Private Practice Review: Just Jake

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Christmas came a bit early for Private Practice fans, as we were treated to two new episodes this week.

"The World According to Jake" paired well with last night’s stellar Addie-anchored installment. Although it was much less drama-filled, the still remarkable night was spent getting to know just Jake a little better. 

We left off with a proposal from Addison in “Apron Strings”. How did Jake respond? Well, with Addie locking herself inside the bathroom, we found out that Jake didn’t say anything at all. Actually, he just meant to say “not right now.”

All About Jake

Flash forward to two weeks later, and Addie didn’t want Jake to bring the proposal back up. Coincidentally, Jake had much more on his mind and to deal with to keep him busy.

It all started with Jaddison running into his stepdaughter, Angela, at the movie theaters. Angela was accompanied by a new boyfriend, who was much older... and also her professor. Of course Jake wasn’t all too fond of the new guy. However, Ange couldn’t care less for what Jake thought.

Following a dinner with both couples, Jake threatened Ange’s new boyfriend to end their relationship.

Elsewhere, Jake’s patient, Megan, also returned and was on her fifth time with fertility treatments. Megan felt like she was just waiting to lose the pregnancy, and needed Jake by her side constantly.

I was honestly a bit shocked when Megan kissed Jake. Then I was even more astonished when she lied to Addie about it. Ridiculous! I loved the way Addie stood up for Jake and didn’t even flinch through Megan’s lies. Talk about crazy.

Then, even when the meeting with the social worker didn’t go so well, Addison was as calm as ever. Jake apologized profusely for what happened with Mildred walking on he and Ange's fight, but Addison didn’t need to be consoled. She knew that everything was going to be okay. Jaddison really is spectacular.

Perhaps the best part of the night was the final minutes during the Jaddison proposal. Addison repeated her words from the previous night: I love you. You’re the last man I want to say that to. Let’s get married. This time around, Jake responded with a ring, and agree: Let’s get married!

Other Thoughts

  • Jake is an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. He just earned maybe 50 bonus points in my book because I’m the biggest OKC Thunder fan ever!
  • James and Amelia… need to really happen. Amelia deserves a good guy.
  • The missing child storyline continued. Unfortunately, Sarah’s still nowhere to be found. The parents are now dealing, though, thanks to Violet. Is this the last we’ve seen of Sarah’s story?
  • How incredible was Marisol Nichols as Jake’s deceased wife, Lily? I thought she did an incredible job and have missed her greatly since GCB.

Overall, this was an incredible installment and I truly liked learning more about Jake.

Only six episodes remain in this final season. Hit the comments now because I’d love to hear what you thought.


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wanted to say sorry to all of you what he say about sam was stupid to say that
no arm dont oke sorry ,,,,,,,,
sam and addison was never meant to be
jake and addison was never meant to be
bout henry and addison are meant to be is was she always wanted that is addison-
happy end ??????????????????????????????????????????END OF THE STORY


Bella, your comments make no sense at all! Did you forget that Shonda is black? Why would she intentionally make Sam a jerk because of his race? I don't think she would do that to any of her characters based on the color of their skin. I'm black, and that thought never crossed my mind. This is TV. Not real life. If you don't like something, don't watch! Chill with the ignorant comments!


Honestly in my opinion, the bigger issue is being ignored. Sam and Addison was never meant to be. It is not about color or anything, just about poor judgement. You should never expect to find happiness with your best friends ex husband. So I guess his daughter suppose to go from calling her aunt Addison to Mommmy? So i say good riddens to that whole awful story line and concept. As for Addison, I dont really care for her. She is very opinionated and thinks that she knows it all. Sam has become a bit annoying, however how could you not see it coming. I mean after all Addison was his girlfriend.


TO AWI stop saying to learn to write is nothing wrong with my writing OKE


@ Bella, the race argument does not make any sense. Please stop seeing things where there aren't, is not like Shonda is Scandinavian... Also, @ Bella, please learn how to write or use a word processor.


to R
the writers make sam tured into a jerk sam was a good man
if the writers tured jake in to a jerk do you still like he


I agree. I used to be an addisam fan until he turned into a jerk.


@bella Pull something other than the race card please. There were plenty of people who liked Sam say, season 3 and earlier, before he turned into a jerk.


@ppfan Not trying to be a smartass or anything, but um, Lucas was late...(until he was cut out of his mother's womb).


Jamie is right! Why would the writers make Sam a jerk because he is black? That doesn't even make sense. Pete was a jerk for more than half the season last year and he is white!
And everything we are watching is being orchestrated by the writers! Are we forgetting this is a TV show?
Bottom line: Jaddson work and we need to move forward with that. The whole Sam storyline was boring and a waste of time.

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