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There's nothing I love more than to watch a good hour of Glee on Thursday nights. Tonight's episode, however, was more than just good.

"The Role You Were Born to Play" was excellent! Fantastic! Stellar! Outstanding! And a million other exclamations I'm probably forgetting! Seriously, Glee, that's how you do it.

Praise for Mercedes

I hope I'm not alone when I say that I really, really loved it all. If I seem to swing like a pendulum in my Glee reviews, it's because the show kind of does the same thing. I'm happy to report that the pendulum swung its way back to the positive side tonight. Now how do we get it to just stay put?

The episode centered around casting for the upcoming McKinley High production of Grease with Finn at the helm as director. Artie, who sensed Finn's hesitation, called in Mike and Mercedes to help with vocals and choreography.

Watching those two walk down the hallway was thrilling. I don't think I knew quite how much I'd missed them until they appeared!

But even as much of the old cast came back together, tonight still allowed the newbies to shine. In fact, the newest members of the glee club were thrust into the spotlight in a way that helped us get to know them better and root for their success.

And Ryder Lynn? Totally nice to meet you!

Sue's attempts to block Wade/Unique from playing the role of Rizzo were classic Sue. She's mean and hyper-critical, but she's expressing the concern she expects everyone to have. That is, will the town riot when they find that a boy, one who happens to identify as female, might play the role of Rizzo, a female character?

Finn, however, after going toe-to-toe with Sue Sylvester and having a moving conversation with Wade/Unique, cast him in the role anyway. Sue will likely be right regarding the backlash of this decision, and I'm interested to see how Glee will handle this.

This is a real concern for some teens these days, gender roles and fitting in, and Wade/Unique, summarized the issue for his character well.

I don't feel right in the men's locker room, but I can't go into the girls'. And I don't feel right in men's clothing, but I can't wear dresses every day. It sucks to never know your place. It's just nice, for once, to feel like I've found one. | permalink

While we often castigate Glee for its "lesson of the week," this is one that's timely and relevant. My hope is that going forward it's treated with the same level of poignancy as it was tonight.

The Jake/Ryder/Marley/Kitty square was even interesting to me. Marley is the quiet, unassuming girl next door. Will she choose the bad boy or the seemingly nice one? Will Kitty constantly get in Marley's way? These are but a smattering of the questions I found myself, myself....while watching. For the first time, I feel genuinely invested in these new characters we've been getting to know over the past five episodes.

It's always a good night when Coach Beiste is on my TV, even if her role tonight was to serve as Will and Emma's relationship therapist when last season proved that she has issues of her own to work through. One couple from "The Break Up" is safe:

Will and Emma are still together.

After agreeing to go to Washington, Emma finally explained to Will why she doesn't want to. (To read what Emma had to say to Will, and more, check out the Glee quotes page!)

If the writers didn't feel compelled to make Will such a thick-headed nincompoop sometimes, then they could've just had this conversation in the previous episode. Seriously, is it too much to ask that Will just be written as evenly reasonable all the time instead of just when there's a resolution at stake?

And speaking of break-ups, we learned that Kurt and Blaine have definitely broken up, though Kurt is refusing all of Blaine's attempts at communication. Seeing Blaine so emotional was both sad and humorous, as it was intended to be, I'm sure.

Do you know what I think facilitated the relative ease with which I was able to engage with tonight's story lines?

There was no New York in tonight's episode.

If I'm being completely honest, it was really refreshing. Dare I say it, but this might have been the best episode thus far this season because it felt like each character was given adequate screen time without rushing from one plot to the next and then back again like some kind of storytelling tennis match.

I love Kurt and Rachel as much as everyone else, but tonight proved that while they may have been the heart and soul of Glee in the beginning, it's possible for the show to evolve without them. Or rather, beyond them.

And that's the thing about high school that makes high school shows work. There will always be the mean girls, the jocks, the socially awkward ones and the weird kids who just want to fit in. That's what makes a show like Glee the kind of show people want to watch. There's something, or someone, in it for everybody.

What did you think of "The Role You Were Born to Play"? Did you miss Kurt and Rachel in New York or did you find that the entire hour passed before you realized you hadn't seen them? What do you think of the new characters after this episode?

And remember to visit our updated section of Glee music to download your new favorites!


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As for Finn,I think it was wrong for him to use the r word.But he does have the tendency to talk without thinking and atleast he knows what he said was wrong and he was sorry about it.Sue and Santana have both said meaner things and gotten away with it so I think it's not fair to hate him because of it(unless you hate all the others who do that too). I feel like I'm the only one who likes mr.Schue.All the comments I've read about him is that people wish he isn't coming back.


Poor Blaine.He's so sad,it broke my heart when he told he can't play Danny because he's emotionally not up to it.And all Artie and Finn were interested in was if he could play another role.He ran off crying and they did nothing.Even Sam didn't offer to help before the song started and they were in the hallway.I just feel like Blaine is on friendly terms with everyone,but without Kurt and Rachel,he has no one to talk to.He stopped putting on hair gel and eating,but no one does anything. I missed Kurt and Rachel.This show just is not the same without them. From the newbies,Ryder is by far my favorite.He seems to be very genuine and there's something about him that makes him very fascinating.
As for the rest of them....Unique is ok,but I'm sort of indifferent towards her(him?). Marley has a good voice,but she has zero emotion when she sings.Her character is likeable,but a little miss goody-two-shoes.Overall she's just kinda...boring.Jake is a lame version of Puck.Kitty...a total bitch. As for Finn,I think it was wrong for him to use the r word.But he does have the tendency to talk without thinking and atleast he knows what he said was wrong and he was sorry about it.Sue and Santana have both said meaner things and gotten away with it so I think it's not fair to hate him because of it(unless you hate all the others who do that too). I feel like I'm the only one who likes mr.Schue.All the comments I've read about him is that people wish he isn't coming back.


The most important part is being respectful with intellectually impaired people and sometimes, showing on tv what's happening in people's mind is the way to go instead of pretending people don't say it behind closed doors.


@Bob, I agree with you. I'm Canadian and we're a bit less conservative than the US and the word is sometimes used on tv. "Let's get retarded" from the Black Eyed Peas gets played in its original version on radio.


I, too enjoyed an episode centered aroun the high school kids. But it's still a shame they didn't do a spin-off with the characters who graduated last year. But then again, the ratings are too low. I like the character of Marley and even that new one. They're the new Finn and Rachel, but still different. Also I like that Jake Pukerman is different from his brother. I hate the bitchy cheerleader, but I don't mind since this show needs an antagonist. Also, the songs were great. I liked that weren't only grease songs.


I absolutely HATED that episode. A first for me. It is maybe because I cannot care about the new characters and supporting old ones but, without Rachel, there's no Glee for me. Since the beginning of the season, the only scenes I liked where the NYC parts, so this week was just painful to watch and it saddens me.


LOVED the episode, but then again I always do because I'm biased when it comes to Glee. I did miss Kurt because he's my undisputed favorite, but Rachel... I didn't notice except for the times - and there were a lot - that Finn mentioned losing his girlfriend.
Blaine's scenes just stabbed me in the chest. He HATES himself for what he did, and I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the future. All I want in the long run is for Klaine to be together again. It would be refreshing to see Glee show a couple that can work through a cheating scandal, since all the others have never entirely worked through it.
I liked getting to know the new kids a lot. Marley, Unique, and Jake are my top three favorite newbies, though I'm starting to like Ryder already. Can't wait to learn more about them and see how the future plays out for everyone.


I really loved how this episode really showed the new casts and a new addition of Ryder. I'm really interested in seeing what will happen with Marley, Ryder, Jake, and Kitty. After this episode, they seem a lot more intriguing to follow. I did miss Rachel and Kurt's New York scene though. I really want to know how Finn/Rachel/Brody will turn out along with Kurt and Blaine. And I want to know how they will rekindle with the Glee Club at McKinley High.


"There's something, or someone, in it for everybody." Actually, if they found bitch Kitty on the floor of the girls bathroom with a sanitary napkin lodged in her pharynx, I wouldn't cry!!!

Charmed jenna

Amazing episode, Episodes like these really highlight how far Glee has fallen, but it's amazing that we still get gems like these and the previous episode.

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