Person of Interest Review: Love and Death

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Relationships can be a killer.

At the very least, when you have a problem, talk it through. It's much easier and far less dangerous than hiring hitmen to take out your respective loved ones. There's a lesson there for all of us.

"'Till Death" took the marriage vows to heart when the machine brought up two numbers and Reese and Finch discovered that a married couple wanted to kill each other.

Preventing a Couple's Murder

Mark Pellegrino, who guest starred as the husband, seems to be in everything these days. And that's a good thing. Whether he's Lucifer on Supernatural, Gavin Baker on The Closer, or least we forget, the infamous Jacob on Lost, Pellegrino nails each role.

Perhaps I would have liked to see him play an agent opposite Reese, much like Alistair in last week's "Critical," but he still did a good job at being one half of an arguing couple.

And man, could they argue! Even I was ready for Reese to just let them dangle off a roof.

Reese was in top form as always, looking ever so smooth taking down the bad guys. There's something rather fun in watching him go toe to toe with any enemy, and using a nail gun was a nice way to change it up.

As for Reese being the marriage counselor? It's a good thing Finch was there to step up before Reese decided to do anything too crazy.

In a lot of ways, Reese comes across as the ladies man, the smooth talker, the sharp dresser, so you would think that in his endless bag of tricks he'd be able to diffuse an argument. He did diffuse a bomb after all.

Yet, it was rather great seeing Finch show off his relationship skills. He may come across as less than social and more attune to computers, but his flashbacks with Grace showed why he was perfect for the situation.

From the birthday clues to their conversations, it was clear that Finch and Grace's love for each other was blossoming. These two were really making a connection, and even when Finch wanted to tell her his big secret, she told him to do it when he felt comfortable.

It's rather tragic that this hero can only see her from afar now.

Really, this episode was a great character focus on relationships.

Carter, who I've been enjoying her banter when working with Reese, has an admirer in narcotics Detective Cal Beecher. It was nice hearing Reese ask her about moving on from her husband, and Beecher seems like a great prospect. Although, my only fear is that him getting involved with her could end up getting him killed.

Even Fusco was riding the love boat, and it was rather hilarious that Reese called him out for being melodramatic and evading his calls. That, and Reese telling him that he doesn't deserve time off. Granted, who doesn't want Fusco to have his time in the sun with a pretty lady?

This was an enjoyable episode that managed to delve a bit deeper into the characters at the same time it perfectly coincided with the topic for the case of the week. And it's with those strengths, along with the stellar acting, that really does make Person of Interest continue to be a stand out show.

There's just so much to offer and clearly so much more fun to come.


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and the entire rest of the show.:)


Hahe! Cool episode! I like the dynamics here with Kevin Chapman's character and Taraji P. Henson. I agree with SandyHill with the TICKS of them. It was like from watching the characters of NBC's Chicago Fire. Then there's John Reese doing his thing! I would like to see more of this throughout the season.


Been a long time since a show has grabbed me. Cant wait for thursdays. Good job. Real good


I have a question for the editor, sean. Where are the quotes for the week, cus there were some good ones?


A budding relationship in the past (Finch) one in the present (Fusco) one in the future?(Carter); All wrapped around the War w/Roses oops Drakes with Reese! Fabulous episode!!! I loved the " you sly dog" gaze Carter gave Finch when his marital counseling worked on the Drakes. The Henson actress has the knack of "talking " with her eyes and the writers are using this trait every chance they get. Remember the ep where Zoey introduced herself to Carter as Reese's wife and Carter gave Reese the "WTF John" look and Reese said I'll explain later...Perfect.


Does anyone know if we'll be seeing Zoe anytime soon? I miss her already :(


I loved this episode and loved your review. The car stakeout with Carter and Reese was the most intimate scene I have ever seen with Reese and a woman outside of Jessica. I may be wrong but that is how I feel. Their glances between each other were less than subtle. Reese was surely flirting with Carter, and Carter did that thing she always does when Reese looks at her too long. I loved that. They are definitely more comfortable around each other and that makes for a great relationship and partnership. They trust each other more than anything else and that was evident in that one scene. I also loved the scene where Reese stuffs the wife in the truck with the husband lol. I loved the conversation following when Carter tells Fusco it is a multiple kidnapping. The way Reese looks at Carter when she says that absolutely melts my heart every time. I need a gif of that pronto. I also loved it when Fusco's date entered the conversation soon after and the face Reese made was like "I don't have time for this, Carter let's go." Carter is so sweet, she introduces herself even though Reese seems annoyed. Meanwhile, Reese's face was like "Carter let's go. Get your fine behind in this car woman." When Reese calls Carter jumps. I loved that scene. I love the way they compliment each other. Carter is really a ride-or-die chick with Reese because he broke more than a few laws in this episode which he always does. It was just sweet seeing them work together as always :).


I agree with the previous comments about Fusco's date being off - there's something hinky about her for sure. My favorite parts occured in the past when Finch and Grace were together. I loved the romantic treasure hunt with Grace. Why can't guys in the real world think of that? There was a glow between them - probably due to the fact that they are both married to each other in real life. I hope this new romantic thing with Carter pans out. She needs a honey. I still think John and Zoe should get together - they sizzle so much that you expect them to jump each other every time they meet.


Compared to the other episodes - this installment was quite light-hearted and filled with humor. That was a nice change of pace. I too am suspicious of Fusco's new girlfriend. I'm not getting a warm fuzzy about her. It's good that the writers aren't putting Carter and Reese together romantically - that would be too predictable at this point. I agree with another commenter, that it's probably a possibility down the line. Person of Interest keeps on getting better and better.

Sarah silva

Suncatcher and dream rose...I agree with all you said. I also love the understated humor.
I am glad it was not just me that thought there was something off about Finch's date....I did not mention it as I thought I was wrong

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