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This show is just not doing it for me, I thought Helena's acting was meh ..& there is a lot of awkwardness & chesseness in this show


I look forward to Helena's return. Smoak was hilarious. Tommy is the worst.


Great episode I understand were Helena is coming from and I know were Oliver is coming from. When Oliver hurt Helena after promising he wouldn't I knew she would go off like she did. When he stopped her from killing her father I think that was good and what he said was true but when her father shot her his own daughter I thought what is wrong with that man and thought you know actually Oliver shouldn't of stopped her he is a bad guy and deserves to die. I like Helena and I get why she's doing what she's doing and the way she's doing if. I like her and hope to see her again. I hold nothing happens to her because then I would be pretty upset and don't think she deserves to die or anything. Can't wait till the next episode.


Wow !! Helena's line "You have failed this city" was 70's Batman bad....ugh

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