Hawaii Five-0 Review: Halloween Do Over

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The delayed broadcasting of a Halloween-themed episode has the potential of being just like that coworker who shows up wearing a Santa hat in January: it's awkward.

Thankfully, this was not the case here, as Hawaii Five-0 learned something from last year’s less than stellar Halloween offering and aired an installment that took place around Halloween, but didn't use the holiday itself as a scary point. For that, they had the creepiest grandson and grandmother relationship. Ever

McGarrett's Halloween Investigation

Seriously, am I the only one who was more creeped out by the relationship of Seth and his grandmother than the killings of Seth?!? Helen went from sweet, sleepy, old woman to cop-shooting-psychopath in the space of time it takes to finish a cup of tea. 

Which actually lead to my biggest disappointment: we did not learn anything about why Seth was performing the ritual murders or why his grandmother was willing to kill herself instead of turning him in. There was such potential for it in the scene where Seth came home and Helen was sipping tea over the body of Lucas. All we needed was a little dialog giving us “the big reveal” of why he was doing it all.

Sadly, nothing. Okay, Helen gave us "clean up your mess." But I’m not really counting that. 

Then, on the other hand, Steve shooting Seth without shouting "stop" or "hold it right there" worked well as a climatic ending to the story. However, given how many knuckleheads Five-0 chases on foot, it seems unlikely he wouldn't have given any sort of warning before shooting his creepy ass.

As for the brief nod to the holiday in question, it's always a bonus when we get to see Grace, who I swear has doubled in size since last Halloween. Then we had Catherine and Steve watching Child’s Play while trying to make out on the couch. This scene alone earned big points because we so very rarely get to witness the team “at play. Seeing Steve act like he's in high school is always fun. 

In conclusion, the episode earns four "spin the bottles" for a good nod to Halloween, but it fell a little short on insight into the motives of the villains. 

What did you think? Did Grace make the cutest bee ever? Should Danny just give up on Halloween? 


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I think that Cath actually shows us Steve as a man, not only as super Navy Seal.I will be happy to see more action in that direction - may be Steve/Cath and the other without a case. It will be inetersting to see what will they do if they don't run after the bad guys. Danno - why is he always angry and showing in the most awful time? What is happening with Gaby? When she was around he wasn't so bitter.And where is Adam - Kono was great with him.I think they have to be together. The case - oh my God - what a crasy guy and even more crasy grandmother. What was her deal anyway? And why is Seth wanted to kill that other boy?
A lot of answered questions, but inspite that the episode was amazing like always. Can't wait till next week.


This was one of the best stories of the week so far. I wish the writers would stick with this rather than the cheesy silly dialogue we've been getting lately. I'd like to see more of kick ass Navy SEAL Steve and less of Danny. The show turns into a joke as soon as Danny walks into a room. Catherine is fine and would like to see her getting more to do than being Steve's girlfriend. They're great together but I'd like to see her do some Navy stuff again. Danny just drags the show down and he has no purpose other being totally irritating.
I hope Adam comes back soon.


Kind of a goofy, wierd ep, and I agree with the reviewer that we never really got to find out WHY the perp and his evil creepy grandmother were performing satanic rituals...I mean, what was the point? Did they feel that was something to share to make their relationship work? Did they feel they were getting special powers or favors by sacrificing people? All that nasty blood and killing, and we only get the grandma killing herself and another officer and the perp getting shot down at the last minute by Steve. I thought the scene with Katherine and Grace was pretty nice, and I loved the end scene when Danno cuddled up to Steve to watch The Notebook, but other than that, this ep was kind of a wash. And though I wouldn't be too sad if they did phase out Grace Park (she doesn't really have any acting skills), I would be devastated if they got rid of Daniel Dae Kim, who is a wonderful actor.


I like story lines where there are unanswered questions such as what was g-ma's deal with Seth (I'm thinking she was a goat worshiper too in her younger years and maybe he learned from her) Or, she knew he was evil but was her g-son so she covered for him and how did the "vic" get from car wreck to g-mas house? We only have an hour(less with commercials) to get a whole story out there. Filling in the blanks adds to the excitement and conversations.


Please stick with crime of the week with the fab four. No needed regulars. Guest stars as bad guys is great. Grandmas acting was spot on.


It's becoming a little too obvious that the "powers that be" are laying the foundation to phase out Grace Park. Why they would do that is the question. Maybe she wants more $ or she's tired of not getting any screen time. She maybe had about a minute last night. I like Michelle Borth a lot but she should have stayed in the same roll as before. Scott is like a nagging wife and almost unbearable to watch sometimes. He never smiles, never says anything positive and pisses and moans about everything. I had a wife like that, she's gone now. Replaceing him with Catherine might be good. Also, Daniel Dae Kim is TWICE the actor as Scott Caan. I believe Scott should be BEHIND the camera...


This was a horrible five o show.it was worse than criminal minds which has to be the absolute worst program on tv- I am so upset with the writer's that i will watch Castle instead.get your act together for decent programs,please.

Mrs cleaver

@AnetaMaria - Thank you for replying. I get that he hit them with his stolen truck. But HOW did the kids get from there to tied up in his cellar? Cause both the truck he was driving and the car they were driving were left on the scene. Did he physically carry two injured kids home? Don't think he could do that.
I'm gonna watch it again and see if they answer this question or leave it unresolved. Appreciate your thoughts.


i've said this before and i don't mean to harp on it, but i just don't see the reason for Catherine being on full-time. the producers/writers seem so determined to add another female character that they cram them in, regardless of if they actually serve a purpose. i like Catherine but i don't see the point of her being a regular. if they wanted to show steve's softer side, they could've used his mom and that storyline to do that. it would at least make sense for the direction of the show and tie in to what's happened in the past. i think the fans have been pretty vocal about wanting personal relationships to remain secondary story lines. it's good to explore the characters, but put the focus back on the team and their jobs.


Nice to have a episode that focuses on the case of the week instead of the subplots involving the team. The team starts on the case Halloween evening, they work through the night, all day on Nov. 1 into the evening, Steve caps the bad boy, and then goes home to watch "Chucky" with Catherine? Danno comes over with Grace. Isn't kind of late for her - a school night? When do they sleep? Not good news on the rating scene. H50 finished last with only 7.4 million viewers-lowest of the season. The CBS news special had 7.9 million viewers. The show will probably be on another season or two to get enough episodes for syndication but its definitely not going to equal the original.

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