The Mentalist Review: The Ragged Edge

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Patrick Jane is always in control, even when he's balancing on the ragged edge. And "Cherry Picked" certainly featured him walking that line.

Jane's desperate to find Lorelei and he's not about to give up the hunt. I wasn't surprised that he was interviewing all of the prison transport guards, but it was a little disconcerting to realize he was shutting Lisbon out of the search. 

Lisbon Works With Brenda

Why? Was he afraid it would somehow put her in danger? Or did he fear even having her involved could somehow leak the information to a Red John conspirator?

Jane's interactions with Walter were disturbing. Watching Jane read the lonely, twisted man gave me chills. I wasn't sure whether to despise Walter or feel some ounce of sympathy for his pathetic existence. I half expected to hear Walter take his own life with a gunshot as Jane walked out the door.

The kidnapping with a twist turned out to be more entertaining than I expected. My first thoughts were that Isaac was in on it. I couldn't figure out why else he hesitated with the ransom or generally acted like he had the temperament of a rebelling 14-year old. 

But as Jane put it in this The Mentalist quote:

 Isaac's always been the family scourge hasn't he? Stubborn, arrogant, insensitive. | permalink

Yeah. That about covered it. Oh, but don't forget selfish embezzler too.

The kidnapper on the phone definitely came across as an amateur and I started to suspect Sloan as she begged Isaac for the ransom money. Somehow she seemed more worried about the cash than her husband. The woman was seriously cold as she said her last goodbye to Gary over the phone after ordering his murder.

Other thoughts:

  • Jane's what are you wearing? line to Isaac over the phone was a bit cruel but so funny I laughed out loud.
  • Did anyone else think Lisbon's blouse in the beginning looked like it was part of a pajama set or was it just me?
  • In a house full of law enforcement officers why was Jane the only one to notice dog bowls but no dog?
  • We really need to see more of of Cho this season.  His great deadpan lines have been severely lacking.

So what did Walter do with Lorelei? Where did he take her? Who has her and is she even still alive? And now that Patrick has the information, what will he do with it and will he let Lisbon in on his plan? 


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I loved see Brenda again. I loved how Jane solve the case. I thought the brother was guilty. I was glad that Jane had nothing to do with the leak of Lorelei. I like Jane when something haunts. There were also fun things. Jane on the phone to Isaac asked "What are you wearing?"and Lisbon banging on the door. I enjoyed the episode,


Kind of hard not to assume that Sloan was at least part of it, considering who the actor was, otherwise they would have just used some nobody.


Jane is so clever. I loved he way he solved both cases. He seems to be braver this season interviewing the suspects by himself and going to the transport guys house. Loved Cho smiling at Rigsby's seal noices. Was Jane going to go rescue Lorelei all by himself at the end? I loved the episode


Dd anyone notice the slight grin on Cho's face after he asked Rigsby to eat whatever he was popping into his mouth properly? We don't see that smile too often, so it was noticeable. Also, whatever happened to Cho's girlfriend? Kind of miss her....


It was a good episode. Jane seemed obsessed about Lorelei and RJ. Maybe that explains their behavior when someone calls "bitch" to Lisbon. It was also a fun episode. I did not think Jane was "cruel" to Lisbon. Cruelty is another thing.


I thought it was cruel of Jane not to left Lisbon help since she is always there to bail him out of trouble. I thought Lisbon's blouse looked at lot like PJ's, her is clothing pretty awful. She's the boss and should dress the part, smh. I hope Walter didn't lead Jane on, although Red John seems to be untouchable.

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