Greg Germann Lands Key Recurring Role on NCIS

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Viewers will soon learn more about the NCIS top brass in the form of Jerome Craig, the deputy director who serves under Vance. Playing the potentially recurring role will be veteran actor Greg Germann.

He will make his first appearance on TV's top-rated drama in January.

NCIS executive producer and show-runner Gary Glasberg says, “The NCIS Deputy Director [carries] a lot of weight on his shoulders. [Germann] is really going to bring the character of Jerome Craig to life.”

"I’ve been a big fan of Greg’s going back to Ally McBeal and Sweet Justice, and think he’s a gifted actor with incredible timing and a wonderful sense of humor."

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Michael that's what I was wondering if Vance will be leaving one way of another. Hi Janet that could be it too he could be in the spin off


Did a little research. The real NCIS has 1 Deputy Director who is second in command and 6 Assistant Directors. So it looks like Craig outranks Granger.


From what I understand is deputy Director Is what Vance was the next in line to replace The current Director while Assistant Director is in charage of a a secotion of the Agency for escample Strass from CM,


maybe this has smthing to do with the new spinoff they are planning.if anything gibbs should be deputy director.

Aja bird

Walter makes a good point. NCIS LA has introduced Owen Granger as Assistant Director.
Are the two writing staffs not speaking to each other for story line continuity?


So whose higher on the food chain? Deputy Director Jerome Craig or Assistant Director Owen Granger?


This sound like a great storyline I wonder if Vance get kidnap or killed and he take over so many good things can come out of this I can not wait


I liked other things I hope his character is well written

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