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When a governor shoots the man he thinks is raping his wife, Olivia and her team are called to manage the fallout. 

The reason and mastermind behind the Cytron bombing is revealed.

Huck goes on a date.

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Remember, Olivia is a fixer and what better way to fix than to place yourself in the middle of the chaos. With her involvement in this particular scandal, she was able to take control. The Amanda Tanner problem turned out to be far less problematic when Olivia made Amanda her client. She would not have to fear the media and the smear campaign it could use against the president. Olivia's strategies always pay-off in the end. As David Rosen said, she gets to ride off in the sunset, wearing her white hat. Shall we say she is the master fixing diva. Hmmm, M F-ing Diva; I cannot think of a better title.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Olivia: Governor, I know this is a terrible time for you and I understand how you feel about me, but if we're going to work together, if I'm going to help you here, you follow my rules. It's up to you. You know what's at stake. You've seen what I can do.
Gov: You're the best. Don't I know it.

We all jumped off the bridge together. Heck, we held hands.