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There's double trouble on NCIS this week.  Not only do we have a homicide of a Navy Captain while trying to save his daughter, but we have a kidnapping of a young girl.  The clock is ticking, and Gibbs is forced to turn for help from a past foe, Miranda Pennebaker.  Miranda is extremely valuable to the investigation as she reveals that the kidnapping isn't for a ransom but a part of a child-trafficking ring.  And, continuing with the Tiva moments from last week, Tony gets jealous when Ziva reveals that she is meeting up with a very important, mysterious man from her past.

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Who played Lydia in the Gone episode of NCIS


Saw the ending coming a mile away.


Well tptb are all about fanwanking Ziva, and a jealous Tony is just another way they can lure the tiva fans. It doesn't matter one single bit to them that this further diminishes Tony since his main purpose on the show is to flatter Ziva now. The only time he is ever mentioned in spoilers is when he has business with Ziva. And ALL of his business with Ziva is written to accentuate her desirability, or sensitivity, super awesomeness, or her tragic life experiences. These little scenes are never really about Tony.


For any one reading this and are confused by my first comment, the ORIGINAL recap just stated that " Tony get jealous..." None of the other stuff was in there. I guess someone does read these posts.


Who wrote this recap? This story has nothing to do with Tony being jealous of Ziva's plans. Oh, it may make an appearance, but it is about the disappearance of a young girl.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

I appreciate that, Tony, but don't try to compete with my Schmeil.


Male friends only want to sleep with you. Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally.