Arrow Review: Revenge vs. Justice

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Let's kick things off by acknowledging that Oliver finally got laid for the first time in five years! Mazel! Well, that is, unless he had some secret gal on the island we don't know about.

"Vendetta" focused on this budding romance, as well as the differences between Oliver and Helena, aka The Huntress.

Arrow and the Huntress

I'm not sure we've ever touched on this before, but Diggle is so very wise. Of course we know that he's intelligent and perceptive, as he was the first one to figure Oliver's secret out, but he also gives some pretty sound advice. Oliver's world is lonely. Not being able to tell the people close to him that he has an alter ego can be very isolating. To this degree, he probably saw a kindred spirit in Helena. Or maybe he was just trying to cure her.

You're like a dope fiend who thinks he can deal with his own addiction by making another addict go straight. | permalink

An interesting theory by Diggle. Do you agree? I think there is a small part of concern that Diggle has about Oliver sharing his secret with anyone because that opens them both up to exposure. Mainly, however, he just plain knows that Oliver and Helena are different. And whether their paths are similar to a degree, they're also not. It was almost more dangerous for Oliver to promise Helena anything emotionally when they are both so damaged. I don't think these two can really heal each other.

Ollie tried to show Helena that you could still get justice without killing people. He was especially smart when he stopped her from killing her father, telling her that in the end she wasn't going to feel any better about it. If anything she would eventually feel regret. It's too bad that Helena is so stuck on her own version of justice since she just incited a huge mob war. I get why she dragged The Triad into it, but it was like kicking a hornet's nest.

I found the scene with Oliver and Helena at Sara's grave to be very touching. Oliver really has opened up a lot since we first met him at the beginning of Arrow Season 1. He even showed some vulnerability when he told Diggle: I'm giving up a lot so I thought maybe the universe owed me one.

It's a sweet thought but it's a lost hope. Oliver isn't just trying to repay his father's sins, he's trying to repay his own. He will spend the rest of his life trying to make things right for hurting the people he loves. That includes Laurel. I'm glad he isn't getting in the way of Tommy and Laurel's budding romance since he just wants Laurel to be happy.

Someone who perhaps should be more aware of the people they love is Moira. While I do believe Moira Queen has turned a corner, she has to give Walter more credit for what he found out. He's not just going to take her word for things anymore. I only hope that Walter and Felicity from tech are spared from any harm.

What did you think of this week's episode? How awkward was that double date? What will Walter do with the book now that he's seen the names?


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They should keep it simple: love triangles only. Also, I think this show lacks good storylines. I mean, what is Thea's purpose in all of this?
Okay, it was all about justice vs revenge (loved the revenge references!).. but I missed a good ending and a good setup for future episodes. Next time, the Green Arrow will probably go after someone else on the list and that's that. But we'll see. I'm giving it one more chance.


Hmmmmm ......the Helena story line is getting too comic-booky for me. And as for that ridiculous mask? The show is becoming too shallow after a great opening few episodes. I dunno ....5/10 this week's eppy imo ...


I think the show has really gone down hill. The show NEEDS Oliver or Arrow and Laurel to work together on every show ALOT, and to show chemistry between each other (One or the other good chemistry, one or the other bad chemistry). These series only get so many episodes, to freeze out the main story for so many straight episodes is a huge mistake.


@seriefreak Diggle found out because Oliver healed him when he got shot I think i am alone on the shipper ship for Oliver&Felicity, Altough in the end i want Oliver&Laurel. Oliver&Felicity from tech being a couple, should be fun to watch, no?


"Of course we know that he's intelligent and perceptive, as he was the first one to figure Oliver's secret out (..)" Diggle didn't find out Olivers secret, but Oliver told him. Or am I wrong?

Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode!
I really like the relationship with Oliver and Diggle!
We did not see much of Thea this week.
You can tell that Laurel was jealous of Helena, yet Laurel is with Tommy so she has no right to be jealous, but Helena and Oliver's relationship did not survive the hour.
Walter is catching on to things way to fast! I am still on the fence about him, is he good, is he bad, do we like him or not. He told Moria they had to be honest but he is hiding everything he is finding from her. I fear what will happen if he does catch on to what is going on.
I am looking forward to next week.
Yes it was a tough job sleeping with Oliver but someone had to do it...HA! I think many viewers like myself would love to have been Helena, getting the chance to kiss Stephen!


Too much love story drama for me this episode. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with it, but the whole love-quadriangle thing just annoyed me.
I loved the action this episode punched and the continuity of it, but I think there is only so much of Helena The Huntress I can take. Hopefully she stays to a minimal recurring character, because if she's too constant and always teaming up with Oliver, I'll probably go mad.


Could you get a worse reviewer? Do these people get paid? This shouldn't be a badly written recap... I cannot read this anymore.. I guess I'll go find another outlet for my post Arrow comments.. Goodbye TV Fanatic.


This show needs Green Lantern, seriously. Just do the Dennis O Neil & Neal Adams storyline from the 70s, heroin addiction and all.


So does this mean Ollie will finally start wearing a freakin mask now that he bought her one? The show has potential but doesn't anybody check the scripts? I mean...having an unhooded conversation with masked Helena within SIGHT of the police at the crime scene? Picking her up after the arrow wound and driving her a gazillion miles to the lair?

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