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I don't understand why people blame this show for Finn using the R word acting like people don't use the R word in real life. I'm sure somewhere around this cruel world, people throw around the R word just the way that Finn did. I've heard worse from people around me, so don't blame the show for it.


Unique playing Rizzo could have been written in a way that better illustrated her understandable concern for Unique's safety and, rather than construct an honest dialog, her concerns were hinted at before the character was back to being portrayed as a monster. Also, wtf is with all the fat cracks tonight?


First of all:
Seriously, I had to mute her.
Secondly, I wasn't crazy about Finn throwing out the r word in the heat of the moment. It seemed like those two characters could have easily had that argument without bringing a disabled infant into it.
Thirdly, Blaine's bemoaning really got on my nerves. He could have written a letter to Kurt to make his feelings of neglect known instead of seaking comfort in someone elses arms but he didn't and now I'm supposed to feel sorry for him? I found every second of his time in tonight's episode to be more obnoxious and pathetic than anything else.
Finally, the levels of harshness that both Sue and Kitty reached tonight were uncalled for and over the top. Sue's back and forth with multiple characters about


Oh Miranda, I love you for not addressing the "r" word, the other site just turn into a battlefield for that reason.


the use of the R word, i felt, was handled almost right. they used it, and the moment it left his lips, he was apologizing, shue looked shocked and disappointed, and sue was hurt and left without saying a word.

it wasn't used in a way to cause offense or demean, it was used to show how hurtful the word could be, without coming out with a lesson of the week thing of "this word is bad." it's subtlety. they showed the repercussion of the word when used, in the hurt & pain it can cause someone, and the sheer offensive nature the word can have.


I have no clue why you discussed how this episode was the best of the season, and gave no bad things about it, yet then rated it 4 out of 5, worse than the Break Up and (I think) The New Rachel. Yeesh, and people complain about how Glee has continuity issues.


@Guest--I ignored it because I'd rather this comment section not devolve into a discussion of the offensive nature of that word. Yes, it's offensive. No, I don't condone the show's use of that word. Nor will I ever.


Funny how you ignored the fact that Finn said the r word just like the show did. This show has offended so many times that I'm done.

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