NCIS Promo: Kidnapped and Traumatized

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One young girl kidnapped, another girl traumatized and a sinister twist that leads to a mysterious woman.

That's what we can look forward to next week on NCIS, when the team investigates a teenage girl's abduction, and Ziva and Abby must work closely with her young friend who witnessed the kidnapping.

As the investigation unfolds, Gibbs, who was so instrumental in this week's PTSD-related case, seeks help from a past contact, Miranda Pennebaker, a well-connected woman with questionable morals.

Meanwhile, Tony gets jealous as he learns Ziva is making plans with a mystery man. The plot thickens!

Follow the link for our NCIS review from last night, then watch the promo for "Gone" below:

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I agree with Sam. You have to see an episode before you can discuss it properly.


Watch first, then you can do a better job of being critical.


Oh great Now not only is Ziva have Tony skills Mcgee skills and Team leader NOW their giving her Abby stuff really sad how this use to be a team show


Sounds like another good one, although I am ready for T/Z to move out of the jealousy stage into a meaningful relationship, we should be past those already. Looking forward to the Abby/Ziva working together scenes.


I want more of McGee!


Oh goody - super Ziva saving the day and another diminished jealous Tony. Another one to skip for sure.

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