Family Guy Review: Heart of Darkness

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Well, that was uncomfortable.

Really, that's the best way to describe this episode of Family Guy, "Friends Without Benefits".

Meg Likes Kent

Start with Meg’s arc: she’s weirdly obsessed with this one guy, lampshaded as a new character who is unlikely to show up again because his name is “Kent Lastname." And the show then goes to some dark places to try and get over her obsession with him. I mean, some really, really dark places. Trying to roofie one’s brother just to get him to sleep with a guy so she could potentially hear about the experience?!?

Girl needs a therapist, and maybe a family that doesn’t hate her.

I know Meg has always been the punching bag for the other characters, but this went to places that were less funny and just disturbing for her. Physical mistreatment of her is one thing; this was sheer emotional torture. An episode where Meg seems to finally confront her family’s mistreatment, only to then half-heartedly take it back in the name of family “peace” just showed how damaged this character is, and this episode is that damage coming out in terrible ways. It takes one show of affection from Chris to try and get her back on the straight and narrow path, but even then it backfires on her.

Stewie had a part in this episode; let’s just call it inconsequential and leave it at that.

Maybe the series is making intentional strides towards occasionally being a disturbing display of the lack of humanity that can be seen from Quahog’s residents. But it often just falls flat because the show is generally so misanthropic that even more ‘serious’ affairs just come off as not being funny, rather than poignant in any way. There were some funny moments in this one, as collected on our Family Guy quotes page, but overall, the less said about it, the better.

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The misanthropy of Family Guy and American Dad is what makes them so endearing. I loved last nights episodes.


Last night's new episode of Family Guy was the absolute P-I-T-S!!!!! I know that Meg has issues (or whatever). But, for the show to turn Meg into some kind of creepy-crazy stalker...very, very dumb as hell!!!!! There was one scene that I enjoyed...and that was when Brian and Stewie read Meg's diary...LOL!!!!! Aside from that one scene...the rest of the episode was stank-o-rama. Most of all, Kent and (especially) Chris had every right to verbally go off on Meg like that. I would have verbally gone off on Meg, also. All in all...unwatchable episode.


i watched this along with the simpsons because everything else is on winter vacation and both were pretty crappy. one of the worst family guy episodes ever.


It was so bad...this was one of the worst Animation Domination week ever.
Bob's Burgers-Getting Funny
Family Guy-What the heck was this about?
American Dad-What is the purpose of watching this episode agian?

Family Guy Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Stewie: Ah, look at this, she's taped photographs of Virginia Woolf and Katy Perry on the inside cover, as if she's some sort of hip hybrid of those two things.
Brian: Yeah, like she could ever write "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
Stewie: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" was not written by Virginia Woolf.
Brian: Yeah, obviously, but y'know, it's pretty much about her.
Stewie: It really isn't, Brian.

There he is, the reason my bedpost is so shiny!