Gossip Girl Episode Preview: The Final Four

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On last night's Gossip Girl, fans were treated to a vintage mix of scheming, plotting and undermining, not to mention a major walk down memory lane in the form of one of the CW drama's one-time core couples.

Sparks were flying with nods to Season 1 abound as we remembered some Dan-Serena moments past, while the duo took a big step toward reconciling and potentially ending the series as romantic partners once again.

Fan? Not a fan?

Opinions on Derena will surely vary, as they do with most things Gossip Girl. With just four episodes to go, we'll find out what the series endgame is for that couple - and others - in less than one month. Crazy.

Looking ahead to next week, Serena and Dan realize they need to make amends with the people they have wronged, while S teams up with B to help craft an "it" look for Sage that will win Eleanor's approval.

Elsewhere, Chuck is close to getting the evidence he needs against his father, until one of his closest allies reveals his plan to Bart. From the looks of the promo below, it doesn't look like it ends well for Chair.

Check out the teaser for "Save the Last Chance" and see what you think:

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I enjoyed tonight's EPISDEO... I found it classic ... Their scheming isn't high school anymore which is good :) -I like the five families of royal thingo of the upper east side
-Bart /ivy/ nate/chuck's story was good it went in circles which was good but annoying at the same time
-then we have serena and Dan but off course there's a twist


Wow if people hate this show so much then why watch I personally still enjoy it it's a soap opera on the cw I personally found season four despite including the beginning of dair to be marginally better than the first season the Serena killed someone but really didn't plot line was ridiculous season two was way better the third is very underrated and had it not been for dair the second fifth season could have been epic but safran had to have his dair and it cost him his job and tainted the show


Maybe just maybe, chuck is "killed off." Just to return after he is cleared for killing Bart. Pulling what his father pulled, but for a different reason.


i wish i could go back in time and stop watching gossip girl after season2 finale. season1 and season2 were the best with the incredibly written and complex relationship between chuck and blair (seriously i cried watching the interactions between them after bart's death and i never cry!), derena was cute, the lily-rufus-bart triangle was intense and exciting, jenny was an awesome character, she wasn't always likable but she made a great show, i loved her schemes, her friendship with eric and especially her fashion carrier... some of the songs of those episodes are stil on my ipod because i'm not tired of them even 4 or 5 years later because they're so good :) heck i even liked nate and VANESSA (!) together back in season 2! and the drug overdose involving serena and georgina in season 1? geniously written and built up! those episodes were pure gold. this? this is a joke that i'm ashamed to still watch out of habit.


Blair thought she needed to find herself when what she really needed to do was find the nearest mental health care provider. This season is better than the fifth season the Serena/Dan reconciliation makes more sense than having Blair declare her undying love and devotion to Chuck one moment then telling him a mere five episodes later she loves him she just


Blair only worked with Sage to postpon Steven's proposal the fashion show fiasco was caused by Serena she recommended Sage. Sage will likely take Queen B's advice because she clearly admires her


@David: you're totally right and I hope that too.


I hope whatever Blair is planning with Sage blows up in her face again. You'd think that someone who is (or was) advertised as being intelligent would learn to stop trusting someone that constantly causes them massive problems. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. What happens if you get fooled a third time?


No one should be concerned, Chuck and Blair will eventually be together, that's for sure! Why Chuck again refused Blair, because that she would helped him to destroy Bart. Which will happen in 6x08 and 6x09 episode! Serena and Dan are continuing to develop their love, living together in the Lily’s apartment , and as stated in the notice written together addition of which will compensate their friends! And of course, at the end Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair will get married! And Rufus and Lily will in the meantime reconcile!


Bart will die.