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I didn't miss Kurt or Rachel at all. "Out of sight, out of mind." It did seem rather creepy that so many of last year's grads were willing to hang around high school. Glad Jane Lynch is regaining her form and I think some of the new Glee members will be a good addition. The mean girl is such a caricature though that she is hard to take. I think a little subtlety would help.


I really liked the episode. And although Glee is something i download to watch to fill my free time i ve come to realization that i ve missed it these weeks it hadn;t shown a new episode. Last year i was a big fan of the Chinese couple- Mike and Tina (among others of course since they had barely 1 storyline) and i was looking forward for Mike's re appearance. But only to this i felt let down caz they had one short scene together. What's up with Tina anyway? Why is she being so neglected from the writers? It's a pity. Also,for a first i wasn't annoyed with the gay-racism-antiracism race- since it was put from a diferrent aspect than Kurt's. Love the new guy! he is hot!And love Kitty-she so mean! She is everything Quinn never got to be. She is a Sylvester Sue-miniature!


Super boring episode for people who stopped caring about what happens at Mckinley. None of the new characters offer anything interesting and are just better off singing only. Bringing old characters back to the club isn't working either as they should be moving on with their own new lives.

As for Finn taking over Glee club, I really just want him gone forever.


i liked the episode for the fact K/R weren't in it. they don't need to be present in everyone now that they are living their lives in NY.
i am not liking the trolling going on atm about unique and i guess it just shows how we are not keeping up with the times let alone knowing the history of the arts. it wasn't until recent that women were allowed to perform on stage alongside men. i applaud glee for raising this issue but i too am scared as to how they are going to portray it in the end... either way unique has my backing and it should always be about TALENT not the person


Loved this ep, thought the music was fabulous, but I also felt that some of the scenes seemed a bit forced, especially the ones with Unique in the bathroom and the Hand Jive one. I also really dislike Kitty, the blond cheerleader replacement for Quinn. She's just an itty-bitty nasty B, and her character has no depth, other than meanness. At least Quinn had some facets to her character.


Unique needs to go!!!!!!!! I hate it


as sad as I'm to say this, I didn't missed the NY storyline in fact it was kinda refreshing no to see the whole "grown up" scenario in this episode...I didn't realise how much I missed the old gang back in McKinley but I just want more of them and the journey of self discovery that Finn is going throw


I didnt really care if lea and Chris was in this episode or not they are not my favorite anyway they are not the show they just make everything boring to me I like the new charcters marley, kitty, jake, and even ryder.


My god, what a booooring episode! Probably the worst so far! There's nothing about any of the new characters that's interesting. :-(


@MrWrite--You're right! Brittany will be playing Cha-Cha! And TV!Garth, YES. Exactly that!

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