How I Met Your Mother Review: Dog Days of Autumn

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we had to endure an additional week before tonight's new episode of How I Met Your Mother.

My wait was made even longer, having sat in line for over three hours to gas up my car tonight. By the first commercial break, though, it was clear that "The Autumn of Breakups" was well worth the wait and deserving of some snaps. Maybe even a snap, circle, snap.  

As one of the biggest fans of Marshall and Lily, the high standard to which I hold their performances up to has rendered me open to disappointment for the much of this season. Here, however, the power couple finally flexed its comedic clout and returned to top form in what had to be one of the best opening five minutes in the show's history.

After witnessing their various slaps and snaps, I thought to myself: somewhere in the world Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather must be bursting with pride. 

Barney's New Wingman

The scenes where Marshall channeled his inner goddess, while under Lily's tutelage, were the best moments the talented Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan have produced this season. Marshall's advice on 30-something women was quite possibly some of his funniest lines ever, as noted in tonight's best How I Met Your Mother quotes

With so much focus put on Ted and Robin's past relationship, Barney sort of took a back seat to the main storyline, but that didn't stop he and his new wingman Brover from helping to steer the episode to greatness. NPH doled out a host of pooch-inspired puns while also hilariously displaying a manic affection for his new four-legged friend.

We also got a bit of a nod to the bigger picture as he bestowed Robin with the title of Best Wingman Ever after she did her best Jo Polniaczek voice and left him to have a drink with Brover's owner. 

For a guy who probably envisioned his wedding day as much as most girls, Ted's impromptu decision to ask Victoria to marry him seemed a little out of character. I was also surprised how succinct or nonexistent his speech was. Ted is definitely the kind of guy to use a woman's full name when asking for their hand in marriage.

While the immediate "yes" from Victoria wasn't a shocker, my head which was still cocked to the side from Ted's proposal, shifted from right to left as Victoria immediately stipulated that Ted cut ties with Robin. In contrast, the eventual breakup scene at MacLaren's was tremendous and utilized some classic Carter and Craig camera work.

I have admitted to being less than fond of Ashley Williams's character this season, but the emotion was tenable as she bid adieu to Ted and expressed her hope that he end up with Robin someday. 

The last little bit we got about how, despite Ted's wishes, Robin will eventually find out about her role in the breakup must have sent Mother theorists into a tizzy. Based on the concern Robin showed all night long for Barney's well being, I am still confident the banker and the broadcaster will end up together. This means Nick's goose is all but cooked, but while I am confident Nick will eventually get the Ron Popeil "Set It and Forget It" treatment from Robin. I must say I rather enjoyed his various catchphrase attempts. 

Lily reminded us all tonight that Oprah wasn't built in a day. It's clear we still have some ground to cover before meeting Ted's wife, but if this episode was a sign of things to come, I have a feeling I won't be the only one telling the writers to take their sweet time.  

What did you all think? 


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Does anyone know what kind of dog that was?


I liked this episode, I also liked that we had some Barney and Robin without it being overwhelming. While we all know that these two eventually get to alter, like Oprah, it won't be built in a day. Despite the cute wedding date, Victoria has never been ok with Ted's friendship with Robin. It might have something to do with the fact that Ted broke up with Victoria the first time for Robin. But you either trust the one your with, or you don't. I don't think her character has changed all that much to be honest...Robin has been the reason Victoria's mistrusted Ted throughout all their relationship attempts. P.S I disagree with Lily and agree with Ted, never thought I'd say that. The relationship clock doesn't hit "pause". When you break up, you break up. Meaning something breaks and has to be re-built. You can't go in there expecting the time you didn't spend together to "count".

C f ohara

WOW! I knew the overall opinion of this season has been low, but I was very surprised to see how negative the comments were. Maybe I was watching a different episode. Or maybe I had just had such a bad day capped off with waiting 4 hours in line for gas , that I was happy to be watching anything on TV. I have been very critical of the Eriksens this season, but I thought this week they finally gain resembled the couple we all have grown to love over the years. That paired with Barney coming unhinged and his exploits with Brover made for a pretty good episode in my book. Plus the added Brobin scenes. TY @joyeful for backing me on the best wingman ever comment. If I end up trashing next week's episode I'm sure you all will say I stink worse than "Dowisetrepla." I'll just have to wait and see I guess. Thanks for the comments though as always. I can understand your frustration but let's all see this through to the end. We've come this far.


It was a funny episode but not the best, I think this season is not consistant at all...
I'm quite happy Victoria is gone, they made me dislike the character, I liked her better in the first season. Robin is getting hotter and hotter, too bad she's not the Mother actually lol. Loved Barney's scenes with the dog as well as Marshall and Lily's scenes. I just think that now the story gets too long, can we meet the Mother already... ?


Story Sucks!! I totally disagree with the review. Although Jason Segel the actor should be applauded we don't need 2nd rate comedy from the TVs best power couple. Seriously write a story worth a damn!!!
BTW Barnicle was Awesome as ever and made the ep watchable.


it ws such a cute episode. I loved how in the end victoria told ted that she hopes he gets robin one day..
and Barney with Brover adorable!


I thought this episode was funny. I think it's sad that Victoria couldn't see that while Ted might be pining (slightly) for Robin, Robin isn't pining for him at all and it should be a non-issue. I think that the writers did a good job going back to this because the only person who is still hung up on Robin/Ted is Ted. I think that he is the one who needs to let go and he hasn't yet. Robin has. Marshall and Lily will support Ted in all his romantic endeavours so there support is understandable. I think that finally realising he and Robin are NOT meant for one another is the final thing that Ted needs to discover about himself so that he can meet the mother

Drea xoxo

so disappointed. again the writers are letting the fans down and have no concept in how to end a long time running show.
the fans are over ted/robin and want to understand how barney' and robin wedding occurred and when we'll meet the mother, seeing as that is the basis let alone premise of the entire show!!! less pointless plots and more meeting the mother please! i want us to fall in love with her too and understand the reasoning for why she's the mother.


One of my favourite shows and its going to hell. Ted used to be likable now he is just a douche who gets upstaged by a dog.


Wow, I must have been watching a different episode because to me was very average, at some point I was more interested in the buzzing fly in my room then what was happening on the screen. The only thing that sorta saved this episode was Barney and Brower because that is so typical Barney and that was funny. Everything else: - While Jason Segel did a brilliant job, Marshall being Oprah under Lily's training.......blahhhhhhh, these guys used to be so much fun. - Break-up with Victoria- sad because the show did not bother to show us anything awesome about their relationship like 6 years ago but glad because well of everything else above.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Ted: Why wouldn't she just come right out and say what she wants?
Marshall: Men! It's like if there weren't pickle jars to open and spiders to kill and computers to back up, what would be their point?
Lily: MmHm.

Ted: Victoria is happy we're taking things slow.
Marshall: Oh oh honey sweetie baby. No thirty-two year old woman is happy taking things slow. Trust me, Victoria has got friends from high school posting pictures of second babies on Facebook and you think girlfriend's all like, oh lets just bone a bunch so I'm another year older and still single? Bitch please!