Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "Save the Last Chance"

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With this week's "Portrait of a Lady Alexander" in the books, four episodes of Gossip Girl's sixth and final season have aired, with only six more to go. The grand finale is scheduled for Monday, December 17.

Monday's episode is "Monstrous Ball," followed by "Where the Vile Things Are." On November 26, the seventh episode of Season 6, "Save the Last Chance," airs on the CW, and we've got the pics for you.

As you can see, it's a big night for Waldorf Designs, with its young CEO looking to make an impression. Her man is by her side, as is her BFF ... who also appears to be cozying up to her ex. Interesting.

Scroll through the images below and tell us what you think ...

Do We Have a Deal
Bluck Love
Waldorf Designs Show
Cute Dan and Serena Picture
Yuki and Waldorf
Blair W and Dorota
Best Friends Back Together
Blair's Black Dress
B Fashion Show
A Total BS Pic
Cute Blair and Chuck Picture

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I do like the upscale uniform look, but does anyone see where this could be going? She needs to trust a designer. Her worst enemy /at one point trusted ally happens to be a pretty decent one. HMMMM...


I agree @B


It looks like her line is inspired by Constance uniforms...kind of cool I think haha :)


We need to turn this season around with the last 6 seasons. It's not as epic as I had hoped. That needs to change.


It looks like the second half of this season has the potential to redeem itself after starting strong with the premiere then faltering with three back to back to back lackluster installments thankfully

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