. people waiting for so long and expected to build a great story line for the return of quinn fabray. Quinn deserved an interesting come back.


No mention to Rachel and Brody in your review. Are so much anti-Rachel?
For sectionals, if I was a judge I would go for the Warblers, even the strange 2nd choir was better than New directions. That's a shame cause Finn could be a good teacher but he is just impossible for him to make sensible choices (Gangnam style for a competition, that guy really needs to mature up, and quickly)


what was that? I'm not even talking about the New York scenes because I really, really hate those. (Please get rid of the New York scene's. I don't care what you do with them, give them a show of them own for all I care but please do not make me watch them)
Finally we get everbody back home and this is what they do with it? Quinn is the same bitch from season 1 only now sleeping with a 35 year old man?
And I have a HUGE problem with the eating disorder story, kill it now!
Kitty is not fun to watch as an evil person, I just want to slap her. At least Santana was fun when she was evil. One thing that I did love: Ryder and Jake.


Kurt and Blaine's scenes were the only thing I truly enjoyed from this episode. I thought the returning graduates were mostly wasted, though I was really happy to see them again. (Except for Quinn. This is not the grand Quinn return I was hoping for at all.) I think this ED story line is already so grossly mishandled, and even worse, this episode was just so dumb and BORING. 4 stars is too generous, no matter how great of a Kiki that was.


Hey was I the only one who thought the Warblers were kind of awesome!? Also loving the Kurt/Blaine phone call. Another note: hasn't Rachel grown up? She handled Brody's honest but brutal reasoning over The Cassie thing like an adult. Loved Santana tonight too, didn't realize how much I miss her til now! Quinn was a big let down, and I agree bring back more Puck!! And please, more Santana. :)

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Glee Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Marley: When I was 7 years old, I had a dream. It's the first one I actually remember. I was alone, on a stage, wearing a beautiful dress. I couldn't see the audience, but I could feel the full house. They had all come for one reason: to hear me sing. And now, thanks to glee club, with sectionals this week, that dream is about to come true. Well, except the part where Skeet Ulrich gave me a bouquet of kittens at the end. My dreams are weird.

Quinn: Home for the holidays, just like we promised.
Finn: Guys, I...
Puck: Dude, if you start crying, I'm gonna kick your ass. Group hug!

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