Private Practice Review: Just Jake

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Christmas came a bit early for Private Practice fans, as we were treated to two new episodes this week.

"The World According to Jake" paired well with last night’s stellar Addie-anchored installment. Although it was much less drama-filled, the still remarkable night was spent getting to know just Jake a little better. 

We left off with a proposal from Addison in “Apron Strings”. How did Jake respond? Well, with Addie locking herself inside the bathroom, we found out that Jake didn’t say anything at all. Actually, he just meant to say “not right now.”

All About Jake

Flash forward to two weeks later, and Addie didn’t want Jake to bring the proposal back up. Coincidentally, Jake had much more on his mind and to deal with to keep him busy.

It all started with Jaddison running into his stepdaughter, Angela, at the movie theaters. Angela was accompanied by a new boyfriend, who was much older... and also her professor. Of course Jake wasn’t all too fond of the new guy. However, Ange couldn’t care less for what Jake thought.

Following a dinner with both couples, Jake threatened Ange’s new boyfriend to end their relationship.

Elsewhere, Jake’s patient, Megan, also returned and was on her fifth time with fertility treatments. Megan felt like she was just waiting to lose the pregnancy, and needed Jake by her side constantly.

I was honestly a bit shocked when Megan kissed Jake. Then I was even more astonished when she lied to Addie about it. Ridiculous! I loved the way Addie stood up for Jake and didn’t even flinch through Megan’s lies. Talk about crazy.

Then, even when the meeting with the social worker didn’t go so well, Addison was as calm as ever. Jake apologized profusely for what happened with Mildred walking on he and Ange's fight, but Addison didn’t need to be consoled. She knew that everything was going to be okay. Jaddison really is spectacular.

Perhaps the best part of the night was the final minutes during the Jaddison proposal. Addison repeated her words from the previous night: I love you. You’re the last man I want to say that to. Let’s get married. This time around, Jake responded with a ring, and agree: Let’s get married!

Other Thoughts

  • Jake is an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. He just earned maybe 50 bonus points in my book because I’m the biggest OKC Thunder fan ever!
  • James and Amelia… need to really happen. Amelia deserves a good guy.
  • The missing child storyline continued. Unfortunately, Sarah’s still nowhere to be found. The parents are now dealing, though, thanks to Violet. Is this the last we’ve seen of Sarah’s story?
  • How incredible was Marisol Nichols as Jake’s deceased wife, Lily? I thought she did an incredible job and have missed her greatly since GCB.

Overall, this was an incredible installment and I truly liked learning more about Jake.

Only six episodes remain in this final season. Hit the comments now because I’d love to hear what you thought.


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Jaddison!! This was a great episode with the most beautiful perfect ending!


@bella You seriously think the writers made Sam a jerk because he is black. That is ridiculous.


@Elizabeth Probably because this is the final season and the ratings don't matter. Of course, the ratings are terrible. The show has the worst lead in ever, all the breaks and this wk was a holiday wk. The show does really well in DVR ratings and always has big gains.


Nobody talks about the AWFUL ratings of this season, that episode was the worst in PP history behind Sam's one, I guess, people dont care about those characters anymore.


to reggie
sam is not a jerk and not selfish he is a good guy just like jake
the writers make sam a jerk because he is black and wanted people to hate sam and
make jake the right man for addison and not sam if the writers wanted that sam wanted
a baby to was sam the right man and jake the jerk one want will you say that
sam is right for addison just like jake and is absolutely chemistry with sam and
works together well too she love sam for three year a know jake for one year not
sure is love that was quick to move in and merry too best coupel sam and addison??


Loved this episode! I'm a Benjamin Bratt fan and love the character of Jake. I don't really like the character driven eps cause we're short on time but this was good, a nice window into Jake. i loved that Addison didn't fall into Megan's trap that would've been lazy and cliched writing -- glad she stuck up for him. As far as Addison and Sam, why are we still talking about him?? That was just terrible! Sleeping with your ex-wife's best friend?? I could never get past it. Never wanted them together.


I do not understand the people who believe Addison should be with Sam. Sam was a total jerk he only wanted Addison when she was the way he wanted he didn't want to do anything for her like have a baby. in fact they broke up because of that. then later when he found out she didn't want a baby anymore he wanted to be with her again. Sam is a selfish ignorant self centered jerk. And there was absolutely no chemistry between Sam and Addison. Jake is the right man, and he works well with Addison. he was there for her since day one and they are hot together.


Addison and Jake proposal!!! Best scene this season!


I enjoyed this episode and was totally cheering as Jake properly set up a proposal. I was a little irked when his dead wife made an appearance (I guess I'm still scarred by the Denny episodes from GA) but was so relieved when they didn't cross the line. I also enjoyed learning more about Jake and to see that he's not a saint, and love Addison and Jake together. I can't see how they're going to neatly wrap up the series so quickly, but I'm really trusting Shonda & co to do a good job. Still, I just watched the promo for next week's episode and fucking Shonda, pardon my language but she's done it again. Why must Char and Copper constantly be going through hell? Can't a baby from PPP or GA ever be born after thier due date? Why are they all doomed to be premature?!


shonda always goes with the soul mate never the better guy...addie has to choose sam

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