Modern Family Review: Allergic and Illegal

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Call it November Sweeps if you want, but Modern Family hasn't busted out an episode this good in weeks. On "Arrested," Claire, Phil and Mitchell must head up to Haley's college after she gets arrested.

As Cam stupidly confided in Lily, Haley getting nabbed was only a matter of time. I think we can all agree on that.

Haley Is Arrested

I always say that my favorite episodes of Modern Family are the ones that feel the most relatable. Without delving into much detail, I'd say that at least half of the people I know got into trouble in college, myself included. I may or may not have gotten a citation the month before my 21st birthday. But that's neither here nor there. After a few weeks without our beloved resident ditz, Haley was back on the scene and stealing the show.

The fact that the police called in the middle of the night and the whole thing became a family affair is what I love so much about this show. Why is Cam so paranoid, though? Nobody is questioning his parenting skills! Maybe he shouldn't be so quick to hit the send button on his cellphone, but other than that he handled the Luke crisis wonderfully. Hey, Alex even got to play a little Grey's Anatomy. Probably the best line of the night went to Luke when he was in the hospital.

Lily [pulling the IV]: What does this do?                                                                                                                                                                           Luke: I don't know but thanks to Obama you're paying for it. | permalink

How timely was that? You know that Luke is a secret genius! Everyone thinks Manny is the smart one since he's so sophisticated and well-read, but Luke has some hidden brainpower in there. However, I'm not sure that he would make the best pen-pal.

The fact that Manny writes Deedee letters had me cracking up. Yes, Shelley Long made a guest appearance as Jay's ex wife and for once she wasn't choking Gloria. It just goes to show that a little common ground is all two enemies need to strike up a conversation. Well... common ground and a common enemy. Still, I'm glad Gloria and Jay made up by the end. And why is everyone always poking fun at Stella?!?

I have to say that I was truly surprised that Haley got kicked out of school and wasn't just put on probation or sentenced to community service. It was clear in that video that she did not resist arrest and she did not assault an officer. She fell off a fire escape and onto a police officer. As for the underage drinking, if every student caught underage drinking was kicked out of school, there would be nobody left to attend classes. 

Either way, I'm happy to have Haley back and I'm happy that Claire didn't have to play bad cop for once. Phil really stepped up to the plate. Someone get that man a waffle! One last thing, did anyone else notice Dylan's painting of him and Haley hanging in her dorm room? Simply amazing.


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Yes! I have heard this voice describing Modern Family, Happy Endings and Don't resist the B...what is that?? It's very distracting

Drea xoxo

@Keith Vlasak i remember that episode!! it was too funny but cam did deserve that wake up call, lily is spoilt and cam needs to see it. nether less, that was another classic episode


When I saw Phil lay down the law to Haley,
I was kept saying to myself: YES! YES! YES!
Also, You took to words out of my mouth... SOMEONE GET THAT MAN A WAFFLE!!!


This episode deserved 6 stars! Luke's deadpan humor has always appealed to me. I hope he doesn't lose it as he gets older. Glad Haley is coming back. SHe just couldn't do her part justice as a portable head on a laptop. I was pleased to see Mitchell act like an adult instead of a needy kid, but my favorite moment was Phil deciding to act like a father instead of Haley's pal. This show just keeps getting better and better.


@Mrs Alex -- I'm only writing because you made me think of funny episodes where Cam, as super-sensitive and paranoid as he is, has had reasons to be suspicious of the Pritchards. Deedee gave him a salad dryer, which he called a "hint," and all the skepticism of his farm stories culminating in the pumpkin sling shot episode, but the strangest and cruelest one I remember is when Cam and Claire argued about disciplining/raising children when it was driving Claire crazy that Lily kept flipping all the light switches in the house on and off and Cam wouldn't allow Claire to correct Lily ... and so when Cam got his hand or ring caught in the garbage disposal Claire led him to believe that the light switch Lily was heading for was the one that turned the disposal on.

Sarah silva

Love this episode it was super funny!
I knew they had to have a way to bring Haley home as she was not getting much screen time. However she has to go to college eventually, well I guess she does not have to but she has to do something with her life, I too think it was harsh that she was kicked out of school but it works with the plot of her moving back home.
It is typical Manny to be pen pals with Deedee. Too funny.
I too wonder why Cameron is so paranoid, he has been part of the family for a long time and we have never seen Clare question Cameron about anything really.
I too think Luke is smart.
I also liked seeing a serious Phil.
Jay at the end was sweet that was a cute scene.
For me the best line was from Alex I can not recall the exact words but something to the effect of " I will never be a doctor, or have a baby.


EVIL MODE ON half of student ??? no wonder many countries have low academic records. mine included, and no wonder the global crisis is gonna getting worse i was counting episodes for haley get kick out of college, that was good to see
and alex now is the truly future of the dunphy family, as manny is the future of the pritchett-delgado

Drea xoxo

this episode had me in tears and nearly choked on my gummy bears in the process of lol'n too much. everyone had an one liner and served their purpose well. the chemistry is always good with the cast that i sometimes believe we are just following them around in their lives. the doctor scene was the funniest, Cam is too much for me. his paranoia and humour makes this show! and then mannie came on with dee and i couldn't take no more that i nearly wet myself. i'm liking how alex is being developed and she's more like clare than you think. overall 5* and classic modern fam.


I agree, Luke is a genius. We tend to underestimate him, because like his father and Haley, he's got a serious case of ADD...
Great episode, figured Haley couldn't handle college!

Leigh r

@Katrina- schooled was amazing, that's the one I meant to put

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