Scandal Review: A Worn Path

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After this week's episode of Scandal, I find myself asking one question: If you're anyone other than Cyrus Beene, is it possible to keep a secret from Olivia Pope?

"All Roads Lead to Fitz" was a game-changer in terms of who's trusting whom. Old alliances were renewed, new alliances were formed and all of it was done for one purpose: protecting Fitz.

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Tonight's episode picked up immediately where "Beltway Unbuckled" left off and one thing's for certain: Hollis Doyle might be the greasiest slimeball since President Charles Logan on 24.

I'm not sure if he's the reason they had a mess to cover up or if they've all gotten their positions because of a mess he uncovered, but Hollis is not a man to trust. He is, however, a man to keep very, very close by. Like the saying goes, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Hollis knows everything he shouldn't know and then some, but what he doesn't know is just how far Cyrus is willing to go to keep this secret under wraps.

And how far will he go? We know he'll go all the way to having someone murdered, and after tonight, Mellie might infer that much as well. Their scene in the hallway of the White House was exactly what I love most about these two characters when they're together.

Cyrus recognizes the threat that Mellie can be, calling her a "terrifying political animal," and Mellie seems to appreciate that Cyrus sees that in her. But Cyrus? Don't mess with Cyrus.

If Mellie's an animal, Cyrus is a monster willing to stop at nothing, even embarrassing his own husband, to protect Fitz. And then, as if nothing happened, Cyrus just snaps back to his normal self as if he hasn't just threatened the First Lady of the United States and accepts her invitation to dinner. Brilliant! (To read more of Cyrus' fantastic lines, albeit without his trademark delivery, check out the Scandal quotes page!)

This mess they're covering up, voter fraud during Fitz's campaign for President, is not one I can say I saw coming. Olivia wears the white hat, and while David Rosen has said she's not afraid to do the wrong thing from time to time so that good will prevail, I have to wonder if she knew about the fraud at the time of Fitz's campaign or if she found out after. And if she knew about the voter fraud, what was the worse evil she was trying to prevent?

Gosh, this show. Always with the questions!

The Pope and Associates case-of-the-week was seamlessly integrated into both the theme of this week's episode and the conspiracy. Governor Reston's feigned reluctance to accept Olivia's help due to the fact that she cost him the election against Fitz and the subsequent revelation that he had premeditated murdering his wife's lover, hoodwinking Olivia the whole time, was really well-crafted. The foreshadowing that something had been awry during their competition for the White House was flawlessly executed.

(By the way, was anyone jonesing for an Everwood reunion like I was? Tom Amandes and Debra Mooney together again? Too bad they didn't share a scene tonight.)

Other important things of note from this episode:

  • David and Abby's relationship is no secret, nor was the fact that he was too close to the truth for comfort. Olivia's been spying on him and using someone other than Huck to do it.
  • Speaking of Huck, how delightfully awkward, and also incredibly creepy, was his date? He spies on suburban families for fun.
  • Edison Davis is after Olivia, and she's not saying no to his advances. She's also not saying yes. I like the way this potential relationship is being handled. While I know the majority of the audience wants her with Fitz, that's not plausible at this stage in the game. Edison might be a nice distraction.

What did you think of tonight's Scandal? Let's talk in the comments and look for the Scandal Round Table, coming soon!


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OMG. So much makes sense. If that voter fraud came out, then the whole election would be called into question - and the other candidate has just murdered a man! So their "greater good" is that they are keeping Fitz in office, and the "lesser good" is that they are keeping themselves out of prison. Oh my goodness about Abby! She has officially crossed into traitor territory. How is Olivia going to "fix" that? Olivia seems to have something on the rest of the team; or she helped them out of jams to the point where they feel obligated to help her. But Abby seems to feel no compunction to remain loyal. She should have confronted Olivia with her questions; instead, she took them to the man who is trying to take Olivia down. I would NOT want to be her. In the meantime, Fitz is clueless. Wow. OH, the one thing I really loved was the little "best friend" session on Olivia's sofa with her and Cyrus whining about their day. LOVE that they were friends again.

Miranda wicker

Ha! I missed Brenda Strong, too! Yay Everwood!


I thought this was the weakest episode of the season. The case of the week was predictable and dull. The conspiracy, election fraud, was not impressive at all. All around snoozer.


@Sa'ad702, oh my god you're right. I had noticed Tom Amandes and Debra but I had completly forgotten that Brenda Strong was on Everwood. That shows all the talented actors who were on that show. Even Paul Wesley and Steven R. McQueen from TVD were on it at some point.


Didn't enjoy this episode as much as I have others. The governor was a sinister creep but that much was obvious from the get go. I much prefer the White House aspect of the show, Fitz, Cyrus, Mellie have much more interesting dynamics with each other than the OPA team do. I honestly don't think I can take one more episode of Abby, she's such an unlikeable, unsympathetic character. As for Senator Edison, what a snore. Fitz and Olivia need time apart but this dude is not the way to go. I did like that he said to her that she's not telling him no. Does she ever? Just like she couldn't tell Fitz to stop calling her. She needs a fallback at all times. Seems to be a pattern with Olivia that I'm not really liking.


Only after watching I realized that there were three Everwood alums on the show today. LOL. The best thing about a Shonda Rhimes show is how she weaves the case of the week in her shows into the story of the characters and todays was just supremely awesome. I cannot wait for next week.
Shonda killed it in both shows today. Man. I am so pumped.


Oh lord! This was the most shocking and jaw dropping episode ever. I sincerely thought that the scandal will take weeks to erupt but with a show that is so fast paced I am just wow!
I would never have thought that it involved Voter Fraud. Of course if Fitz was in office everyone in that room got something. Its perfect. Cytron developed the software and their deaths were to keep it from coming out. Hollis acted without thinking and that's how Quinn came in. I am so glad that Abby was found out. I really hate her for questioning Olivia the way she does. I hope Olivia doesn't kill her though.


The way the governor was going on and on about those 4000 votes and blaming Olivia, I figured Olivia somehow helped doctor the election. Seems I was right. And how sociopathic was he that he felt good after taking a man's life, because he won? Love Tom Amandes, good as always. This show has soe of the best actors on television. My personal favorites are Guillermo Diaz and Jeff Perry and of course Mitchum Huntzberger! Looks like Abby is getting Olivia in a lot of trouble...

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Olivia: Governor, I know this is a terrible time for you and I understand how you feel about me, but if we're going to work together, if I'm going to help you here, you follow my rules. It's up to you. You know what's at stake. You've seen what I can do.
Gov: You're the best. Don't I know it.

We all jumped off the bridge together. Heck, we held hands.