Family Guy Review: The King of King of Kings

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Family Guy has done Christmas episodes before – maybe nothing quite to the degree of American Dad’s insane holiday outing, but they’ve certainly been standouts.

Here, the show combined its Christmas tradition with another one: the telling of stories with the characters portraying other people. This time, we were treated to a satirical take on the birth of Jesus on "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!"

Peter's Christmas Story

Really, it felt a little predictable. Plenty of crude references were made to the fact that Joseph may have been dating the attractive Mary. Though she was still a virgin, it was implied they did other things. Joking references to the culture of Biblical times were made. There were “Cher is old” references, for some reason. Various members of the cast appeared in a wide variety of Biblical roles. There were laughs, but it was pretty light satire.

The biggest chuckles came from a pair of unrelated extended jokes: coming back from the first act break with “A Christmas Carol” on TV; and the Ghost of Christmas Past waiting for Ebenezer Scrooge to return from using the bathroom, as he pulled out his phone and sent an email, then played a game, before eventually the Ghost of Christmas Present prematurely appeared.

Then, the family called an aunt, who talked at the same time as Peter did. They worked precisely because they were funny at first, and then they just kept going. A few clever meta-references were spread throughout, including one where Peter rearranges Cherry Chevapravatdumrong's name in the beginning credits as "Chemotherapy vanguard vCr" but with a leftover "r" letter.

I was wondering if there was anything in particular that would cause this episode to be delayed a week after the Sandy Hook tragedy, and perhaps it was the fact that King Herod’s forces were trying to kill a baby that did it, though little else seemed particularly offensive. However, there were a lot of pauses and general delay tactics that might have served as ways to edit out other potentially-insensitive content. But otherwise, it just seems like it was just pushed back because Fox didn’t want to air something crass right after such a tragedy. Probably a good idea.

This was a light episode, not brilliant, but a solid watch that was not excessively great or bad. A Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our readers, and we’ll see you in the new year with more reviews ad more Family Guy quotes.

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This ep was sooo boring.


This episode was pure craaaaaaaaap. I did not have a single chuckle and it was typical of Season 11. Man Family Guy stinks like hell now.




This sucked big time!!! I agree with Ryan. Very predictible in casting of Peter and Lois in the leads. To be honest, I'm so sick of them in the leads because they are boring. Give them character parts Seth. American Dad does it better and the best Family Guy Christmas episode was A Freakin Sweet Christmas. Road to the North Pole was worse. I'm sticking with American Dad. I also hated the casting of Meg as a donkey. Not funny.


I'm generally a fan of the show, but I thought this Xmas episode was terrible. The jokes were incredibly lazy and, as you pointed out, predictable. It was just a bad satire all the way around. And that's too bad, because there was so much there to work with. Disappointing.


Peter and Meg both incorrectly referred to the annunciation as "the immaculate conception" which is a December holiday celebrating Mary's pure existence. The annunciation is celebrated March 25, nine months before Christmas.

Family Guy Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Chris: A guy's name was Robbie back then?
Peter: The Bible's fuzzy on that.

Meg: I can only imaging what it was like for them on that very first Christmas.
Brian: Yeah, it was probably very moving. And fictional.
Stewie: Jesus lived with us for like a week, what else do you need?