Burn Notice Review: ... And Into The Fire

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The second hour of the Burn Notice Season 6 finale (Read my review of "You Can Run" now) certainly didn't pull any punches. If I hated Riley before, "Game Change" proved that there was more room to add some dislike. 

When Riley promised to chase Michael to the ends of the earth to get him, I didn't realize that the ends of the earth were in Miami. Did anyone else find it funny that Michael finally left the city on a boat only to be stopped by the Coast Guard he called? 

I admit that I was surprised that super agent Riley actually went to the dark side and contracted with the enemy to have Michael and the gang killed. Once I got past the shock, I realized it gave Michael the opening he needed to clear his name, especially if his “friend” CSS Agent Bly (Alex Carter) was willing to help. 

A Fallen Sam Axe

Sadly, it turned out Matt Nix did have another character death up his sleeve. While I’m thankful it wasn't Sam, I’m a little sad that it was instead Bly. It’s kind of poetic really that we last saw Bly in the season premiere, “Scorched Earth,” and he died in the season finale. 

I've like Carter’s work, from CSI as Det. Vartann to his appearances on Burn Notice. He’s a quality actor and was a lot of fun to watch play off of Donovan in this episode. With Bly being his last real option for an ally, I didn't see how Michael was going to stop Riley at all, much less be the end of the hour.

You would think after six seasons I would have a little more faith and know that the questions we had going into the hour would be answered, even if we did end up with all new questions. 

Answers Revealed: Yes, the team survived and it looks like they will be getting their names cleared, remaining Miami. 

Questioned Added: What the hell did Michael trade to save his friends? Judging by the suit and the instructions he was giving, I’m guessing that he took Cards old position and has been tasked with helping assure there are not any more rogue agents running loose. 

It’s possible he was given Olivia’s position, but either way I didn't completely understand Fiona’s reaction. Yes, I realize that he had told her he was quitting, but if the choice is “you rejoin for a year” or “your friends go to jail forever” it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. 

What do you think? What did Michael trade for everyone’s freedom?

Overall, I’m giving this 5 sharp suits out of five for an outstanding finale that put Michael back on the path to being the good guy we all know and love. See you in 2013 for Burn Notice Season 7!


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there should be another epidsode with Agent Reily going to jail or getting reprimanded or demoted


I think that last sequence was a dream. Something seemed off from the moment Fiona was asked to leave her cell until the final minute of the episode.


Fantastic. 5 out of 5. We need more eps like this.


Loved the finality, full of excitement. I thought for a minute we were going to lose Sam. Glad they were able to free Jesse and I am super happy that Riley got hers. She was a good nemesis and worthy opponent for Michael; however she was too cut throat and ambitious for her own good. I think Fiona and Michael have the best love affair on TV. They are made for each other and I hope they work out their problems in the new season. Gave this installment 5 stars!!!


I think Fiona betrayed Michael by asking him to leave the CIA she has forgtton Rule Number 1 of Life The Job comes first always


He betrayed Fiona because he promised her in Panama that when this was all over, if they made it out alive, he was done with the CIA and they would start a new life together, just them. They made it out alive but not only is he not done with the CIA, he looks like the new Card. Just like Sam said, he became the bad guy. Should be interesting to see how this gets resolved but IMO I do not think Michael and Fiona should end up together. He totally broke his promise to her, how can she trust him again? She should be with Jesse or Campbell, but forgive Michael for making his choice--he loves the CIA and he loved his job and I'm sure he's glad to be back but he can't have his cake (the CIA) and eat Fiona too!


Jeff Donovan's hints are usually dead on, but I am still trying to figure where the betrayal is or how Mike made a bad decision even Maddie cannot justify for him. Also I'm still trying to figure out when Mike called the Coast Guard. It couldn't have been just after Bly died b/c the boat wasn't moving yet. But then again he jumped in the water (killing his cell) right after it did start moving. Sigh...and boy did the Coasties arrive fast! Overall I was disappointed that Nix made it too easy for Mike to clear his name so quickly by putting Reilly in bed with a cartel that apparently did not roll on her when it was smashed to pieces. The ending was definitely shades of the S2 finale. If Mike is really the new Card then I guess Barry is going to be OK, sugar should be released and Agent Pearce might hopefully return from exile. Bring on S7.


Michael's back in the CIA so I assume the whole story is now known. (Michael was never a bad agent and his burning was a plot from the very beginning.) However, he did murder Card, as well as doing a hundred other bad things over the years that a "civilian" could not be allowed to get away with...So he has been reinstated in the CIA and his burning has been erased from the official record. BUT he can not be allowed to just walk away. He now belongs to the CIA. I think Fiona reacted the way she did because she knew the future she had planned for them is over. The CIA will always come first and Michael will become the person he was before he was burned. The show has dropped hints over the years that CIA Agent Michael Weston was very secretive, had no place in his life for real friends or family and could be assigned to disappear for years at a time without telling anybody or communicating with them. In the end he decided to sacrificed the life he had come to love for the safety of the people he had come to love.


if they really wanted to give the show an interesting twist, the plot should be such that michael is forced to enlist into one of the CIA's most elite, dangerous operating units in exchange for his friend's freedom. Somewhere where mortality rate is high and missions are black-ops related (assassinations, infiltrations, extractions - i.e:things that are extremely fucking exciting to watch). By doing this, they can expose the mysterious and exciting "dark side" of Michael. Something they've been building up at a lot, but we've never fully experienced this season. I mean the move he made to trade Schmitt's life last episode was somewhat exciting, but this buildup of his darker side, previously augmented by Larry's season 5 mention in the consulate of Michael watching the murder of several individuals in a previous mission (season 5 first half finale), needs to be satisfied with Michael doing some, for lack of a better word, crazy shit.
So burn notice writers, I truly hope you bring out a new, and rather exhilarating, side of Michael Westen in the episodes to come. The show's concept is fantastic. The first season was executed brilliantly, but there's been too much dilly-dallying and Michael Westen's character has gone from dangerous, witty, and inspiring to dry, over-emotional, and quite mundane. Granted, this latest season is doing well at bringing back the nature of his character that is consistent with what he was developed into in the first season of the show. So it seems you are definitely in the process jumping back on the track to greatness. But please, don't waste the buildup of his dark side, because this really is the opportunity of a lifetime for you burn notice writers; an opportunity that you have created for yourselves. Ensure that Michael does some gnarley shit and becomes somewhat of a badass anti-hero in the episodes to come, and the viewership hike will be incredible: as burn notice makes a return to the glory days, where everyone on imdb gave the show a full 10 stars (the first season).
In the end, this season finale was epic.
Yep. Sorry for making that so long... got carried away there


He is now a CIA employee.And he couldn't say no because they would arrest all of them,so you shouldn't be disappointed with his decision and neither should jessie,fi,sam and his mom be.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Fiona: Riley gone from capturing us to killing us. What are we going do?
Michael: The only thing we can do, take the fight to her.

Michael: We can't stay here and we can't leave.
Madeline: Now you know what life with your father was like.