Supernatural Review: Tales of the Tablets

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"A Little Slice of Kevin" was the perfect slice of Supernatural heaven.

I'm not sure if it was due to the mythology, featured basically the entire cast, revealed Dean escaping Purgatory or because there were plenty of crazy new twists, but this was the engrossing and exciting episode I'd been waiting for.

The last four installment, while fine in their own rights, seemed to immediately interrupt the premiere/second episode combo that was setting up the tone and direction of Supernatural Season 8. And I've been really looking forward to seeing what that core story arc would involve, considering the more or less dud that was the Leviathan of season seven.

Return of Castiel

For one, Sam and Dean weren't fighting, arguing or ignoring each other. They were actually talking to one another without jumping to conclusions or judging the actions taken. Dean was open about the horrors of Purgatory and Sam was was sincere with his understanding.

Even their collaboration of working at the hotel was all about them getting things done and trying to figure it all out. They were a team.

Similarly, it was entertaining to see Kevin and his mom work together, despite the fact that Mrs. Tran was in full-on mom duty. Their efforts were great, from Kevin checking out the witch to Mrs. Tran constantly dousing everyone with holy water.

Although, Mrs. Tran getting the upper hand on Crowley's demon pal seemed a little far fetched, even if I didn't want her to be killed off.

That said, Crowley's personality is so amped up with menace and scare that it's actually chilling. I've been so used to him just making cracks all the time that in a way I even underestimated him.

But there was no mistake about his ruthlessness and all around evil. From the torturing of the angel to the snapping of his fingers and his exploding the future prophet - and even cutting off Kevin's finger - Crowley was proving his role as the King of Hell.

I've got far more belief in him as a big bad now than before.

The same could even be said for the brief encounter with the Leviathan in Purgatory. They just seemed so much cooler than last season. Not that I want them to come back, but the attack on Dean and Castiel wasn't full of campy political turducken.

I do find it interesting that Dean was placing all the blame on himself for not saving Castiel, when, in reality, Castiel didn't want to be saved.

It's even an interesting notion that Castiel mentioned to Dean, that Sam even brought up before, about not saving everyone. The brothers really always have taken up the responsibility of the world.

I think Castiel opened Dean's eyes. Now whether Dean will get over his time in Purgatory seems unlikely, but I liked the turn of events that led to their talk together.

And topping off all the character moments, the small name drops from Metatron to Chuck really spiked my enthusiasm meter.

Mentioning that there can only be one prophet at a time is an intriguing concept which really begs the question: What happened to Chuck? And, consequently, was he even a prophet to begin with?

At the same time, who and where is the archangel, Metatron?

The personal note that Kevin read talked about Metatron and his father leaving and letting the humans have responsibility of the tablets makes me wonder about Metatron and God's role in this season.

Is God out there, maybe with Metatron? And why have they not been involved in any of the major problems the brothers have faced?

Those type of questions lead into the other head scratcher of the new angel, Naomi, and why she wants reports on Sam and Dean from Castiel, and at the same time doesn't want Castiel to remember any of it?

And even what was the deal with Super Castiel and his major glow and blue eyes? Is that a new power?

This was the perfect episode to get the show back on track and really proved how promising the new story and direction are looking to be. Not only am I curious as to what will happen, but all of the questions that keep popping up make me excited for what's to come. Plus, you can't go wrong when Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley are all at the top of their game in the same hour.

After a fun and packed full Supernatural episode like that, I'm ready for a second helping.


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Almost forgot. Sam putting Kevin and his mom under the watch of Garth is great. It probably means we will see Garth again this season. And as someone else said, it would be great to see Lucifer and Death again this season.


One word for this ep,,,wow! This seasons Crowley is terrifying. No more just dropping one liners here and there. And his face off with Castiel was great. The look on his face, a mix of fear, respect, and awe, when Castiel started "hulking up," was priceless. He knew right there that Castiel could lay him to waste. Having Castiel back is really good, and his reassuring Dean it wasn't his fault he stayed behind in Purgatory was nice. Their relationship is definitely on the mend. Don't know how long that will last though once Sam and Dean find out he's "ratting" on them to Naomi, even though it's not his fault.


Castiel wasn't showing a new power with Crowley, I think he was just mustering his old power, as best he could. Whatever it was it was awesome!
I'm so glad that Cas is back. I know Mrs. Tran is new to all this but really....calling a witch?! Duh! They didn't want to be around Sam and Dean but they trusted a witch who they met on Craigslist?!! So is Naomi there to help or hinder the boys?


@DEREK1314 - I like that theory, and it fits well. After all Chuck was writing the gospel of the Winchesters. It makes sense with his disappearance and why Kevin isn't writing all of this down. Chuck as Metatron, interesting. Oh, and Alan Rickman was the first thing to pop into my head at that point. Loved it!


I have a new theory. This weeks has nothing to do with Benny, instead it's about Bobby! Naomi is being very sneaky about keeping an eye on the Winchester's. Now that Bobby is official dead, there's every chance that his soul went to heaven. So after the Winchester's find whatever she wants or when she's ready to have them do whatever it is she wants them to do, I can just see her using Bobby's soul as leverage. Let the Winchester's do all the work then she gets to swoop in and get whatever she wants from them. After all, she didn't ask about the Prophet or the tablet or even Crowley, no she asked specifically about the Winchesters. She wants something from them.


Cas looked totally badass glowing like a champ....Im begining to wonder just how long Crowley will remain the "King Ov hell" ?? Will Lucifer ever be back in hell at some point ? Id love to see a showdown between Crowley and Lucifer as im sure it would be #Epic on a side note,i hope Death makes an apperance this season as he is one of my favorites.


OMG!!! I Have been waiting on an ep like this since the season 5 finale. It was soooo good. I love the tran's. Tiger mama is hilarious. I felt so bad for poor kevin. Crowley was a BAMF this ep. I keep forgetting that with all the quippy one liners. Hells yeah he could be the big bad this season. Wayyy better than a leviathon big bad. CAS!!!!! I could wax poetic abt cas. Man he has never angeled up like that before. Hell he was even sppokier than his very first introduction. I think naomi is metatron. I think god intervened n saved cas. Naomi n god want the gates of hell closed so thet are gonna wrk with the winchesters to do it. N cas is probably the only angel they would trust. N the scenes between dean and cas were heartbreaking


maybe chuck is metatron, also who when they herad the name metatron thought of Alan Rickman in dogma.


Great episode! Caz and Dean bromance back in full force! I think the glowing eyes was just Caz displaying his powers/true self full throttle. Loved seeing the wings again.


I thought it was really cool when Cas went into superpower mode and actually started glowing (letting us see his shadow-wings again!). The look on Crowley's face showed just a bit of fear - he might be the King of Hell, but he's definitely not all-powerful. He really should show Castiel more respect; Cas is the angel that won't stay dead. I also liked it when Cas went into the bathroom and came out not just cleaned up but wearing the suit again. "Better", indeed! I wonder if Naomi the angel is the reason Cas can't draw on his full powers. Why is she so interested in the Winchesters? Anyone else think she's really Metatron?

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